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  1. club member guysat no longer owns the Manta Genuine Irmscher spoiler - learn something new everyday :-) Was no nightmare to sell when I owned it
  2. I also looked for the 'web only' membership option, as I remember it being an option when I first joined and offered at a lower cost, as I also don't want the other features etc. So now I cant read all posts see any pictures or advertise any of my items - very disappointing compared to other forums !
  3. Looking for a 12v 3.0i intake manifold. I am running 2.4 CIH and would like to try a bigger intake manifold Anyone willing to sell and post
  4. Manta 400 - 3000cc Not a 400R but would be good start for Volksdevil's....!
  5. I used M16 rod-end but will bush the bore (Skiffy flanged bushes) to re-use the M12 bolt connecting to the chassis. Didn't fancy using M12 Now welded and just waiting for the paint to dry before fitting
  6. Had no luck finding one, so decided to modify the existing bar Cut end off, turn the end of an M16 Cap-Head down to create a press fit in tube, just need to weld it up now
  7. That looks a nice sturdy one, shame the postage is more than the product. Have removed my panhard rod and measured approx. 880mm so the one above at minimum 890 would not work. Was hoping more local to the UK
  8. Hi, looking for a adjustable Panhard rod. Does anybody sell these (or have one available) or is this something that is usually modified by ourselves Guy
  9. eBay - Opel Manta b Coupe Fuel Tank
  10. Have a look at http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/181894/1978-ascona-berlina-ruislip-middlesex Nice ascona
  11. Cant really remember now, I believe I paid 325-Euro including 12" Fan, was cheaper than the Radtec route. http://grp4fabrications.com/ they don't advertise the Opel Manta Rad on thier web page but just send them an email. Retro power put me onto them orginally
  12. A crank pulley from a 2.4 Frontera would also do the job,
  13. Set of those digital clocks on eBay Link
  14. guysat


    Many years ago I fitted GTE springs to a Opel Ascona I had, looked like this. (Please ignore the fact that the off-side maybe a little out of shape....lol But may give you an idea of stance....
  15. One of the first things I did to my Manta was add remote central locking Its a must have accessary None of this sticking keys in doors and twisting, then leaning over to unlock passenger door while they standing in the rain lol
  16. Billing, Ive even produced a list of items I'm bringing for sale to be put in Main tent

  17. Perhaps its time to contact Retropower to build you one to your perfect spec....!
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