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  1. You can also use an older R25 gearbox from an omega A with a c20ne engine, which have a cable operated clutch lever. And I think those older omega engines have steel sumps which correct me if I'm wrong should fit an x20xev.
  2. But the dodgy repair underneath the filler is whats bothering me, better to properly repair the car now, than to have do more welding in a couple of years. The paint had already cracked where the filler was really thick.
  3. Lots of rot and Half AN INCH!! of filler on the wheel wells, so I've ordered new panels for that too.
  4. Welded in a temporary cross brace in the door opening for strenght when the sill comes off And some fresh sills
  5. I was dreading those too! But luckily this time mine were covered in some coppergrease so they popped oit a treat!
  6. Found out the car has a serious case of double sill syndrome, a previous owner just sh*t some sheet metal over the rotten sill leaving the old one underneath to rot further. Got myself a spotweld drill, works like a charm! Disconnected everything, lifted the ramp and rolled the job lot out from underneath, the swan necks need some attention and I also had some clutch issues so this was the quickest way for both.
  7. It's a manta so it's got?? Thats right! Rust! A posts some holes Sills have been repairdd with a sheet metal plate and lots of filler, so these will need to be replaiced. Doors and rear side windows out.
  8. Welcome to the forum! The VN commodore is pretty simular to the opel senator B over here.
  9. Crikey at first glance you wouldn't give tupence for it, but the underside pics, never seen a swan neck in such a mint condition! looks like a very good base for a nice cavalier! All the best with it
  10. By the looks of the intake manifold its a 2 liter injection but a 2 liter head also fits a 2.2, but to be sure check the engine number just beneath the 2nd cilinder sparkplug. Looks like a nice manta to me, good luck with the bits that need doing!
  11. Lovely car, colours looks good on it and carbs on an OHC always nice
  12. Right, sod the 2.2, I've stuck something else in there: just kidding just got a new rocker cover for my senator and put it on there for laughs. not much else done but stripping it down for the bits that need welding and for the paintjob. washerbottle area is quite rusty. A panels look alright minor rust wehere washer bottle is, other side's a bit worse but still pretty intact for manta standards.
  13. Just read H-400's post and check your cars VIN number
  14. I thought that the early B series were built in Russelsheim Germany
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