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  1. Think the number is C103.
  2. Sometime ago mantadoc wrote up a fix for this by refilling it with, I think, silicone oil which is accessed under the metal plate at the front. I can't find the original post. Anyone else remember more on this?
  3. Basically what happened to the side of my car when my dad brought in the 80s. Before he had had it, it had some scrapes down the side and the garage "fixed" it by a thick layer filler! Think there's a picture in my project thread of the wing and filler. Removed all the filler and not a mark on the metal underneath!
  4. Spotted this, looks like it's for a Cavalier (and early Manta?) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Opel-70s-80s-unknown-ATE-Brake-proportioning-valve-45-3/312635841402?pageci=0e31d72f-a4ca-4759-8238-52def64aa3ff
  5. ....Beaulieu auto jumble. Saw it today. No idea of price. Stall was in the small field, middlish position.
  6. This is what was in the box: Only thing missing is the two bolts but washers are there. The other guide: This is made by SWAG.
  7. Just picked up a brand new after market chain kit today and to my surprise found this: Wonder if they are using the original moulds? The other two aren't but are German.
  8. Couldn't find these until now! These are genuine ones but worn but do have part numbers on them. In order as in photo: 90080903 90281832 8930030
  9. Don't know if this is any help for reference. These are not genuine ones but are new.
  10. The boot lock I have apart. Unfortunately old dried grease have distorted the six small springs that operate the tumblers. I have plenty of locks so parts aren't a problem but thanks for the offer! It's just the door locks I can't see how they come apart. Can get new springs but will be a month before I see them.
  11. As title. How the heck do you do it! Need to take an old one apart so I can pinch the springs for a boot look I'm sorting out as they are knackered. Sort that out and I'll have one key for all locks. Ta
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