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  1. SCP

    Nosecone trim

    Hi Snowy thanks I have tried their online search but nothing if I cant find a new one I will message you maybe I can purchase one of your s/h ones
  2. SCP

    Nosecone trim

    Hi I am after a black under nosecone/headlight trim part 90038017 for Manta B New old stock if possible
  3. Ordered a couple always handy to have in stock Thanks
  4. Sounds like sunroof drain bungs green plastic pipes come down rear pillars and into them if sunroof fitted
  5. As generally the blue antifreeze is recommended for cars with brass/copper in cooling systems I use that . Only disadvantage is the antcorrosive effect is stronger but only lasts 2 years as opposed to modern 5 year stuff for aluminium and plastic systems.
  6. On dry days off work I often take this out around South Devon but never see any other Manta's , think the last time was about 15 years ago. Will be interesting to see your project progress.
  7. Hi I will pop along tomorrow looking forward to the Manta 400 display and the Colin McRae tribute hopefully catch up on the 400 stand Simon
  8. Looks great makes all your time an effort worthwhile ,will it be on the road this summer 👍
  9. Third time lucky if it don't work this time I'm getting out the whiskey, only put it away last night well maybe this morn
  10. Try it now I have done it with word this time , sorry it didn't like me uploading today lol
  11. Hi Danny when I first joined the OMOC many years ago we got this info from Vauxhall about UK Manta registrations hope its of interest manta registrations.docx
  12. New Christmas song from the Pogue's ?
  13. With no events running/organised in my local area I have joined in with the South Wales and West area, thanks Dave for all the organisation and info. I just completed restoring/ rebuilding the Manta in time to attend the Powderham Castle classic car show on 9th July the weekend before Billing, it was cutting it fine but just made it. A good turn out for the OMOC stand , the best part for me was how great it was to drive the Manta after being in bits for five years . Then their was Billing after waiting five years to attend in a Manta again I couldn't wait any longer so travelled up (in the pouring rain) on the Tuesday after Powderham and set up camp next to Anne. . Gradually over the next few days the field filled up with a great selection of all types of standard and modified Manta's brilliant.I could catch up with friends I've not seen for ages and meet some new ones , the club is full of friendly people always ready to help each other out a great time was had , To top it off out of all the amazing condition Manta's I got car of the show thanks . Even though I stayed Tuesday to following Monday it all seemed to go so quickly and am looking forward to next years wherever it is . Next was The Big Welsh classic car show at Margam Park on 18th September another good turnout with 5 club cars Dave's Ascona and four Manta's, a nice setting for the show with allsorts attending a 1915 model T to double decker buses. The last of the year for me Queen Square Bristol breakfast meet 9th October this meant an early start from South Devon to arrive at 7.30 AM yes the Manta does go out in the dark. The square soon filled up with a good variation of cars and motorbikes along with our three Manta's
  14. SCP

    Manta 400R

    Wow nice work you've done some serious fabrication underneath
  15. After all your hard work to repair an rebuild this it was great to see it in action at Rallyday Castle Combe yesterday, I don't know how you managed to get it rebuilt so quickly. It was nice to meet and that you took the time to give info about the car.
  16. Wow great project thread love your work and attention to detail , nice to have you back been missing reading your California column in the magazine
  17. Great work look forward to seeing it at Billing ( not long now)
  18. I had a great day at Powderham thanks for organising Dave , nice to catch up with you all been out of touch for a while rebuilding the Manta lol
  19. last bit electric aerial painted now and made up a good pair of side repeaters with all I had, no holes in my wings anymore engine bay finished and a couple of pics of underside its been a bit of a time consuming project as I have done all work myself apart from spraying the top (bodywork) of car maybe I can finally drive it after 5 years off the road didn't think it would take that time when I started striping it down
  20. Just seen a black coupe driving through Kenton Devon while out working havent seen a Manta this way for yonks maybe it's on way to Powderham show 👍
  21. youve done a smart job looks great 👍 nice colour too !
  22. A little update manifolds ,pipework, wiring in place alternator took a lot of faffing but cleaned up nice eventually
  23. Another Manta saved nice work from you as usual , how many cars will you have done while I'm still slowly faffing with my one lol
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