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  1. Manta b auto propshaft fits straight on a five speed a series.
  2. Best thing is take it to a powerflow or stainless exhaust maker. Can be hard to find a new a series down pipe for RHD.
  3. Yes need to replace the carburettors with 38dgas more power, more jets available, more under bonnet room. Nice rare inlets. Only seen one set for sale a few years ago.
  4. Different inner lengths available. Check part number if original opel/vauxhall.
  5. I have a 2.4 cast manifold with a modified manta GTE long large bore down pipes. Fits easily as you say no roll bar in way.
  6. Top new metal bush replaces the middle pic rubber bush to fit arms in bottom picture. Removes roll bar completely. I run 600lbs springs on front with koni adjustable set in middle setting.
  7. rutts

    Sump gasket

    Just use wellseal on any gasket you use best stuff on the market. Never had an leaks using this stuff for over twenty years, even head gaskets get some. Does what it says. I use a paint brush to apply.
  8. I have a large capacity alloy sump off a bedford cf van cih. If anyone wants it to modify give me a shout. I am in blackburn Lancashire.
  9. rutts

    Manta clutch

    16v flat flywheel cover. I just had a 230mm plate made by c+g to fit a getrag 240. With a small 215mm Gte size hub with six load springs . £120 think the turbo plate is 228mm. Talk to mick he will sort you out great service every time I have used them.
  10. rutts

    Manta clutch

    The flywheel has a recess that is correct. I had same problem using a calibra turbo clutch in my flat flywheel xe with the clutch hub rubbing on flywheel bolts. Took it out and had one made at c+g clutches Leeds to avoid this issue.
  11. Tetra boost is what I use. Very expensive but does what is says.
  12. 4 and 5 speed clutch plates are different also. 5 speed has a smaller central hub nose.
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