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  1. Another early start today. After my run it was out to the garage to do some sanding (yawn... ). Everything was going pretty well until I realised that I hadn't quite added enough filler to the top of the arch flare. So that quickly come to a halt and some more was chucked on. The good news is that everything else is fairly well sorted now, so once that has dried and sanded I will be ready for some primer - assuming I can get the shape correct of course I'll report back later.
  2. Got a bit more done this evening. The areas ahead of and behind the arch are pretty much finished now, but I found two problems... 1) The arch itself was nowhere near flared enough (I made a cardboard template using the profile from the other side to compare). 2) There was another dent in front of the arch on the upper section of the panel (just above the swage line). My green marker lines show you where the problems were. So both of these things meant I had to mix up some more filler to try to address those issues. Oh well, it will dry overnight, so I can tackle those tomorrow. Have a nice evening everyone
  3. Armed with some more sand paper and a few dollops of filler I just had another little play: Slowly but surely this panel is coming around.
  4. A useful couple of hours sanding this morning. The shape of the 'rough' parts of the NSR quarter are really taking shape now. Typically I have run out of sand paper again, so I.m off to buy some more. When I return I will be adding what will hopefully be the last few dollops of filler and then we can get into final sanding, filler stopper etc. With a bit of luck this panel might even be finished this weekend.
  5. Hi Terry, Re: the wings - as long as the progress is forwards, your doing OK! Re: the shed - I hope its a nice day! Re: the Chinese Buffet - that sounds great - enjoy!! All the best!
  6. Nothing done last night as we went out for Dinner, then tonight is Archery night... So, I had better make sure that I am really busy this weekend to make up for this appalling lack of progress
  7. Does anyone have access to a 3D printer and could make a batch of them? I doubt that they carry very much load, so if they were made from plastic they should be OK. Just a thought.
  8. Lol, thanks Chris - if only eh?! Got some more sanding on the NSR quarter tonight. Its starting to get a quite good basic shape now. As usual, this sanding exposed some low spots and air pockets, so another thin skim of filler was required. Then tomorrow evening we can do it all again... Have a nice evening all.
  9. Nothing done this evening, had another seriously long day at work... Slacking off again 😂
  10. Spent a sweaty hour this evening grafting on the NSR quarter panel. There is still a loooonnngggg way to go yet, but the motivation is that this is the LAST, yes the last panel, to do on the whole car! If, and that's a very big if, I can get this panel shaped up during the week, who knows what might happen next weekend...
  11. This afternoon I inspected the areas I primed earlier and as expected I found a series of small imperfections. So it was out with the trusty stopper filler. Once that has dried I will flat those areas back out and re-prime accordingly. After that I mixed up some more normal body filler and added that to the rear quarter panel. Once that has gone off, its back to even more boring sanding...
  12. Sound good progress this morning. I managed to get the NSF wing and door sanded down then I got ready to add some primer. I did think that this would show up some imperfections that I had missed - it always does. But of course unless you do it, you will never know... So here we are ready to add the primer: Then after the first dusting: Then after the second coat: As anticipated there is some more work to be done on both of these panels, but it is quite small compared to the others. My biggest error was getting too close to the panel and/or lingering too long, causing a drip under the wing mirror and several along the bottom of the door. I will wait until it is thoroughly dry before I get too depressed though, as I had something similar on the front two piece spoiler and in the end they were barely visible once dry. What I feared would be a full sand back to bare plastic turned out to be nothing like that.
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