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  1. Auto is different. Part number differs. Or it does on the ascona b.
  2. Just bought some off German eBay. Postage was almost same as clips.
  3. Bulk head almost the same just need to put clutch cable bulge on right side. Servo holes are stamped in bulk head and steering column bulge there. Swop over the bracket for top steering column fixing. You need to either extend wiring for ignition to right or put wiring loom from rhd into yours. Easy
  4. Www.sparkplugs.co.uk best site and availability. I use denso iridium in ascona a cih engine. Never had an issue used denso plugs since 1990s in every car I have owned never let me down.
  5. What depth do you require different thicknesses available
  6. A series are different fitting to b series.got my a series ones new from German eBay.
  7. It' not the distance between bores its the bore to water jacket to measure. As above just build a good 2.0. You can use your 1.6 crank in a 2.0 its much better balanced. Valves are on eBay now to make a bigger valve head.
  8. Vauxhall have them new £2 each
  9. Small c.c a series has chevette axle same as cavalier mk1 1.3. Other larger cc has bigger diff unit same as manta b large unit.
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