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  1. I suppose this means that the guesswork used to get the shape of the footwell plates wasn't too far off - quite shocking really Enjoy your day everyone.
  2. Andy - just Wow! Great work, I’m so impressed 👍
  3. Good work and good luck lads - this car is in very safe hands 👍
  4. Hi Keith, Just been through this thread, catching up on the last few months. All I can say is Wow! - a stunning car and a true testament to all of your hard work and considerable skills. Well done Sir, keep going!
  5. After spending a good few hours cleaning up and listing the 'project Mini', I thought I might have a little play with the Cavalier. Easing myself in gently, I made a start on the NOS front mud flap kit I bought from Ebay months ago. First job was to bend the brackets to the dimensions specified in the instructions... I guess this means I will quickly find our how close to the original shape my new footwell area plates were/are!
  6. The battery is on the opposite side mate (which is bone dry). The washer reservoir is on the ‘wet side’.
  7. Hi All, After sitting outside since May, my '79 Cav Coupe has had water get inside making the drivers side front carpet very, very wet. The affected are starts below the pedals and extends back to the front seat mounting rail. Any ideas where to start to look for the entry point? I am currently laying old newspaper down a couple of times a day to soak it up, but I guess I probably need to get the carpet up and out really to give the floor the best chance of not rotting (again!). Thanks in advance for all your help and advice.
  8. Hi everyone, I hope that you have all been keeping safe and well. After a roller coaster last few months, I have made my final decision on the Cavalier - I am keeping it. I will go back to work on, replace and/or improve everything that I am not happy with and finish the bits I always meant to do - such as the roof liner for example. In the end I decided that I just couldn't part with the old girl, I just love it too much - warts and all. As many of you said at the time, I would regret it and you were of course absolutely right. The main reason I haven't been around very much for 6 moths or more is an 09 plate Mini Cooper Convertible that I bought a project with 'electrical problems' - that turned out to be the understatement of the year. The symptoms included: Windows with a mind of their own, an electric roof that didn't open, airbag warning lights on, indicators and lights that didn't work, a horn that wouldn't stop working, no front or rear fog light operation, engine management warning lights and faults recorded, oil leaks etc etc etc In the end it had or needed: - An indoor swimming pool... took the mouldy/Green carpets and seats out etc and steam cleaned everything - New airbag control module - New footwell control module - New roof control module - New steering wheel controls module (SZL) - A selection of new multi pin connectors and wiring repairs - Coding of various bits to the car (after a bought a new laptop, Mini/BMW software (and taught myself how to use it all) After five months of torture, it passed its MOT on Wednesday - and with only two advisories!! So that car will be going up for sale at the weekend, making space in the garage for the Cavalier again (which has sat outside in all weathers since May). On that note, I have just dropped a request for help and advise in the Basic Technical Help section, or whatever its called. Anyway... thanks to you all for your support and encouragement with the decision on the Cav, I really appreciate it. You have all been so busy, it looks like I have a massive amount of reading to do on some of your wonderful projects. Take care, all the best.
  9. Just sent you a DM Julian - three clips heading your way tomorrow 👍
  10. It would be better left as it is really, those in standard form must be getting very rare now?
  11. Could be either to be honest Sam, but I would start with the cheapest item and go from there. My list would be: - Check dizzy to carb vacuum line - Replace points AND condenser - Replace rotor arm - Replace dizzy cap - Replace air filter - Replace plugs - Check/Replace coil - Check/Replace/Add in-line fuel filter - Check/adjust static and dynamic timing - Check fuel delivery from pump Good luck!
  12. I haven't even started it yet Jonathan - too many other things have got in the way recently. The car is in regular use though, and although there have been one or two small issues (a perished vacuum line and a leaking radiator), it has performed well. I think that I will use it throughout the Summer and Autumn, then take a look at the headliner when the weather turns cold and wet. Take care everyone.
  13. What a fantastic colour - I love it! This car is already stunning, well done Sir!!!!
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