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  1. Hi Andy, My strips were largely OK, just that the captive 'bolts' that hold them to the main chrome bumper unit had rusted away. A extremely kind member of here (he knows who he is!), sent me some replacements, meaning I could refit them. If all else failed, I would have been able to make some new ones from some studding and some plate Steel, by I just got lucky...
  2. All of my exhaust to manifold bolts were either already sheared and rusted in, or sheared when I try to remove them. I ended up drilling nearly all of them out, but I didn't realise their size. I just assumed that they were M10 x 1.5 pitch, so I drilled and tapped the holes out top that. Even if I got the size wrong at least I can now use off the shelf fasteners. ps my car is a '79 Cav, so probably the same bolts/manifold as your car.
  3. Nice one, really appreciate your input - that’s a great idea! I will have a root around in the rafters of the garage tomorrow and see if I have anything suitable to make one of those!
  4. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Typical, that's cars summed up really isn't it? The moment you think you are winning and getting on top of things, one of them kicks you in the nuts and reminds you who is really in charge of your life Look on the bright side though, at least you had the time, skills and the tools to tackle the job yourself
  5. After some more relatives popped in this afternoon, I managed to sneak in another crafty hour on the Cav before the BBQ came out again. Some more sanding and stopper filler later and we have this now: Some more sanding tomorrow evening should see this panel just about done I think. Shame I didn't pay this much attention to detail the first time round... Anyway, all in all a good long weekends work I think.
  6. Looking at the second of the two photos above, I suspected another low spot that I hadn't noticed by eye or running my hand across it. I wasn't quite sure if it was just the light or a reflection, so popped out to the garage to get a better look and shone a bright light down it. Sure enough it was, so out with the filler again... It soon became apparent I should had chosen a much wider spreader for this job!
  7. Some more sanding done this morning. God knows it is boring, but I just keep remembering how disappointed I felt looking back at the photos while I was away and that seems to spur me on again for a few more minutes So after some more sanding another few strategically placed smears of filler, we are slowly edging forward on this panel: Enjoy your day guys!
  8. I just noticed the aerial mounting hole in the front wing, was that the standard position on the Manta B?
  9. After cleaning the BBQ down before the relatives arrive, I managed to sneak in another 45 minutes on the Cav - its amazing how quickly you can revive a BBQ thats been under cover for over 6 months when you try - and its all in a good cause of course. I'm feeling more positive about this panel now. Here it is after a lot of sanding then then application of a little skim of filler in the low areas: Enjoy your afternoon everyone - I'm now looking forward to an afternoon lounging in the garden with a fruit cider or two to keep me company. As you can determine, I'm not much of a drinker, but I know what I like, and thats really all that counts.
  10. This morning I have been a fairly busy bee, fueled by a popular malted breakfast cereal knitted by Nana's, coffee and a whole Easter egg shell and its entire contents! Firstly, I sanded back the filler added to the small dent on the roof: Then the low spot on the front scuttle - this is the rough filler: Then with the stopper filler added. Once this has fully dried a light sanding will see that defect fixed: Then back to the NSR quarter. Further investigation and templates etc, revealed more errors than I had realised previously. Oh well, I'm an idiot and now I'm learning the hard way - there really is no short cuts to this work At least I am keeping the local sellers of body filler and wet and dry in business Happy Easter everyone!
  11. A couple of hours messing around this afternoon on the NSR quarter and some other areas. The quarter panel itself is coming along quite well, but will need a ton more work before I will be truly happy with it. Why I ever decided this was OK to paint I do not know... Anyway: After that I put some filler on the dent in the roof I had missed, then some on the low spot at the top of the scuttle panel. As usual I have put ten times more on than I probably need and also made a mess of actually putting it on Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the Easter Bunny does the business tomorrow!
  12. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Fabulous Herman, many congratulations to you both!
  13. IanMc

    Mike's Manta.

    Wow, wow, wow!! - I'm excited and its not even my car She's looking stunning already Mike - you must be very, very pleased?
  14. After a little stroll into town with my Wife, I returned to do a little more sanding, then apply some stopper filler. I'm feeling pretty pleased with this area now. Another quick sand and we can move on again. Have a nice evening everyone.
  15. After a morning grafting in the back garden, it was finally time for the Cavalier to have some love I have started to reshape the NS rear valance - hopefully you will agree when I say it looks much more in balance now with the other side? A with just a little more filler added to help blend in some of the low spots and also to take it back to the floor etc There is actually only a tiny difference between the two images from the rear, as most of the filler went under the lip to blend it into the floor better. In fact it would not surprise me if I even had them the wrong way round above Cheers all - enjoy the Sun!!!!
  16. Added some more filler this evening to the bottom of the NSR valance. It looks a real mess from behind (as you can see ) at the moment, but I have really been concentrating on getting some support behind the curtain I am trying to bring down. By taking that behind onto the boot floor/spare wheel well it will be strong and support the front and give the whole area a much better look - at least thats what I'm hoping... Then just when I felt that I was getting somewhere I ran out of mixed filler. Oh well I will wait for that to go off, then add some more in the morning. I can then have a measure up again, draw and line and start to sand/shape things again.
  17. I think you may have dodged a bullet there with those rear floor sections. They normally rot out in the corners where the rear seat belt mounts are. Good news for you!
  18. A bit more progress this evening. More work reshaping the NSR quarter panel. First I roughly sanded the filler I had slapped on last night, then went over it with my shape template, then a second coat was applied to the areas that were still too low. So this is how it sits this evening: As I had a little bit of filler left over, I decided to make a start in bringing down the NS rear panel in an attempt to level it up better with the other side: We have a nice long weekend coming up, so hopefully I can make some serious progress. Thank you Graeme, much appreciated. I am sure it will be worth all the hard work and the wait Herman, you can is really beautiful.
  19. Some more bodywork remedial work tonight. I decided to make a start on the lower part of the NSR quarter, behind the door. Already the lines are better and I have only just dumped some filler on there after using my template to indicate where the lowest sections were:
  20. Herman, I said it earlier and I will say it again: what a great friend you are! Fantastic work on a great looking car. Your work on the lock barrel has reminded me that I may need to do something similar on my boot lock soon.
  21. Hi Chris, thanks for the kind words. If my thread can help anyone, I will be a happy man. The only advice that I would give really is break the project up into manageable chunks and then steadily work through them. I decided before I started that unless I did this the enormity of the task would consume me. By breaking it up into (for example): engine, brakes, suspension, rust/welding, bodywork etc, you always have the end of a section in your sight. This (in my view anyway) allows you to stay focused by finishing something (a section). Oh and of course, enjoy yourself working on the car that you love and will love even more as you work on it and bring it back to life. Herman is so right, this is just a fabulous club with great people who never fail to inspire and motivate you.
  22. A small update tonight, but it is one that has given me back my positive attitude again. The OSR quarter behind the wheel was 'lumpy' and after taking a closer look I think that the metal might have distorted during the weld repairs in that area. Yesterday I knocked down the humps with a panel beating hammer and put a skim of filler over the now slightly indented metal. Some sanding in that area tonight has left me feel much happier with the whole area. This is it after the sanding and the application of some stopper filler in a few areas: Then I moved around the corner to sand back the filler that I had applied to that side of the lower rear panel in an attempt to tidy up some imperfections. Again some small amounts of stopper have been applied here and left to dry. This area is also looking much tidier already: Have a nice evening everyone.
  23. Looks nice - good luck!
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