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  1. Just a little bit done this evening as I have a very early start tomorrow morning. I marked out the door card ready for the top rubber profile strip 'thing': Then after applying a couple of runs of the adhesive you can see, it was time to apply the strip: Finally I added a few clamps and then left it to dry overnight (this photo shows the back face): Have a nice evening everyone.
  2. Today the Burgundy Leatherette arrived, so this meant that we could take another small step forwards on the door cards this evening: Armed with the old strip as a template a strip of the new material was cut and the tools assembled: First it was necessary to use some pegs to hold the old to the new. This was because if the old material 'memory': Eventually we had the shape: Then the bend lines were marked out to help with the alignment during the gluing stage: I then pinned one end to help me keep things straight: Then a lot of pegs were added to clamp the rail to the new material temporarily: Then off to the garage... Spray adhesive was added to the curved surface of the rail: Once that surface was secure, I removed the pegs and did the top 'wrap around' section: Then it was time to try to reattach the window seal strip. I used one of our members brilliant idea of dress making pins to locate the staple holes - you know who you are! Then starting at the middle and working my way out to both ends, remove each pair of pins and replace with a staple inserted by hand: And with the staple pushed through the material on the inside face: Then the legs were bend over with a screwdriver to clamp the strip to the material and the rail: So now we have this - note the supervision that was pretty much constant this evening... Naturally the ends also needed to be tucked under the rail, hence the pegs as the adhesive dries. Hopefully tomorrow evening I can attempt to put the rubber strip back to the top of the door and then rivet the top metal rail to the door card. Onwards!
  3. That is one sexy looking car Jess!
  4. Oh for quads, now I get it - I thought evo was talking about for square lamps - apologies!
  5. Interesting. How do you fit those to the existing reflectors evo and what happens to the beam pattern through the glass?
  6. Just done a couple of little tests with some scrap metal the same thickness as the top 'door rail' and some of the left over hardboard used for the door cards. The assembled hardware: I thought it would be a good idea to try the rivets from both sides to see what the difference would be: With the rivet inserted from the metal side: As you can see it only just about grips on the back, but it is still very well clamped. Now with the rivet from the board side: For obvious reasons, it has gripped better - although the rivets could obviously do with being a few millimeters longer. I then decide to do a 'strength test' to see if either rivet would give way/pull out - they didn't and the board simply broke instead. So on the basis that there are going to be 26 rivets holding the top rail to the board I can say with all confidence that it is not going to come off! I have ordered some rivet washers, but I don't think that I will even bother using those...
  7. 'Afternoon Mate, I will be posting your " Special Auto Box tool back either Monday or Tuesday, Many, Many thanks. I'm interested now with the material for the top of the door card, I only need enough for the one side, but having said that maybe I should do both, as the new won't match with the other door, I agree that the match with the dash is the correct one, so can you let me know the supplier etc and how much will I require? Please.

           Best wishes 


    1. IanMc


      Hiya matey,

      How are you? - well I hope!

      Thanks in advance for posting the 'special' tool back, at your convenience - absolutely no rush at all.

      This is what I bought for the door tops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heavy-Duty-Faux-Leather-Leatherette-Vinyl-PVC-Fire-Resistant-Material-Upholstery/112581648729?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=412989780168&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648

      You will need about 140-150 mm length per side (from the standard width roll offered) - so basically you will need 300 mm to do both doors. So if you buy their shortest length of 0.5 Meters, you will have loads left over and it will only cost you £7.99

      I hope that helps you Julian?

      Cheers for now mate, stay well - speak soon.

      Best Regards,


  8. Thanks Jess much appreciated. I will try standard pop rivets with rivet washers first on some extra material and see what happens. If it doesnt work, I will look at one of your suggested alternatives. Thanks again!
  9. Hi Liz, A warm welcome to the forum. I would say that this is probably the best place to start to try to sell your car as you instantly have people who are genuinely enthusiastic and dedicated to the vehicle. The first thing that I would suggest is to take as many good photos as you can of the car and post them up here (you will need the help of a photo hosting site for this). The photos you should try to get would include the following - All exterior panels - Under the bonnet area - Inside the boor area - The floor pans - The jacking point - The chassis rails and 'swan neck' areas - The dashboard - All other interior areas Also state: - the work you have done so far - work you think or feel needs to be done You should also provide your location to help anyone interested work out the likely logistics of getting to/from the car from their location. Good luck!
  10. A little bit more progress. Firstly the old fixing method 'square tangs' were ground off: Then when I got to each of the metal strip, I noticed another more normal tang sticking up: On closer inspection of the original door card it is clear that there is slots for these. I hadnt noticed these before because of the layer of old adhesive: So once I have cut corresponding slots in the new door cards, this will help with the alignment and general fit of these parts. Then the metal strip after a quick coat of Black Gloss paint (on both sides obviously) for protection: God, these door cards are taking forever!
  11. Probably, I'm going to do a test on some sample material first though. My thoughts are that the hardboard might be a bit soft, so perhaps some small reinforcing washers might be needed. We shall see... A trip to the material shop seems to have gone pretty well. After much deliberation, we settled on a material who's colour is described as 'Brick'. My selection criteria was as follows: - it needs to work with the Burgundy Leatherette that will be on the door caps. - It needs to work with the existing door handle and pocket (which are more Red) - It needs to work with the existing carpet on the floor and at the base of the door itself - It needs to work with the new door 'wood' strips - It needs to carry across to the front and rear seats - It needs to be flame retardant, washable, stain resistant and suitable for upholstery use - It needs to have the same quality feel as the original material So not too much to worry about then Anyway, in this photo you can see my Burgundy Leatherette sample, the Brick material in the center and a piece of the existing door material on the left hand side. Hopefully you will agree that this is a pretty good compromise? Have a nice weekend everyone.
  12. On the assumption that my newly selected Burgundy Leatherette would be here in a few days, I decided that I should start to prepare the 'top rail' that it is attached to. First job was to carefully remove the old material as I would need to use that as a template. At the same time a few reference photos were taken to allow me to see how it was attached, tucked in/around etc: Once the metal rail was removed, it was time to start straighten any kinks, clean off all of the old adhesive and surface rust etc. These should hopefully be repainted later today: In a little while I will be grinding off all of the original metal fixing tangs - instead I will be following the advice of another member (thanks again for this excellent tip!) and riveting these to the new door cards: After the paint on the rail has dried I am then waiting on the Leatherette to arrive. In the mean time I am going to wander into the material shop in town again and (armed with the Leatherette sample), hopefully select a suitable material and colour for the bulk of the door card facings... That colour and material will then also be used on the seats!
  13. Thanks to everyone for their input - its always nice to get second opinions This morning I have ordered enough of the Burgandy, grained Leatherette to do the door caps and the back and side panels of both seats. I thought about also doing the parcel shelf, but I think that I night to to recolour that if it doesn't clean up properly. Now the door cap colour is sorted, I can move down the door and get the cloth material chosen and on order... Thanks again people.
  14. IanMc

    Track Manta

    Good work Billy, she's coming along very nicely - best of luck getting the engine running sweetly
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