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  1. Hi, Thanks again for the part. About to be put on the car and i'll be ready to roll again. Cheers Colin
  2. Hi, Yeh thats the very one. How much you want for it? Col
  3. Hi all, Still looking for a hose to connect water pump to thermostat housing. Thought I'd bump this to the top for one last go. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thanks Again. Col
  4. Yeh, thats the one. Thanks for the respone. Let me know if you get any joy. Thanks again. Colin
  5. Hi Shug, Its a 2.0 CIH in a 86 GTE coupe. It changes diameter from one end to the other with some kind of spring inside to stop it collapsing.
  6. Hi Manta Fans, I've burst a perished hose while changing thermostat : ( which runs from water pump to the thermostat housing. Anyone got anything for sale or know of a source. tried all my local places and vauxhall parts.com and drew a blank. Thanks Colin
  7. Hi, Still looking for a sump for my 2.0 gte. Anyone got one for sale or even a full engine you want to see the back of. Thanks Colin
  8. Bit far for me but thanks for the offer. Very good of you. Thanks again. Colin
  9. Hi Welder, I'm in central belt of Scotland. If your not too far away i'll come for it. Whats your location?
  10. Hi all, Still looking for a sump for my GTE. Anyone know a source for a new one or does anyone have a decent used one for sale. Thanks Colin live in central Scotland but will travel or arrange postage
  11. Thanks Keith. Think i just need to give it a bit more muscle. Was scared incase I forced them and damaged something. I'll let you know if it goes well, or I'll post in "parts needed" for a new lamp
  12. I'm probably being a bit thick here but still can't get this working. The unit came with spring loaded bulb holder which fits nicely, right up until I put a bulb in. Once the bulb is in I cant twist the holder in to the locked position. Different bulb size or something? dont want to try forcing it just yet. Thanks for replys so far.
  13. Hi all, Just bought a brand new set of square hella lamps for my GTE. I've been told my standard bulb holder bit at the back may not be the same fitment. Does anybody know if this is correct and will i need extra parts? Hope this isn't too vague a description. Thanks
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