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  1. oldwheels


    Hello all, Looking for a performance exhaust system for a Manta GTE Coupe, prefer S/H oldwheels wants to be noisy, would need to be posted if poss, thanks
  2. Thanks for uploading the photos some great looking cars
  3. Look forward to seeing this, 2 door Ascona is not an easy thing to find.
  4. Thanks for your advice Snowy, I have just started running the car and the pump seems noisy, thought it may had been not having the damper.
  5. Thanks for all the info, being on a budget I will wait and see if a s/h one turns up
  6. Has anyone got one of these in their box of spares Pulsation damper I think would need it putting in the post, many thanks Richard
  7. After looking at the pictures I need to lie down, Stunning cars
  8. Never had a Manta a but could be very tempted to this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1973-Opel-Manta-BARN-FIND-needs-light-restoration-engine-runs-spares-or-repair-/301678119328?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item463d6ac9a0
  9. Thanks Mantaman, pics were taken at Carn brea, just up the road from where I live, 2 mile outside Redruth its a local landmark the castle is now a restaurant. Re Billing I would like to have a close look at some of the great cars in the club, but with an imminent house move it would be to much. After its first run out there was a few problems Running very hot, When I changed the Radiator the cooling system was full of very rusty water, I removed all the hoses and flushed with a hose, not good enough still ran hot decided to change water pump, now I can see why the good and bad Went for a 10 mile run no problem now runs nice and cool. Fuel gauge not working Glad it is not a modern car other problems which will have to be addressed 4 very worn Shocks would like some uprated ones A couple of very noisy tappets on tickover when hot A brake conversion, need some Audi discs. Very noisy fuel pump perhaps due to using Mini exhaust mounts as original ones knackered also I had to remove the damper so do need one of those Heavy steering, probably old age, perhaps a power steering conversion in the future Being a boy racer at heart, ( an old one my wife would say)I would like a larger bore exhaust just to give the car a little more character Then a more powerful engine 150 bhp would be perfect So I have lots of plans now where is that lottery ticket
  10. Looking great and carried out so quickly Perhaps you are in the wrong trade Quick question what size wheels, ET, and tyre size
  11. Not sure on the colour but a rare item http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Ascona-2-0i-Irmscher-kit-manta-/291502384168?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item43dee56428
  12. Sorry poor description Manta GTE 1988 Six clock dash, I posted in a hurry Was angry as I know have dash stripped out and wanted to go out for a drive, I thought not worth putting back together and then taking apart again
  13. Thanks Mantaman for the encouragement and the picture, may well copy that idea in the future, careful masking needed I think. Well before going any further I thought I should get the vax machine out and freshen up the interior Not looking to bad in the photo but was very dirty Much better 10 years since it has been on the road apart from MOT only just up the road, So I decided to stay close to home in case of problems, enjoy some Cornish countryside and the sunshine and take some photos A bit of variety Cornish engine house Yes I am proud, only problem my MANTA was accused of being a F--D CAPRI :angry: Wish it was a special stage
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