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  1. Lots of spares at mrcarlos place Burnley Lancashire.
  2. Bulk head is marked up already. You need to swop peddle box over holes are marked for servo to bolt throughalso. Cut off top steering bracket move that over column same. Steering rack obviously,dash obviously, wiring from fuse box required or make your wires longer to new location of dash and switches. Strip out all your dash fit rhd one for centralizing top steering mount. I would if doing it buy the parts off Carl easier to have at hand.
  3. Danny sohns has 3.89 in used. All available at enems Sweden £600 ish.
  4. Very sad news. Been to almost the first one with Andy Turner. Great host's lots of quite rare parts in auto jumble.
  5. Strange I have same setup and ats alloys no problems miss by a mile.
  6. If you fit the solid 246 discs there are quite a lot of new Carlton calipers for those discs on eBay at bargain prices. As above use ferodo ds2500 pads or mintex equivalent don't fit cheap pads.
  7. Rekord/Carlton 2.2 discs and calipers fit under 13 inch ats classics no problem that is what is on my ascona a. I used ds2500 pads though bit aggressive for standard road use. Calipers can be hard to find but are there on eBay if you look.
  8. TTautosport.be on Facebook. look in manta club on Facebook. It will not let me copy his address !!
  9. You could buy a bellhousing for 16v to ford. Make an adapter plate and use your 265 gearbox you have. Then when you fit 400 engine it's just a bellhousing change. Made this a few years ago with help from kev abbott. It's an old 1.8 getrag cut down and welded to 6mm alloy adapter.
  10. TT motorsport has one ready done 20k. He is in Netherlands. LHD obviously
  11. Yes but you did not have the contacts we used to have in northwest area.
  12. Think it's Monza one as 400 had six bolt cover/pressure. Still a good price though. I paid that about 8 years ago.
  13. I have bought both front wings for a manta b. Need work to make fit nice. Selling now never used them.
  14. M m dronton netherlands have them in stock. Search them on web
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