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  1. This evening I made a start sorting out the boot lid. This work is to rectify a day one, school boy error by yours truly. Basically I had assumed that the bottom edge followed the slight curvature of the top surface - Doh! of course it doesn't - it needs to be parallel to the floor, bumper, lights etc... So Mr Idiot here, basically had a slightly banana shaped bottom edge - WHAT A PLONKER!! So the task is to drop the bottom lip/edge down by 3-4 mm along 2/3 of its length and then try to sand it back parallel. First job is to throw some filler onto the lip and then some at the rear/inside edge to give it some support and therefore strength: Sometimes I am such a Muppet its quite unbelievable... ps the back wall of my garage is such a mess at the moment, its frankly embarrassing. Have a nice evening everyone.
  2. I bought one too, even though I shouldn’t need it for a while touch wood... Its a tool that I didn’t have and as we all know, you can never have too many tools lol
  3. Not a great deal to report this evening as I got in from work a little later than normal and I wanted to watch the big match this evening Anyway... I did manage to get the NSR quarter wet sanded (which has come out very nicely) and then removed the boot lid - which is next on the list of errors to correct!
  4. Nice one Maseflight, my last Cav Coupe was the same colour as yours - I still regret selling that car. Good luck with the bumper rubber strips and the rest of the project - is there much more to do?
  5. Good progress this evening. The final shaping is done and some minor imperfections were filled with stopper. I then finished off fore the evening by putting some primer over the top of the bare metal. I also trial fitted the sill full length chrome strip (that looked so bad before) and the waist trim strips that sit either side of the arch - all good now! All I need to do tomorrow is to lightly sand the stopper and then (once the rest of the car is ready) wet sand over the lot with 400, then 600 grit.
  6. Hi Andy, My strips were largely OK, just that the captive 'bolts' that hold them to the main chrome bumper unit had rusted away. A extremely kind member of here (he knows who he is!), sent me some replacements, meaning I could refit them. If all else failed, I would have been able to make some new ones from some studding and some plate Steel, by I just got lucky...
  7. All of my exhaust to manifold bolts were either already sheared and rusted in, or sheared when I try to remove them. I ended up drilling nearly all of them out, but I didn't realise their size. I just assumed that they were M10 x 1.5 pitch, so I drilled and tapped the holes out top that. Even if I got the size wrong at least I can now use off the shelf fasteners. ps my car is a '79 Cav, so probably the same bolts/manifold as your car.
  8. Nice one, really appreciate your input - that’s a great idea! I will have a root around in the rafters of the garage tomorrow and see if I have anything suitable to make one of those!
  9. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Typical, that's cars summed up really isn't it? The moment you think you are winning and getting on top of things, one of them kicks you in the nuts and reminds you who is really in charge of your life Look on the bright side though, at least you had the time, skills and the tools to tackle the job yourself
  10. After some more relatives popped in this afternoon, I managed to sneak in another crafty hour on the Cav before the BBQ came out again. Some more sanding and stopper filler later and we have this now: Some more sanding tomorrow evening should see this panel just about done I think. Shame I didn't pay this much attention to detail the first time round... Anyway, all in all a good long weekends work I think.
  11. Looking at the second of the two photos above, I suspected another low spot that I hadn't noticed by eye or running my hand across it. I wasn't quite sure if it was just the light or a reflection, so popped out to the garage to get a better look and shone a bright light down it. Sure enough it was, so out with the filler again... It soon became apparent I should had chosen a much wider spreader for this job!
  12. Some more sanding done this morning. God knows it is boring, but I just keep remembering how disappointed I felt looking back at the photos while I was away and that seems to spur me on again for a few more minutes So after some more sanding another few strategically placed smears of filler, we are slowly edging forward on this panel: Enjoy your day guys!
  13. I just noticed the aerial mounting hole in the front wing, was that the standard position on the Manta B?
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