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  1. Very nice work! - its all coming together very nicely isn't it?
  2. Thanks Stuart, much appreciated - all good for me now
  3. No need to apologise mate, you are in there and doing a great job - I predict the car will run just fine. Like you, I also struggled to get my piston crowns clean and in the end I turned to 2000 grit wet and dry soaked in WD-40. It was more abrasive that metal polish and shifted the carbon pretty quickly. My engine had 108,000 on it, so it was far from fresh inside... This is what I ended up with: Good luck with the rest of the build and the restart!
  4. You still have a little bit of carbon you could remove on the piston crowns. Every little helps!
  5. Well done Keith, I know from experience how difficult those areas can be on these cars. Tougher than it looks just to fill up the gap.
  6. Wow! - well done Ian, fabulous work. A truly stunning car.
  7. Great work as always Keith. By the way, you really need to bring all of these mini-threads together to make one large project thread. Your work will inspire others.
  8. I would start by cleaning the associated earth connection for each item. Good luck!
  9. Hi all, Sorry I have not been around much lately, I've been busy pottering around with other things... In truth, I have also fallen out of love with the car a little bit. That's probably as things have been so busy on it for so long, I probably should have taken more mini breaks between stages, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think a little break from working on it will probably help my enthusiasm and love to return - time will tell I guess. With that in mind, I decided to drive it over for one of the last outdoor Archery sessions of the year. He is the old girl when I got back, as the light was fading: Take care everyone - say safe, stay well x
  10. There was one on Facebook Marketplace recently - try searching under MK1 Cavalier. From memory it was £80
  11. Looks in better condition than mine when I started lol Good luck and above all else - enjoy!
  12. Hi Nev, That is exactly what I have and the other members seem to be putting up with me A warm welcome to you
  13. I think Wayne might be on to something there Graeme. It sounds like the only part of the system you haven’t changed is the flexi hoses. The MC stop screw is a strange one too - can anyone else comment on this?
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