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  1. Great work Bill, I am very impressed. Out of interest, what 3D printer do you have and where did you get it from?
  2. My pleasure Bill. People on this forum have been so kind to me over the last few years, it is nice to be able to give a little something back. Good luck with your 3D printing
  3. Evening Bill. The following are all of my NS / Passenger side one - I hope that they help you? Good luck!
  4. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Good progress Herman - will you be showing us a video of the big start up?! Respect to your Son, he is officially a man after taking such responsibility
  5. Here you go Bill. The first 5 images are of the Nearside/Passenger side one. Then I realised that I hadn't fitted the Drivers side one myself, so had to go hunting for it.. Nearside Pt No. 9 287 051 L1 Offside Pt No. 9 287 052 RE I hope that this helps you a little?
  6. Today I made a start on the drivers side seat base cover. I needed to remove all the stitches so I could make the necessary templates. Here is the mess I am starting with... Oh by the way, not sure if I showed you before the little tool I have been using. Its called a seam ripper and really makes light work of popping stitches. The following photos give you an idea of how it works with its tiny (but extremely sharp) blade: They only cost £2-3 and it is a really helpful little tool
  7. Yes I have Jess and my thoughts are: 1) What I have already done has fixed my problem. 2) If it aint broke (anymore), dont fix it. 3) I actually prefer the front of the seat slightly dropped as it helps my sitting position with my dodgy knees 3)You will probably only mess something else up if you start messing about again
  8. Some work done to the Drivers seat mounting frame this morning to try to overcome/correct my stupid error. I decided to cut the frame right back to down leg of the right hand (as you look from the pedals) pivot point: My thinking was to try to weld another piece of tubing parallel to, and just about 6 mm below the main seat frame - something like this: After welding everything back up straight, it all worked OK: I did think of trying to add some extra weld to that smaller diameter to build it all back up to the same size - but its already very strong and who is going to go looking at that anyway, so didn't bother. Of course there is still a little more weld dressing to do, but that's a job for later. Then it was time to try it in the car: Success! - it all clears the bump in the floor/trans tunnel and there is full movement forward and back. But what about the headroom?!, I hear you cry - the whole reason for doing this in the first place of course. Again success, I now have clearance from 1/4 back on the seat rail, right through to the rearmost seating. My preferred seating position is somewhere between those two points, so all good - very pleased. Now I can make a start on the seat covers for that side... Take care all x
  9. Thanks again Graeme, but I think that I will be sticking to plan A = make my own.
  10. How much?!?! 😂 No problem mate, take care.
  11. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Great stuff Herman.
  12. Hi Graeme, That sounds like a plan - cheers matey. Lets wait until things get straightened out a bit with the old virus stuff, then we can arrange something. Top man, sincere thanks.
  13. Dear All, As you have probably all worked out by now I have short arms and deep pockets, plus a real desire to try to make something myself if possible. It often fails, but hey if you don't try... So I am wondering do any of you have any templates or dimensions for the following two things please: - Coupe head liner / roof liner - Coupe boot carpet. I could certainly use my old roof liner as a template, but ideally I would prefer to have the new one ready to fit right away. I don't have any carpet in the boot though, so I would have to start from scratch with that. If anyone has anything it would really be appreciated. Stay safe, stay well everyone
  14. That would be the easy solution, but unfortunately that (hinged joint) connection point is a peened over rivet type joint. I could probably nut and bolt it to make it work I suppose, but I think I would rather try just modifying the frame itself first. Thanks for the suggest though mate
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