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  1. Just sent you a DM Julian - three clips heading your way tomorrow 👍
  2. It would be better left as it is really, those in standard form must be getting very rare now?
  3. Could be either to be honest Sam, but I would start with the cheapest item and go from there. My list would be: - Check dizzy to carb vacuum line - Replace points AND condenser - Replace rotor arm - Replace dizzy cap - Replace air filter - Replace plugs - Check/Replace coil - Check/Replace/Add in-line fuel filter - Check/adjust static and dynamic timing - Check fuel delivery from pump Good luck!
  4. I haven't even started it yet Jonathan - too many other things have got in the way recently. The car is in regular use though, and although there have been one or two small issues (a perished vacuum line and a leaking radiator), it has performed well. I think that I will use it throughout the Summer and Autumn, then take a look at the headliner when the weather turns cold and wet. Take care everyone.
  5. What a fantastic colour - I love it! This car is already stunning, well done Sir!!!!
  6. Yes, two nuts for each of the four studs as you describe. They need an 8 mm A/F socket to remove, so they must be M5 from that. I recall that they are a small, fine thread, so that also ties up with the M5 sizing. Hope that helps.
  7. Stunning cars, I could probably be persuaded to give up a limb for one...
  8. Fabulous Sutty, really pleased for you - great work!
  9. Keep going mate, you are doing great.
  10. Its a real credit to you Keith, it really is a wonderful car - are YOU pleased with it though? More work than you imagined?
  11. Absolutely bloody fantastic - stunning! Well done Keith
  12. Hi mate, the short answer is, its not going at all - I have done nothing on the Cavalier for at least a month... Life, work and other cars are getting in the way at the moment. Plus, I am having one of my fallen out of love with it sessions at the moment. In truth, I have thought seriously about selling.
  13. Just seen this thread. I'm thrilled for you Wayne - many congratulations mate! That car certainly looks well worth all of your patience.
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