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  1. You can also use an older R25 gearbox from an omega A with a c20ne engine, which have a cable operated clutch lever. And I think those older omega engines have steel sumps which correct me if I'm wrong should fit an x20xev.
  2. But the dodgy repair underneath the filler is whats bothering me, better to properly repair the car now, than to have do more welding in a couple of years. The paint had already cracked where the filler was really thick.
  3. Lots of rot and Half AN INCH!! of filler on the wheel wells, so I've ordered new panels for that too.
  4. Welded in a temporary cross brace in the door opening for strenght when the sill comes off And some fresh sills
  5. I was dreading those too! But luckily this time mine were covered in some coppergrease so they popped oit a treat!
  6. Found out the car has a serious case of double sill syndrome, a previous owner just sh*t some sheet metal over the rotten sill leaving the old one underneath to rot further. Got myself a spotweld drill, works like a charm! Disconnected everything, lifted the ramp and rolled the job lot out from underneath, the swan necks need some attention and I also had some clutch issues so this was the quickest way for both.
  7. It's a manta so it's got?? Thats right! Rust! A posts some holes Sills have been repairdd with a sheet metal plate and lots of filler, so these will need to be replaiced. Doors and rear side windows out.
  8. Welcome to the forum! The VN commodore is pretty simular to the opel senator B over here.
  9. Crikey at first glance you wouldn't give tupence for it, but the underside pics, never seen a swan neck in such a mint condition! looks like a very good base for a nice cavalier! All the best with it
  10. By the looks of the intake manifold its a 2 liter injection but a 2 liter head also fits a 2.2, but to be sure check the engine number just beneath the 2nd cilinder sparkplug. Looks like a nice manta to me, good luck with the bits that need doing!
  11. Lovely car, colours looks good on it and carbs on an OHC always nice
  12. Right, sod the 2.2, I've stuck something else in there: just kidding just got a new rocker cover for my senator and put it on there for laughs. not much else done but stripping it down for the bits that need welding and for the paintjob. washerbottle area is quite rusty. A panels look alright minor rust wehere washer bottle is, other side's a bit worse but still pretty intact for manta standards.
  13. Just read H-400's post and check your cars VIN number
  14. I thought that the early B series were built in Russelsheim Germany
  15. Always good a 400 rep!! Looks like a very good base that rolling shell.
  16. Yep it does, there's a fellow over here who has got a 400 rep drift car with 5 stud axle's and he's got banded 17 inch insignia steelies on it. But with my wheels the ET stayed sort of FWD like but because the wheels got widened to 8J, the ET more or less works out, they do still go quite a bit inward of the wheel arches
  17. I remember speaking to you Ian, thanks for the foto. The colour on the rear half is ok, but its not completely my cup of tea. And the wheels came off a cavalier mk3 or an astra mk3 I think because they are 14 inch, so not the standard 1.8 13's
  18. just a little Intro, I'm Mike, live in The Netherlands and have been tinkering around RWD opels since just before I got my driving license. Seeing that my 16v coupe has been sitting dormant for a while I still had the itch to have an other oparational manta again and as I have a soft spot for the Hatchback variety I kept searching the interwebz for a suitable car. After viewing 2 other hatchbacks wich were either a bit pricey or rusty I found this mancona on the web and thought ooh yes I like asconas too so that's a good combo! After viewing the car and seeing it was quite good rust wise and we agreed on a good price I bought the car. Here's some pics of when we picked it up. The car had a few issues which I sorted out , placed a thermostat, new voltage regulator in the dash, put a dark wide mesh grille in, bolted the passenger seat down(UK driver seat) put some lowering springs in the back to level out the stance and put wheels on it with the correct offset. Because the paint was flaking off in several places and there was different colours everywhere I decided to paint roller the car in 2K paint. Colour is going to be like this golf but high gloss, colour is RAL 7016. Fitted my banded steelies Got a nice ascona sport front spoiler at an auto jumble, which in combo with GTE sideskirts and three piece rear spoiler should make the car look a bit more sporty. Seeing the banded steelies fit nicely I decided to refurb these. The went in to an ultrosonic bath and then blasted twice, once with steelgrit then with sand. Just out the tub: And 2 coats of primer: After that some silver And bought a nice black rear seat from a good local manta parts supplier . Then some black on the wheel centers Bought some bargain H4 headlights, gonna spray the plastic insides black, take the orange lenses out and put orange bulbs in. Popped some rubber on the wheels, needed some assistance from Mr Brakecleaner and Mr Lighter After that not a lot of progress, but bought some nice recaros Again not a lot of progress but bought some stuff, a welder for the couple of holes that it's got and a decent rad becaus there's a small 1600 rad in there at the moment Steelies are on and a different bonnet as the ascona diesel one had quite a bit of rust on it, hoping to smere some paint on it soon. Piccies: Slight change of plan, going to touch up the bad bits with simular colour paint and weld some bits in and place the rad because I was going on a tour with the dutch manta club. Welded up some holes and took the interior out for the welding. Takes a bit of getting used to with the settings on the welder. Rotten Battery tray Big hole Whaheey, found beer tokens under the carpet! Fitting some steel No more hole So got out some more rust, it's not the most pretty repair but I'm learning and at least it's solid again. Inside of the headlights in black. Finally smered some new paint on, colours not exactly right but better than it was. And some pics of the colour in the daylight: Didn't do a lot else this summer other than tour outings a couple of car meets and to youngtimer vestival in gemany and 45 years of manta at the dutch manta club. I've finally got myself a workspace for the car and a lift so i can get the car inside and start the further repairs on it and it's new colour. Here's a pic of the car when I was at the youngtimer vestival in Germany Found something nice on the interwebz the other day: It's a nice 2.2E, but only the forth conrod bearing had gone on it, so for al the conrods the crankshaft had to be grinded to 0,75 and for al the main bearings to 0,25. The forth cilinder con rod had also turned slightly oval so thats needs to be made round again. It's also going to need a rebore and new pistons, further plans are to use the cilinder head and other bits of the 2 liter and I want to run a 2.4 motronic injection system on it. Cleaned out the new shed after doing up the hous, got the mancona in and tested the ramp.
  19. Looks squiky clean! Nice resto, very good looking hatch.
  20. Isn't there an oval shaped logo with the colours blue and white It is a nice colour scheme on the manta, something different than the normal opel motorsports colours.
  21. White GTE hatchback good luck with the to do list and have fun with it!
  22. Crikey! That's a bit of work you've still got to do, but good on you saving this manta. Best of luck with the ongoing work!
  23. Great job being done, super clean work and a lovely colour on the car!
  24. The bimmer powered one is a monster! The chap who owns it does drifting competitions with it
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