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  1. Fantastic progress Kelvin - well done that man!
  2. You are all very special people, thanks everyone x
  3. Dear All, Happy New Year to you all. I am pleased to tell you all that this morning our Son had his section 2 cancelled by his Consultant and he has been allowed to leave hospital. The NHS have put in place a brilliant support network for him going forward, so with every passing day more and more 'normality' should return to all of our lives. Once again, sincere thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers - we are very grateful for your unconditional support. Hopefully in a week or two I can get back into working on the old rust bucket again Ian x
  4. Hi everyone, Firstly, sincere thanks for all of your posts and messages, they really have helped Donna any myself over the last 3 weeks or so. Now things are starting to improve, I now feel able to give you some more details... On the morning of Sunday the 9th of December, our (23 year old) Son was giving us serious cause for concern with his general behaviour - it was just totally out of character. After we managed to trick him into going to A&E, he was assessed by the mental health team and subsequently detained for 28 days under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act. After admission to the Priory in Burgess Hill (2-3 hours from us, depending on the traffic), his conditioned deteriorated badly and some very dark days followed. At one point we were not sure whether he would come back to us at all. He has been in and out of seclusion and having varying levels of sedation, all of which had been very difficult for us to hear and witness. Thankfully, he is now out of seclusion and making some good progress, with fluent speech and good speed of thought etc It really has been a complete nightmare to be honest and as well as bring worried about his condition, we have been trying to find out how he came to be in this situation. It appears as if some unsavoury characters have been involved and the Priory staff believe that he may have had his good or drink spiked. Ultimately though, his recovery takes priority and that continued to be slow but sure. Thanks again to you all for your support and messages - you will never realise how much they have helped us through the dark days. Merry Christmas to you all 👍 Ian xx
  5. Today our Son has been taken very ill. Subsequently I won’t be around for a while. Take care all.
  6. IanMc

    Wanted coupe

    Yes Wayne! - get in. Good luck!!
  7. Today's job was to add the piping. Due to the thickness of the piping 'flange' this had to be done by hand using the toriginal thread holes as a guide. I now look forward to the 'big stitch' - i.e. joining the front and back together...
  8. Added the funny 'finger' pieces you can see at the bottom corners this evening. They are really tricky little sods to attach as they stitch to several parts, but on an arc - not nice to do. Oh well, all done now... Next job is to attach the piping - then its stitch the front and back together....
  9. Got the side wings of the front panel stitched on this evening.
  10. Just completed a small fill in job, but one that I haven't particularly been l;looking forward to - removing the lever knob for the backrest. As it turns out, it wasn't too bad. After having been told that it would pull off, I sprayed some WD40 on the connecting point and gave it a few mighty tugs - nothing, more force was obviously required. I came up with the idea of putting an adjustable spanner behind it and hitting that forward with a wedge of wood - a few clouts later and off it came: As you can see, the arm itself has barbs on it that obviously bite into the plastic when it is pushed on. A little victory, but they all count
  11. Very sorry to hear about the paint job Jess, I trust they didn’t charge you? Best if luck with the paint second time around and the engine rebuild.
  12. Well that actually went surprising well. Both of the Leatherette 'wings are now connected to the main back piece. I am also pleased to added that I used Julian's glue tip on the ends of the stitching - just in case. I was desperately worried about the stitching the profiles level, as these give the curved shape to the seat cover - but it wasn't too bad. Perhaps I am improving with my machine technique? Have a good day everyone
  13. A little more done on the Passenger seat backrest this morning. The repaired and painted piping has now dried and seems to be OK. The colour is a little 'off', I think I will just about get away with using it. Here it is offered up to the original used on the seat base: I am now at the stage of stitching things together, starting with the 'wedge/tension' strip that pushes up into the seat frame U's. As none of this will been seen I used a simple (not petty) loop type stitch and doubled up the thread for strength. Now I am moving on to attaching the large Leatherette pieces together, gulp!
  14. Sometimes you just have to find a way my friend. As my Mum used to say: “make do and mend, will keep coins in your pocket!”
  15. Thanks for the suggestions and pointers chaps - greatly appreciated. I have spent the last few days pondering this problem and exploring a few different ideas and option. I keep coming back to the same problem though - trying to match the piping that is on the seat base, which of course I have just finished. I just couldnt bear the thought of the back rest piping not matching the seat piping, it would just be a bodge. So... my plan was to try to reuse the original somehow... It occured to me last night that maybe the paint I used on the door card carpets might be a close match, so this morning I dabbed some on to see. In the first photo, the paint is on the left - quite close, even when compared to the faded piping/original: And here on side view, when compared to the original colour of the 'sewing flange': This convinced me that I must try to save, repair and reuse the original painting it where necessary. Not only had the piping cracked and split, it looked like it had been discoloured Black by something. I tried scratching it off and scraping off a layer, but it almost looks burnt?! - very strange. I decided to cut out the worst section, which was actually very short: And then set about baring back one end: This then allowed me to turn the good end around to meet the bared end. With a few dabs of super glue added to the internal piping, we have this: There were approx. 6-8 much smaller cracks in the remaining blackened section (now at the seat hinge end of the piping), so these were treat with some more super glue to a) hold them together and b) fill the cracks up. I will now leave everything to dry for a couple of hours and then give it all a dusting of Vauxhall Flame Red - fingers crossed
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