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  1. OK, so its back in... Now I see that the O/S needs a damn good clean too Onwards!
  2. Hi Terry, I think I might be tempted to try to bend the sticky out bits back down again and then weld the slots closed. Then take a look and see where to go from there, perhaps you might be able to panel beat it closer to the original shape? I think you might be surprised with what you end up with. That metal all looks pretty solid to me - seems a shame to cut it away unnecessarily. Just a thought...
  3. Well I guess this means it stuck OK Looks way better now too! Hopefully I can spare a few minutes this evening to bolt it back in and they will be another job jobbed
  4. As I am still working from home, I was able to get a bit more done at lunchtime. I collected the adhesive/sealer - I went for this one, purely on the basis that I recognised and trusted the name/brand: Whacked it all around the join line, then pushed it in and smoothed it out with the trim tool you can see in the photo: The next photo is a close up of one side after adding the sealer, its not too obvious though as it is so clear lol Now we wait until its dry and see if the glass stays attached I guess
  5. Now the car is seemingly up and running, I am now going to turn my attention to the smaller details that are bugging the life out of me... You all know about my intention to replace the headliner, but that will probably be an Autumn/Winter project, as sweating my whatsits off in a tin car in the Summer is not my idea of fun So the first of those 'fill in' jobs was the N/S headlight. Ever since I refurbished it a couple of years ago, my lack of patience has stared back at me. I am talking about reassembling it using Black adhesive/sealant to attach the from glass. Here it is after putting t back together: It didn't occur to me at the time just how clear and obvious the Black was going to be... Add to that my impatience and desire to finish something and I continue and let it dry - big mistake. So it was time to right that wrong. After removing the lamp, I stripped off the majority of the old Black sealant to end up with this: This is the seam as viewed from the front that hopefully will look way better once finished: I am collecting some clear sealant/adhesive from Screwfix later that should do the trick. Naturally I will show you all how it ended up.
  6. I needed to pop into work this evening to collect something, so my Son and I decided to take the Cav - well why not?! She ran really well and showed a great turn of speed, which certainly surprised our Son. He had his phone connected to the BT of the cheapo head unit, so we had some new school tunes coming out of the old school car lol In the end we covered about 20 miles - most enjoyable. Here she is during the brief pit stop at the office:
  7. Thank you kind Sir, I’m really pleased my bodging is helping someone lol Re: the tax and MOT exemption, I simply took my V5, certificate of Insurance and Govt form V112 and told the lady at the counter why I was there. She checked the COI, took form V112 (which I needed as my car did not have an MOT) and scanned the V5. She then gave me back the right hand page of the V5 and said “I’ve taxed it for a year from the start of the month and you will receive a new V5 (with the Car reclassified as ‘Historic’) in 4-6 weeks - enjoy!” Good luck getting yours sorted mate
  8. Just in case there was ever any doubt that my headliner needs replacing - see here: On a brighter note, today I summoned up the courage to walk into the Post Office in town. The result of that is the Cav is now officially MOT and Road tax exempt. Happy days.
  9. Yes indeed, thanks Jess. Thanks Jason, those do help. Two questions for you: - do the rods locate in a channel on each side somehow? - is that a piece of foam across the centre bar? Thanks again guys.
  10. IanMc

    Mike's Manta.

    Both beautiful cars. The width of those parking bays!
  11. Hi all, I am starting to think about my next mini project, which is to replace the headliner on the Cav. To allow me to weigh up some ideas and options, if would be helpful to see what I will be faced with when the old one is removed. Does anyone have any photos looking up at a bare coupe roof (without any liner) to help me? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks mate - yes, I did wonder the same about the headliner to be honest. Will look into that a bit more closely I think
  13. Morning all, A nice early start to the day. After my usual hour long walk, I decided to try to finish up the boot lining for the Cav. Just to remind you, this is what we started with: Apologies for the strange lack of focus on the last last photo... And now we have this: And it all cost 2p under £30 - quite pleased with that I have to say. Have a nice day and a great weekend everyone
  14. I did think about that Jess, but the ones that hold in the rear lights are those strange hex head, self tapper things...
  15. A little bit of pottering about last night. Got the rear lights installed - managed to find the fixing holes easily through the carpet. The added the bumper mounting screws etc. Te photos are pretty useless to be honest, but it gives you some idea how the painted screw heads look againat the carpet. of course, I managed to take a lot of the paint off again as I was doing them all up Then I rubbed down a painted the spare wheel retaining strap, toothed, tensioner 'thing'. It had surface rust on it and I couldn't bear the thought of using that again as it was frankly: Brace yourself for El Scorchio today people - take care, stay safe.
  16. That’s the beauty of the 4 way stretch carpet you see Jess, it really is so easy to get a good looking job. Even a ham fisted, clumsy oaf like me can do it
  17. Last night I managed to get the Drivers side quarter and upright lined: Then I decided to finish the job off, the petrol tank card would like good in the same material - plus of course it would then all follow round nicely. Here it is after I covered it and cut out the fixing holes: I probably wont fit it back in just yet as I want to keep as much of the area clear as possible to allow me to make a template for the carpet that I will eventually fit.
  18. Thanks, but no thanks lol Oh, almost forgot - the cheapenese spare wheel cover showed up the other day: Cant really complain for less than £4
  19. Got a little bit done on the boot space liner project. The stretch carpet is now fitted to the rear panel: And also to the N/S quarter and upright: Obviously it will all need a really good hoover afterwards, but I'm pretty pleased so far.
  20. Good luck with it matey!
  21. Sorry Julian, I wasn't trying to rub anything in - just interested that you were after a repair panel. How bad is the rust? Would it be possible to just graft in some smaller pieces instead? Take care mate.
  22. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Herman, you really are a hero. I bet the owner of the Twingo couldn't believe their luck!
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