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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. As snowy says carlton ones are best. Both fit no problem. Check for the early ones not mk3 carlton.
  3. Got a 1.6 crank here been balanced up for high rpm. No bearing shells.
  4. Lambchop77 can give you a bit of information on this. Think he has done it in his 2.3 cih🤔
  5. Polo fits with work involved. B fits depends which servo for which master. Delco or ATS
  6. Manta b fits and opel rekord fits.
  7. Early jag 265 is same as Monza, but have a 23 spline 1 inch input shaft. Later one like above with goose foot mount have same input shaft and no Speedo drive. If you buy jag one you need a ford clutch spinner plate.
  8. There are a few different cables for manta b with threaded end for clutch fork. GTE is different from 1.8 even though they are same gearbox in reality. Some are longer on the thread end. Can't remember which one is longest. Look for GM part numbers.
  9. Probably hit a ton on a good day. Mine had a 5.22 ratio in rear diff still did 90mph.
  10. Puller has two legs that go through the two holes in steering wheel boss. The pulled is around a tenner on eBay makes it an easy job not pulling your back out yanking on steering wheel.
  11. Ballsocket pushes on with a leaver sticking out into throttle bracket. Think I have one in unit.
  12. I have the blue one fitted in my getrag 265.
  13. Wanted a 2.2 or 2.4 alloy rocker cover. Condition not too important as will be getting powder coated.
  14. You can buy three different coloured drive cogs with different amount of teeth to alter/correct speed shown on clock. Around £10 each on German eBay.
  15. What hose is. I think I have an almost new one in unit
  16. Manta b fits you just need to cut down the arms to the hubs and thread the ends about 30mm. You have easier option for a quick rack
  17. Is this what you require. You obviously require four to be made. Simon powell is selling them on ebay
  18. Not common over here. Mainly Europe. I paid €200 on marketplatz.nl
  19. Been sat in cupboard for a few years now. Did fit and run but touched bonnet. So put them away. Rekord and also kadett sprint had them.
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