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  1. It isn't, I agree it's a different approach than most forums out there take (limiting people posting ads), we've talked about this alot at Exec meetings, if you limit people being able to sell stuff, they go elsewhere. We're not limiting the ability for anyone to sell anything by any means. We've had numerous complaints in the past that someone has signed up and bought a rare, or much needed item before anyone else had chance and then they dissapeared, never to contribute anything to the club. By making new For Sale items restricted to OMOC Members & Web Members, we are adding value to our Membership Packages. The Exec Committee as a whole decided to make this change going forward. Traffic statistics are monitored closely, we've been in positive climb since our transistion to IP.Board.
  2. Hi Paul, The club shop has these, they're £25 a set (they are on the list in the Manta Magics) They're the last items on this order form: http://www.mantashop.fsnet.co.uk/images/orderform2.pdf Regards Stuart
  3. Welcome back! You're making me feel young now I was only 10 back then! I'd love to see some pictures of your M5, is it one of the latest ones ? Mark Norris, thanks for that link too, found a picture of my Manta on there (This one)
  4. That or we could take a credit/debit card thru PayPal (we'd just need to set a special link up for you).
  5. Seems to be a few popping up here ! Shame mine is in storage in the midlands...
  6. Just saw a Silver hatch at the end of Shelley Road, does this belong to anyone on here ?
  7. Oh, it's ashame I never saw this. Sutty, I used to take my Manta to all the Ford shows we went too, I had the most comments at Classic Ford one year..
  8. Hi Discodas, Welcome to the OMOC forum! Someone should have the part you are looking for, you may wish to post in this section too: http://forums.mantaclub.org/forum/61-parts-wanted/
  9. I've not seen a single Manta up this way for quite a while. It sounds like it should still be in reasonably good condition though
  10. Currently re-working what I'd already made for online membership. Making it better.

  11. Jason has asked me to post these pictures up of the painted car "Here is my Manta after coming back from paintshop, just the Revolutions to fit now."
  12. About a month ago http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/25826-new-vauxhall-meriva-ad/page__view__findpost__p__183233__fromsearch__1
  13. Hmm, it looks like the plastic has been chewed on that one too where the bar from the barrel goes into it. Unless I'm mistaken that's the part that the barrel turns isn't it ?
  14. You could give SkyInsurance a try... http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/classics/index.html
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