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  1. Hi Wayne, I'm truly sorry to hear this. Family must always come first though, above absolutely everything. Fingers crossed, things work themselves out for you soon and you can find a way to keep the car you searched so long for. All the best matey
  2. Evening all. A bit of general pottering around this evening. 1) Did some 'spot priming' on some of the small areas that I have been tidying up of the last couple of days. Once that has dried fully I will wet sand it all level with the surrounding areas of course. 2) Then I bit the bullet and gave the front spoiler its first top coat...
  3. Thanks lads - I really do value all of the advice given.
  4. Taking a little break matey?
  5. I sanded down those three minor imperfections this evening, then wet sanded the whole car again. This was spurred on after walking around the car with an LED strip light and literally inspecting ever inch of primer/bodywork. I found four more tiny things to correct (basically pin holes in filled areas), that were then addressed with stopper. So after sanding these down tomorrow evening, I should be able to start masking up again... I didn’t bother to take any photos as the car doesn’t look any different until you get you nose on it! Lol
  6. Can anyone help Graeme with this please?
  7. I couldn't resist making a start on those three small bits before we go to the cinema: Have a nice evening everyone.
  8. A useful day today with some decent progress: 1) Decided to get the old girl out in the Sun for a treat - and to make it more enjoyable to work on - and so I could hoover up some of the crud on the garage floor/carpet Thankfully she started well after the recent fuel issues, but its clear that I still have a blow from the exhaust/manifold area that will need to be explored later. 2) For some time I have been troubled by the 'clunkyness' of the auto box and its seeming unwillingness to do much at all. This led me to run the car up to normal operating temperature then check the level. Absolutely nothing showed on the dipstick.. - oops! I had about 1.5 litres of auto trans fluid on the shelf, so stuffed all of that in and we just about made the minimum mark on the dipstick. After my Wife had paid a trip to Halfords for me while out shopping to get some more ATM fluid, we now seem to have an auto box a bit more sympathetic to my instructions. I will reserve judgment on this though until the car is all tuned, linkages etc adjusted and see what we have... I have wondered for some time if this might have been the cause of the car being taken off of the road in the first place. Although the galloping rot was just as likely the cause of that. 3) While the engine was at temp, I decided it was an excellent opportunity to change the oil and filter that had been in the garage for the last year gathering dust. Pleasingly, the oil that came out was correct in quantity i.e. no water mixed or sitting on top of it - phew. So a Bosch filter and some good quality 20/50W later and she is good in that department if not in any other As you can see I have some work to do on the underside of the bonnet too, but that looks a lot worse than it is, so a job for another day... 4) Next job was to wet sand the whole body again after the application of primer coats 3, 4 and 4.5 (patches here and there). This is it after a hose down following the wet sandathon. 5) I decided I need to walk around it all again in the daylight, before sticking it back in the garage, to check for missed defects. I am very glad that I did, because I had missed two of these three previously. I had decided to leave the one near the side trim peg, on the basis that the trim would cover it. But as I have others to deal with now I will sort this as well. All of them are easily fixed with a tiny amount of stopper filler. As you will see the other two are little holes in the filler that need plugging before the top coat goes on. Toy Story 4 tonight - looking forward to that (yes, I'm just a big kid really!). Cheers all.
  9. Lol, great stuff mate. Just between you and me, I am hopeful to have the old girl on the road by the end of the Summer. My target is early August...
  10. Our Son was 23, really can’t believe where all that time has gone! Hi Iain, not at all mate - I am really grateful that you took the time to pass on this wisdom, much appreciated 👍
  11. (Sorry Graeme this is not a post about tyres), But yes, she really does look good. Hoobby is coming out to play!!!!!! - make sure you give me a toot every time you go past my place mate, that will give me so much enthusiasm to crack on.
  12. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Fantastic Herman - it all looks excellent!
  13. After taking last night off (as it was my Son's Birthday), tonight I applied the fourth coat of White primer. So far, so good
  14. Very interesting! - can you please tell, or better still show us photos, of how this is done please. Thanks in advance.
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