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  1. Hello guys, does anyone near Milton Keynes have a set of full sills for the 2 door coupe manta or know where to get them? Also some little shite stole the blanking plate between my lights so need another one if possible. Let me know your suggestions and thanks for viewig my topic. Regards
  2. Okay here's the latest, thanks Mantaman and Rick-Manta for your help. The exernal linkages etc on the vehicle all appear intact, the vehicle freewheels in all gears as if they don't engage however it does stop in park (it's an autobox) I didn't hear anything crunch or snap when it went, it was just like it went into neutral. Does anyone know what it might be so I can check it, I have it in a garage at the moment which is incurring me costs however i don't just want to give them another paid ticket to changing everything they fancy so if anyone knows exactly what is wrong then I'd be more than grateful to hear from you. Could do with a specialist manta garage really as vauxhall wont touch opels even if they are current models... something to do with insurance I was told, although these days with all the electronics and diagnostics etc I doubt they would have anyone with the knowhow to deal with simple cars :-p. I have been told that the torque converter appears to be in working order. If it is the gearbox does anyone know if it is just a part that could be replaced? Also how hard would it be to take care of all the changing etc myself? Many Thanks again and I look forward to the replies. W.W
  3. Thanks you guys... You're amazing!! I'm gona try and check it this week, will post back as soon as I know what it's looking like.
  4. I've pretty much done everything to my car over the years and now just when I was trying to get the cash together to get her re-sprayed she no longer drives. I was accelerating along a road when it felt like the gear disengaged. The engine still runs but it wont select any of the gears when I move the leaver... (it is an automatic) It didn't make any serious noise when it went so I am hoping it will be something simple and hopefully cheap to fix... Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it or know how to fix it for a reasonable price in or around Milton Keynes? Kind Regards W_W
  5. Lol it's most likely me, did it have alloys and was it LOUD!!! ??
  6. Left hand drive hey... you sure it's not silver and a very rare 2.0 at that??
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