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  1. Got it. £10 plus postage. Pm your email will send you pics first see of it's what you want instead of the nice whiney ones on German eBay. As said you can adapt a standard one to fit 2.4
  2. I have a standard 2.4 thermostate housing if required.
  3. Brand new one on other discussion about oil pressure loss.
  4. Yes but it's in unit will dig bush out for part number.
  5. I have the weld on brackets laser cut. piece of 56mm tube for bottom bush. The poly bush is a Mercedes one fits perfect. Rose joint fronts poly bush for axle end to try and have a touch of comfort.
  6. Found this I believe can be used on cih petrol also. Check with possible more tech people 133456779609 Brand new
  7. This setup is what is going on my ascona a. Using a Salisbury 4ha power loc differential 4.09-1 heavy but strong. Similar to group 4 chevette. Just had a total rebuild ready to fit.
  8. Did it years ago with old 1.8 getrag gearboxes. Similar plate available on German eBay to mate up the 1.3/ 1.8 four speed bellhousing to the getrag 265. €150 for the adapter plate.
  9. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  10. This guy has pistons 143642886513 eBay.
  11. Find his eBay sales. They are on there.
  12. New covers available from Greece opel parts.
  13. Some of the things he can do flies right over my head. The write up on turning the cam wheel around and redrilling the cam location peg hole to change the amount of degrees on cam timing is truly amazing.
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