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  1. That would be fantastic, thanks for trying to help Danny
  2. Ooh ooh, any chance I could somehow get a copy of it?! 🙏
  3. After watering the front garden and walking back down the driveway, I noticed that somebody had dumped this in my garage: The cheek of it!
  4. Hi Danny, sincere apologies for high jacking your thread, but did you produce a template for your headliner?
  5. I’m not sure the word perfection should ever be used when referring to my car Herman - but thank you anyway.
  6. Managed to grab some time during my lunch break today. Good news the water and clamp bodge seems to have worked and the edge of the parcel shelf board is fairly straight again: After refitting the pod top covers, a quick spruce up with some dashboard cleaner has it looking a good deal fresher than it was: And back in the car and connected up - sounds great too!
  7. Yes mate. This is what Chris (cam.in.head) sent to me ages ago: "They are set so that when the tappet is fully open you adjust as accurately as you can all the slack in the rocker arm out of it and then one full turn to the adjustment nut. The tappet then looks after itself. I turn the engine with a spanner or socket (clockwise only) until valve number 2 is fully open (tappet fully lifted). Then making sure that the tappet is fully expanded, I adjust the arm down until all the slack JUST disappears and the rocker arm goes tight. Turn the nut ONE turn down and wait until the tappet adjusts itself into its body and the arm goes slightly slack again on its own. If it doesn't adjust itself down onto its body after a reasonable time (5-10 mins or so), then it is seized and never going to work. If the tappet adjusts itself down, all is well and you can move on to the others. Adjust each one down as a pair i.e. Open valve 2, adjust number 1 - Open valve 1, adjust number 2 etc" It worked very nicely for me - no mess and everything is very quiet. I hope that helps.
  8. That was my first thought too. You could easily enclose it a bit more again with some sheet steel and self tappers. Even cardboard to be honest. When I set mine I used cam.in.head’s cold set method - they are still beautifully quiet.
  9. Are you sure about this Shaun? Good luck anyway matey
  10. Today's mini project - the rear parcel shelf speakers. Once again, sincere thanks to Robah (Rob) for his generosity by giving me a pair of original GM speaker pods. I wanted to fit these to make the car a little more authentic and a little less 'in your face' - which is how it felt with the previously fitted enormous Pioneer ones. Rob had already told me that he thought that the original speakers might be a little tired, so we investigated. The top covers are held in place with snap fixings and a simple turn of a screwdriver gets you inside: As you can see, Rob was right: After looking at a few speaker reviews, these guys seem to fair pretty well, and at £35 a pair delivered, they seemed good value too: As luck would have it, they were a perfect fit in the existing pod and I didn't even have to drill any new retaining holes: I was even able to reuse the GM mini wiring loom too - it couldnt have been any easier quite frankly: Here you can see the internal connections and these are thoughtfully recessed on the back too: Upon removing the parcel shelf itself, I was reminded that it was warped in a couple of areas on the edge nearest the glass, presumably cased by damp/water at some point when the car was standing for 18-20 years... I will come back to that later... Position the speaker pods (I put might so that they would cover the existing holes and cover one strange random hole...) and mark through - I used a wooden skewer I found in the kitchen draw lol. Then drill your holes to suit: I decided that as the speaker pods have little weight they only really needed a small retaining method, so opted for short screws through the parcel shelf. The 2 x screw holes in the pods themselves are masked by the top covers when fitted. Here you can see the screws that I chose and how far they stick through: Just to make sure that they would be scratching around on the metal of the parcel shelf underneath, I chose to glue some rubber grommets over the exposed screw threads: With the speakers now attached to the shelf, I decided to tackle the warped edge. Assuming that water had caused it to warp, I thought that maybe water might help me solve the problem too? I therefore may the back of the shelf quite damp and then clamped a length of electrical conduit along using whatever clamps I could quickly lay my hands on: We will see what we have once that has dried out and then I plan to use some cleaner on the facing surface of parcel shelf itself to try to revive it a little. As I didn't want to have to speaker cable running directly under the rear seat, then running under the parcel shelf board, I followed to main wiring loom into the boot space, then drilled holes into the Steel of the parcel shelf. These holes correspond exactly with the holes in the parcel shelf board. Then rubber grommets were used and the ends of the cables prepared: Once the board has dried out, I will refit that and make the final speaker connections. I hope that all helps somebody else at some point?
  11. Trim strips refitted and a coat of wax - shiny, shiny! Have a nice evening everyone.
  12. Hi guys, Does anyone know if I will find the relay and wiring behind the dashboard for the rear fog light? I have a Haynes manual with a wiring diagram that seems to indicate that the relay should already be there. I bought a fog light switch ages ago, so that is also no problem. Thanks in advance.
  13. Good morning everyone, Quite a productive morning so far. I got the trims removed from the Driver door and front wing, then wet sanded everything, then on with the compounding. This what we now have: The lack of width in my garage makes it quite difficult to show reflections, but you can just about get the idea. This afternoon I hope to refit the side trim strips and give it all a little coat of wax. Have a great weekend all.
  14. Very nice indeed - is that Monaco Blue?
  15. Sssshhhhhhh! - you cant say that around here!
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