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  1. Probably hit a ton on a good day. Mine had a 5.22 ratio in rear diff still did 90mph.
  2. Puller has two legs that go through the two holes in steering wheel boss. The pulled is around a tenner on eBay makes it an easy job not pulling your back out yanking on steering wheel.
  3. Ballsocket pushes on with a leaver sticking out into throttle bracket. Think I have one in unit.
  4. I have the blue one fitted in my getrag 265.
  5. Wanted a 2.2 or 2.4 alloy rocker cover. Condition not too important as will be getting powder coated.
  6. You can buy three different coloured drive cogs with different amount of teeth to alter/correct speed shown on clock. Around £10 each on German eBay.
  7. What hose is. I think I have an almost new one in unit
  8. Manta b fits you just need to cut down the arms to the hubs and thread the ends about 30mm. You have easier option for a quick rack
  9. Is this what you require. You obviously require four to be made. Simon powell is selling them on ebay
  10. Not common over here. Mainly Europe. I paid €200 on marketplatz.nl
  11. Been sat in cupboard for a few years now. Did fit and run but touched bonnet. So put them away. Rekord and also kadett sprint had them.
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