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  1. Hi Julian, If you go to your Auto Gearbox thread, you will see a German supplier that Herman suggested - I used them.
  2. Oh yes, one more thing - I pulled out the speedo drive unit. As others have experienced, there was a weeping of trans fluid past the front lip seal into the (new) cable, so new seals are now on order. Many thanks to Herman for the tip on where these parts were available
  3. We are off out soon, with an overnight stop planned - but I had a few minutes to kill, so decided to investigate the brake band adjustment point on the Cav's auto box. This is the cover that protects the adjustment point. As you can see its held in place by 4 x 13 mm bolts. You will also note that it comes out full of trans fluid - you have been warned Fortunately, I expected this so didn't dribble it all down my arm... After draining the fluid, I expected there to be some accumulated 'gunge' in there - but no. So after a quick clean up with the old Blue roll, we now have this ready to go back on in a day or two: Here is what you see with the cover removed, the adjustment point is in the center of course: Time to see if the tool that I had cobbled together fits - it did: Then after consulting Mr Haynes, I realised that none of my torque wrenches went down low enough for the band adjustment screw - Doh! Luckily, there is one at work that will do the job, so no need to buy some more tools - well thinking about it, maybe... To be continued later in the week.
  4. IanMc

    Water thing

    If you get stuck, I suppose you could improvise by using something like these two items - one inside the other with some PTFE tape of course... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10Pcs-M8-Full-Threaded-Lamp-Nipple-Pass-Through-Pipe-Connector-30mm-Length/362281672798?epid=17009303513&hash=item5459aba05e:g:DuoAAOSw3hFdVIr4 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A2-STAINLESS-STEEL-ALL-THREAD-SLEEVE-ROD-BAR-STUD-ROUND-CONNECTOR-TUBE-LONG-NUTS/111846278490?hash=item1a0a8ec55a:m:mbLe00FLh6nrc_FwQYlqz-Q
  5. It's call being human mate - and we are all guilty of that. It also takes a bigger man to admit to making a mistake as well. As my very first Boss told me: "the person that never make a mistake, never did sod all!" - well close to that with expletives added for effect Great news that she's running well
  6. Little update on this... 1) Many thanks to Julian Best for sending me a copy of an old Invoice for the parts I was trying to source, with (of course) the suppliers name etc on it. 2) The reason that I didn’t use Julian’s details is because yesterday afternoon I found a UK supplier with both parts on the shelf. After having paid early this morning, they are now both on their way to my work address (in case we and Mrs Mc go out for the day), with delivery expected tomorrow. So big thanks go to: Sussex Auto Parts Ltd and in particular, Matt for his excellent service! So if any of you need anything along these lines, try them at www.sussexautos.co.uk or E-mail: parts@sussexautos.co.uk
  7. Thanks Herman, great information!
  8. Does anyone know what size those ‘O’ rings are please? Just thinking that while I am in there and having just replaced the cable, I might as well take a look at the ‘O’ rings at the same time.
  9. Dear All, I am off work now for the rest of the week - yippee! On the basis that I need to chill out and enjoy life for a few days, it is unlikely that very much will be done on the Cav for the next week or so. I certainly wont be doing something every day, like I generally try to. Cheers for now.
  10. When I was a lad, I replaced a rear wheel cylinder on my Uncle's Ford Sierra. When I test drove it the brakes were terrible, despite the bleeding going perfectly. After a while (and comparing to the other side), I noticed that I had connected the feed pipe to the bleed nipple hole and vice versa. Just a thought... Good luck matey.
  11. After consulting Mr Haynes, it transpires that I need a 3/16" Allen/hex socket to adjust the brake band on my auto box. Guess which size of Allen bit I dont have to connect to my torque wrench - yes correct! After trudging around the shops with Mrs Mc this afternoon subtlety looking for said socket (no joy at all - one shop even said "what's an Imperial size" ), I returned home empty handed. Being the impatient soul that I am, I hatched a plan to make one instead. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be able to deliver a massive 3.3 ftlb of torque... After a bit of rummaging I came across an old set of Imperial Allen keys and lopped a bit of the end of the long leg with my angle grinder: Then I found a sacrificial 5 mm socket (3/16" = 4.76 mm, so only a quarter of a mm difference in size) and we had the makings of a solution: A few seconds in the vice an we had a nice fitting hexagon that should easily take that torque: Now all I have to do is actually get on with the job
  12. As the leak was so tiny, I have decided to try the following: - disconnect the heater hoses from the matrix. - join them with a straight connector. - add Barrs leaks (or similar) to the main radiator. - after the leak is fixed (assuming the additive does the job), drain the rad and hoses. - reconnect the heater. Got to be worth a try!
  13. Ian.  Will you try and explain to this club that I am not a new USER  I am a MEMBER and have been for many years, my computer wnt down and I couldn't get into the OMOC so had to fill in some questions that I was asked, they now say I am not a member, I have sent them an message but nothing is being done!!! Any idea who I should contact, or do I ask them for my paid dues back?!!!!!


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    2. IanMc


      Hi Julian,

      Just sent a message to Admin for you.

      I hope that you can get everything sorted out matey.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help you.  :thumbup





      Will you do me a big favour Ian, please, will you send me a photograph of the markings on the bottom of the dipstick for the Auto box, I have a feeling that the dipstick in my box isn't the correct one, email   jack@bestbite.co.uk.

                                               Many thanks Mate.  still haven't heard anything from admin.

    4. IanMc


      All done mate, E-mail just sent.

      Cheers for now and good luck with Admin!



  14. Hi Andy, That’s brilliant mate, sincere thanks for the pointer
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