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  1. John,

    Roof is with me in Milton Keynes. My number is 07544823124.



  2. I am looking for a pair of lower ball joints and found some on eBay and just wondered if they were a bit pricy? what do you think?? Item number: 260621587783
  3. Thanks all, Pm's and emails sent
  4. I am looking for a pair of rear lights for a B, they need to have a black surround and be in good condition ie no cracks ect ect.. Thanks
  5. I have a solid second hand roof skin if you are still looking and if I can be persuaded to part with it!!
  6. I have got a brand new one still in its wrapper, i will check that its the right side for you and let you know.
  7. I remeber the days when I could pick them up for a tenner! I am desperate for a set now but not paying that.
  8. Thanks for that, didnt think of Demon tweeks! got one ordered anyway.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get a boss kit to fit the Manta? looked on ebay but nothing on there and trawled through a few sites but most dont list them, just wondered if there was somewhere that still made them or a good supplier to get one from?
  10. Looking for front and rear seats (Coupe) door cards(front and rear) not really fussed about carpet as I have that already but will need the rear shelf cover preferably without speaker holes. PM or just reply to post will be fine. Thanks.
  11. A bit of a long shot I know but looking for a commadore rear beam as used on the 400's. Any help much appreciated.
  12. Pull your finger out then cos I need one .In all fairness I think I will have to use the donor rear beam, didnt want to do that cos of all the work involved but needs as needs must...
  13. so was there an outcome of the idea? I may well have to use other methods if this is a sketchy subject.I thought that there were people out there that did this sort of thing but maybe I was wrong. I will speak to my local engeneers and see if they can suggest anything.
  14. Thought what was a good idea? Did I miss something
  15. Quick update. I emailed the company as mentioned above but had no response . I have been in touch with Quaife but all they do is replace the diff innerds which doesnt really help as its the torque tubes that tend to give first. What I need is someone to build a rear axle and diff to the Manta spec just stronger (thats all he says!!) I have scoured the net looking for such a firm but to no avail. Does anyone know of anyone that will do it?
  16. Thanks for that Chris. Just sent an email to a company called Gartrac who provide Atlas axles so I will see what comes of that.BTW its not a Saab engine
  17. If I wanted to run a bit more power through the rear diff on my coupe is there a firm that will uprate it? I have had a thread up before regarding this subject and someone mentioned that it would take 200ish but I need to run about 300bhp so want to make sure its strong enough to take it. Any help would be great. Thanks
  18. I am glad to hear that its going to be saved. It was just a bit to much of a project for me but I knew someone would take it on.
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