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  1. Today our Son has been taken very ill. Subsequently I won’t be around for a while. Take care all.
  2. IanMc

    Wanted coupe

    Yes Wayne! - get in. Good luck!!
  3. Today's job was to add the piping. Due to the thickness of the piping 'flange' this had to be done by hand using the toriginal thread holes as a guide. I now look forward to the 'big stitch' - i.e. joining the front and back together...
  4. Added the funny 'finger' pieces you can see at the bottom corners this evening. They are really tricky little sods to attach as they stitch to several parts, but on an arc - not nice to do. Oh well, all done now... Next job is to attach the piping - then its stitch the front and back together....
  5. Got the side wings of the front panel stitched on this evening.
  6. Just completed a small fill in job, but one that I haven't particularly been l;looking forward to - removing the lever knob for the backrest. As it turns out, it wasn't too bad. After having been told that it would pull off, I sprayed some WD40 on the connecting point and gave it a few mighty tugs - nothing, more force was obviously required. I came up with the idea of putting an adjustable spanner behind it and hitting that forward with a wedge of wood - a few clouts later and off it came: As you can see, the arm itself has barbs on it that obviously bite into the plastic when it is pushed on. A little victory, but they all count
  7. Very sorry to hear about the paint job Jess, I trust they didn’t charge you? Best if luck with the paint second time around and the engine rebuild.
  8. Well that actually went surprising well. Both of the Leatherette 'wings are now connected to the main back piece. I am also pleased to added that I used Julian's glue tip on the ends of the stitching - just in case. I was desperately worried about the stitching the profiles level, as these give the curved shape to the seat cover - but it wasn't too bad. Perhaps I am improving with my machine technique? Have a good day everyone
  9. A little more done on the Passenger seat backrest this morning. The repaired and painted piping has now dried and seems to be OK. The colour is a little 'off', I think I will just about get away with using it. Here it is offered up to the original used on the seat base: I am now at the stage of stitching things together, starting with the 'wedge/tension' strip that pushes up into the seat frame U's. As none of this will been seen I used a simple (not petty) loop type stitch and doubled up the thread for strength. Now I am moving on to attaching the large Leatherette pieces together, gulp!
  10. Sometimes you just have to find a way my friend. As my Mum used to say: “make do and mend, will keep coins in your pocket!”
  11. Thanks for the suggestions and pointers chaps - greatly appreciated. I have spent the last few days pondering this problem and exploring a few different ideas and option. I keep coming back to the same problem though - trying to match the piping that is on the seat base, which of course I have just finished. I just couldnt bear the thought of the back rest piping not matching the seat piping, it would just be a bodge. So... my plan was to try to reuse the original somehow... It occured to me last night that maybe the paint I used on the door card carpets might be a close match, so this morning I dabbed some on to see. In the first photo, the paint is on the left - quite close, even when compared to the faded piping/original: And here on side view, when compared to the original colour of the 'sewing flange': This convinced me that I must try to save, repair and reuse the original painting it where necessary. Not only had the piping cracked and split, it looked like it had been discoloured Black by something. I tried scratching it off and scraping off a layer, but it almost looks burnt?! - very strange. I decided to cut out the worst section, which was actually very short: And then set about baring back one end: This then allowed me to turn the good end around to meet the bared end. With a few dabs of super glue added to the internal piping, we have this: There were approx. 6-8 much smaller cracks in the remaining blackened section (now at the seat hinge end of the piping), so these were treat with some more super glue to a) hold them together and b) fill the cracks up. I will now leave everything to dry for a couple of hours and then give it all a dusting of Vauxhall Flame Red - fingers crossed
  12. No Jess, the piping is a soft plastic profile. The main ‘pipe’ is hollow and has a small diameter tube running through it that presumably helps with support and to prevent ‘snags’ and creases around corners.
  13. Houston we have a problem... I was just examining the piping that goes on the backrest and saw this: Ooops! To be honest, I cant believe that I never noticed this before. The chances of finding something that is an exact match to 40 year old piping seems unlikely, so I am hatching a plan. It goes something like: - clean it all up as well as possible - cut out the affected area - rob some 'good' piping from one end and try to graft that into the 'bad' area, using the inner clear pipe to make the joints. - buy something close and just put that on one end (which will be in the area of the seat hinge) and hopefully that wont be as visible. All other ideas and suggestions gratefully received!
  14. Thanks Julian, that's a great tip! - I will try to remember to do that as I progress. I really appreciate your kind words, its all of the amazing people on this forum that keeps me going sometimes. I do have my 'down' days, but then I think of all your encouragement and kind words - it really does help! This evening I have been adding the padding to the backrest. Its not at all pretty from the back, but it will never be seen... Have a nice evening everyone.
  15. Doesn't mean much to me either mate - all I can tell you is that its stitch setting number two and tension 2.5 on my machine - I'm too scared to try anything else yet
  16. No, its just a short close linked straight stitch.
  17. Started stitching some of the Passenger seat backrest parts together this evening: Needless to say, the Boss was in attendance too:
  18. Not too much done today as it is Mrs Mc's Birthday today - so we have been pretty busy with all the usual treats I did manage to squeeze in a couple of quick jobs though: 1) The 'interest' lines were added to the main fabric of the backrest: 2) The piece of Leatherette that attaches to the bottom of the fabric, had it pocket stitched up. This pocket is the home for the hog ring retaining rod: The sewing machine is still all set up ready to do more, but now we are all off out for Dinner, so that's it for the day I am afraid. Have a nice evening everyone.
  19. And so (or should that be sew ) it begins. Some final marking out of stitch lines etc. I hadn't realised until a short time ago that the top parts of the seat are slightly curved where they come together. Its obvious when you think about it due to the curvature of the seat and the bolster areas etc. So I have basically revisited the profiles of each piece to check that they are correct - a few minor corrections were required! The first thing that I will do is to stitch the Leatherette back to the side pieces - here we are getting ready for that:
  20. 100% agree! My 25 and 23 year old 'kids' and all of their friends absolutely love my Cavalier and actually ask to see it every time they come round! Its quite heart warming really.
  21. I'm really sorry to hear that this sale didn't work out for you Stu. As you say though, things sometimes happen for a reason. Good luck with whatever you decide to do from here
  22. Yes Sir! Just finished marking and cutting out the fabric for the Passenger seat backrest: So that means that this weekend we can make a start on stitching it all together
  23. Only a small update this evening. I used the old vinyl pieces as templates for the new items to be cut from Leatherette: Its pretty tough trying to hold things flat that have been bent double for 40 years I can tell you. Pegs are my new best friend Tomorrow evening I hope to get the fabric parts cut. With Archery on Friday, that will set me up nicely to (hopefully) start stitching thee parts together at the weekend.
  24. Tonight's little job was to try to strip down the Passenger seat back rest cover. We started with this: Then a few hours with the seam ripping tool and we now have this pile of junk - err, sorry I mean templates Onwards!
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