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  1. The iPhone application has been updated to enabled Push Notifications, we've already got them enabled here so you can use them!
  2. Yeah, that's the part. the end where the bar from the ignition barrel goes in doesn't look very good on that one though.
  3. Sure, let me know when you get your hands on them.
  4. I presume the Manta B one will fit then it's a 1986 GT/E. How much do you want for it ?
  5. I think I'm going to need one of these What do you have ?
  6. I thought I'd make you a little more aware of this great iPhone app you can use to access the OMOC forum, it's created by the same company that produce IP.Board. IP.Board iPhone App You can add a list of all the IP.Board-powered communities you visit and save your username/password to those communities in the app. You now have one-tap access to all the communities you visit. No need to tap out your login each time you wish to visit the community of your choice and easily switch between all the communities you visit!
  7. has enabled the sidebar status updates..

  8. Hi Marty! You're just up the road from me then!
  9. Hi Andy, You might have more luck asking on here: http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/index.php?showforum=7 Stuart
  10. You can also use the report button in the bottom left of the post to ask for it to be removed, that way we'll know about it quicker Stuart
  11. I believe the chairman has his hands on some of these, I'll point him to this topic.
  12. I'll be there in September this year, I'm going with the Central RSOC. I'm not taking the Manta this year though, I did in 2007 and it was fantastic.
  13. Welcome to The OMOC Forum, you can add your location on this page: http://forums.mantac...rcp&tab=members (near the bottom)
  14. Thought I'd post some updates from over the past 10 months (not done alot on it though!) Been shopping First pipe made ! Second pipe to the rear of the car routing of pipe to rear rear t-peice removed all the pipes again and painted the tunnel and all the new bolt-holes Had to move the front pipe brackets so they were in a better place
  15. Welcome to the club! enjoy your stay
  16. Nice to see someone else from Chester Are you still an OMOC member? If you are don't forget to get your forum account upgraded.
  17. View New Content works that it shows items that you have not read, so if you've posted a topic, you've already read it! But don't worry due to popular demand in the next patch-version there is the option for you to change it back to how it was (which is technically a flawed way).
  18. It stops reflections from the sun on the dashboard so you don't get blinded, it looks pretty nice too...
  19. Been down to fit the wheels on the car, need to find the bolts to fit the rear, should hopefully be doing that tomorow then getting it on the trailer to take it to my parents so the buildup can start! Bigger Bigger Bigger Bigger More at the bottom of this page
  20. Hi Paul. I beleive it's Astra 16v GTE Calipers, with Audi 80 discs (re-drilled)
  21. Hiya, Welcome to the Club! Don't forget to get some pictures of your car online ! Stuart
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