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  1. Hi all, Sorry I have not been around much lately, I've been busy pottering around with other things... In truth, I have also fallen out of love with the car a little bit. That's probably as things have been so busy on it for so long, I probably should have taken more mini breaks between stages, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think a little break from working on it will probably help my enthusiasm and love to return - time will tell I guess. With that in mind, I decided to drive it over for one of the last outdoor Archery sessions of the year. He is the old girl when I got back, as the light was fading: Take care everyone - say safe, stay well x
  2. There was one on Facebook Marketplace recently - try searching under MK1 Cavalier. From memory it was £80
  3. Looks in better condition than mine when I started lol Good luck and above all else - enjoy!
  4. Hi Nev, That is exactly what I have and the other members seem to be putting up with me A warm welcome to you
  5. I think Wayne might be on to something there Graeme. It sounds like the only part of the system you haven’t changed is the flexi hoses. The MC stop screw is a strange one too - can anyone else comment on this?
  6. Superb job, I’m really looking forward to seeing this project go forward
  7. Anyone got anything? - cash waiting
  8. Somebody has been very busy - great job
  9. It’s too much of a Manta/Cav mix and match for my taste to be honest, but each to their own of course. Also it is up for Manta money, but Cavs generally sell for much less. I’m sure that car is also on Bookface for a grand more?!
  10. How is your car performing now Graeme, is it better?
  11. Welcome Leon. What a great story and a great car - I wish you the best of luck and many hours of enjoyment. Harold doesn't look too bad does he for an old fella, you must be very proud? Out of interest, what makes you think that the tailgate needs to be replaced? With enough time, skill and patience most things can be saved. Top tip - check everything thoroughly first, before you start buying new things. Good luck
  12. Its clearly suffered a little over time, but the fact that it still stands on its wheels means that its entirely savable. Good luck and enjoy!
  13. Looking good Keith, this is going to be a very solid shell once you have gone round it.
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