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  1. Wanted a 2.2 or 2.4 alloy rocker cover. Condition not too important as will be getting powder coated.
  2. You can buy three different coloured drive cogs with different amount of teeth to alter/correct speed shown on clock. Around £10 each on German eBay.
  3. What hose is. I think I have an almost new one in unit
  4. Manta b fits you just need to cut down the arms to the hubs and thread the ends about 30mm. You have easier option for a quick rack
  5. Is this what you require. You obviously require four to be made. Simon powell is selling them on ebay
  6. Not common over here. Mainly Europe. I paid €200 on marketplatz.nl
  7. Been sat in cupboard for a few years now. Did fit and run but touched bonnet. So put them away. Rekord and also kadett sprint had them.
  8. Of you put Carlton 2.2 calipers on eBay they come up. Two types of caliper. One type same as manta on bobbin other ate sliders quite rare now I bought last three from brakes international.
  9. Saw a guy do the same paint job on a.c. delco manta at TTR when they had it. Real skill in that free hand.
  10. German eBay I bought some last year. Put the part number in eBay.de they should come up.
  11. rutts

    24v head

    Autosprint birmingham used to be very good with cams. From blanks to welding and reprofiling.
  12. Just for a note MGB ones fit perfect and available at various opening temperatures.
  13. Pity you can't really get out with covid situation. Bet you are chomping at the bit to get out for a real test drive. Probably hitting the change over point from idle jet to main jet progression. Did you have performance dellorto or one of the prefix lettered versions. Always stayed away from the prefix ones can be difficult to jet for modified cams and ignition systems. Mine is not too bad from idle till it gets on main jets doesnt usually live under 4k when out and about. Does come in strong at 4k rpm due to cam profile and pulls to 7k but it gets a bit loud😂 One place you will definatly do ok is economy . Usually I get 10 to 15 miles to gallon with lively driving but not really a road car as such.
  14. Not doubting throttle bodies are better if you can afford all the parts required to fit them. just unconfirming the bollocks about twin carbs keep going out of balance. You need to check balance on any kind of throttle body or multi carb setup. Did you have webers. I tried weber never got them right. That's why I use dellorto much smoother than weber. imo Carburettors can never do what injection can do for flexibility carbs are and always will be a compromise during the whole rev range until peak performance which is getting as much fuel and air at the correct ratio for the perfect explosion at correct time. As you know. All depends what you require out of your motor. Me I thought about injection using throttle bodies but it does not work for the ideas for my car. each to there own.
  15. 40s with 34mm chokes go well on a not too modified cih for road use. I use 45s with 41mm chokes on a 2.2 slightly modified. I dont have clearance problems either 😁
  16. Had a few mantas with dellorto carburettors. Never had an issue with any of them. Issue with cih is exhaust heat. Also cold air supply. All the shit about going out of balance is bollocks if you have the right linkage connecting them. mine never go out of sync ,Fit them correctly no issues. Save money not setting up carbs buy throttle bodies much better. 😂 buy ecu ,wiring loom, sensors , swirl pot , high pressure pump just a few on list. Oh yes set up on rolling road. ( same as carbs) As said above you can buy a 38 dgas jetted for a ford 2.1 pinto engine this will be your best set off point for a good 2.0 cih. Put a fast road cam in and go 2 inch on exhaust. Quick easy mods to start.
  17. Not fitted yet almost ready for the change over. Top arms can be bent at quite a few places around UK. Nearest to myself is farnworth Manchester. 25mm cds tube
  18. Yes will find them and send them over weekend
  19. Too short by about 30mm. There are three lengths of bottom arms. Think record ones are longest but don't know there exact length. They need to be 609mm from hole centre to hole centre to fit.
  20. Bushes are rose joints 3/4 inch to body/chassis. Bushes in lower axle are polyurethane. slightly harsh but should stop tramping.
  21. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/opel-cih-ventildeckel-kadett-ascona-manta-/1602663122-223-1806
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