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  1. Fabulous Sutty, really pleased for you - great work!
  2. Keep going mate, you are doing great.
  3. Its a real credit to you Keith, it really is a wonderful car - are YOU pleased with it though? More work than you imagined?
  4. Absolutely bloody fantastic - stunning! Well done Keith
  5. Hi mate, the short answer is, its not going at all - I have done nothing on the Cavalier for at least a month... Life, work and other cars are getting in the way at the moment. Plus, I am having one of my fallen out of love with it sessions at the moment. In truth, I have thought seriously about selling.
  6. Just seen this thread. I'm thrilled for you Wayne - many congratulations mate! That car certainly looks well worth all of your patience.
  7. They do according to Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293806045608?fits=Car+Make%3AOpel|Model%3AManta&hash=item44683479a8:g:Q70AAOSwHeVfmv5N
  8. Try the video file now guys, I just tried to add it again. You might have to save it somewhere first though... As you can tell, I dont really know how to include video files lol Just tried it myself and I have a horrible feeling that it still doesnt work - oops!
  9. Hi Guys, I have been wondering for a while if my supposedly new, old stock front shock absorbers are too weak or dead... It is very easy to push the front wings down from the area just behind the headlights. Although it doesn't recoil dramatically, its just the ease at which you can compress/bounce the front of the car that concerns me. I dont remember my other Coupe's ever feeling this soft into corners. I just took the opportunity to try the four other cars on our driveway and they are all WAY firmer and more difficult to push down on the front corners than the Cav, but they are all at least 30 years newer... Shall try to post upload a video of what I have so you can see if it is obviously wrong compared to your cars?
  10. This car is truly stunning! The dedication to everything just right is very motivating for us lesser mortals. I tip my hat to you Andy - fantastic work!
  11. Gaggio, While you wait for your workshop manual, please ask any questions that you have on the forum. It is very unlikely that you will ask anything that the members cannot answer. Plus of course, most of us already have manuals, so we can post any content that is in there for you to see. Good luck with your rebuild.
  12. Blow torch and mole grips? - that’s how I shifted mine.
  13. I know what you mean Chris, but perhaps the difference was/is that you also used adhesive on the roof?
  14. Can you weld some nuts to those studs? That way the heat might help release them, plus you will have new hex’s to try to wind them out with.
  15. Looking very tidy indeed, great work
  16. Disappointingly, the replacement headliner material didn't show up before Easter, but that wasn't a big surprise I guess. The good news is that these little guys did though: Yes a set of brand new, genuine GM front mudflaps with all original fittings and instructions - incredible really. All mine, sent over from sunny Cyprus. That will give me a little bit of Cav work this weekend. Not forgetting that I also have my Daughters Mini to work on - replacing the damaged panels: Front bumper, Bonnet and Tailgate - all sourced in the correct colour: Cosmos Black Metallic for just £115 It wasn't that the ones fitted were rotten or anything, they were just 'cosmetically challenged' and generally letting the car down. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I hope that the Easter Bunny doesn't let you down
  17. She's back on her wheels! - great progress again.
  18. Hi Graeme, unfortunately I have to return the original order...
  19. Today I made a tentative start on the headliner. It turns out it was a case of one step forward, two steps back I am afraid. When I fully unwrapped the vinyl, I found that both colours had beep creases in them from the folding at the suppliers and the associated transportation. I phoned the supplier to ask for some help and advice, which was to either try an iron on a low setting and/or a steamer. We have both of those, so I tried both - sadly neither worked well enough to give me confidence to proceed. So after another call to the supplier it was agreed that they would send me replacements, but this time on a roll - which is how I had assumed it would be supplied the first time to be honest... Anyway, so now I am waiting for the vinyl again - fingers crossed it show up before next weekend, but I am not betting on it. Disappointing, but worse things happen at sea. I then decided that I could at least prepare the rod pockets, so that's what I did. First cut the strips a bit longer than you know you will need - you can always shorten them! I think I only need four, but I cut five as I know that I am bound to mess one up along the way Then fold them edge to edge and run it through the sewing machine: Eventually, you should end up with them all looking a bit like this: Enjoy your weekend everyone
  20. The vinyl for the headliner has arrived! So that's me sorted for some Easter weekend entertainment then
  21. (From memory) I think its the same type of clip that is used in the front wheel arches Keith.
  22. I cant open the PDF's Jess.
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