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  1. That reminds me about bolting another one on, hasn't somebody fitted a PU one for another make, VW rings a bell. Might be buried in one of the projects somewhere. Can't remember if it had to be modified.
  2. I would personally fit new ones rather than reuse them just to save a few pennies after all the work you are going to do. This has actually remined me to post this, so this seems a good time as any before I lose the bit of paper ther're written on! I done some digging around and found the part numbers you need to look for when looking for these as they are used on other makes like Jaguar, so may make them easier to find. Injector seals: EAC2415 (14mm x 8.5mm x 4.4mm) Injector body clamp rubbers: EAC2414 (31mm x 21.5mm x 8mm)
  3. Just had a quick check of mine as I have it here at the moment. I've been using a Delco coil (dry square type). The only number I can see on it is 227 3523. It has the round post and single tab on LV side. Resistance measurements using a digital multimeter: Between + & - 1ohm HV & + 3k3 HV & - 3k3 Fitted to a GT/E.
  4. Didn't the 1.8 coil use a resistor wire in it's supply to drop the voltage?
  5. I took some discs off a couple of spare hubs the other week and my old Woolworths impact gun made light work of it. Definitely worth investing in one. I use it a lot more now.
  6. There is some good info here: https://www.k100-forum.com/t11055-bosch-air-flow-meter-restoration-summary
  7. Had a quick play. I measured just resistance and moved the flap and had the measurments jump up and down. I did think it may be logarithmic rather than linear but that wouldn't explain the resistance droping lower than the previous measurement. With linear, if you plotted it on a graph, resistance against pot rotation position, you should get a straight diagonal line. There is more going on inside than just a carbon track and the wiper. However, it can be checked easily with voltage and the output shouldl be linear. These are my results after a quick try. I used a digital multimeter. Pin numbers taken from the AFM. Pin 5 and 8 - 362 ohms I just used a 1.5v new AAA battery. All we're looking for is a smooth consistant output. I wouldn't advise using a rechargeable battery because of the high output current if something went tits up like a short! Connect battery to: +v at pin 5 0v at pin 8 Measure the output on pin 7. With the flap closed: 1.2v (looking at hobbys photo above, the wiper doesn't go right to the end of the track, hence why it's 1.2v instead of 1.5v) Flap fully open: 0.38v Moving the flap gave a smooth changing voltage level. No guarantee mine is a good one to begin with but was working ok. Think I have a spare I could compare it to. Just to cover my arse, obviously don't do this while it's still connected to the ECU!
  8. Think the proper way to do it is to connect it up to 5 volts and measure the output voltage which will be linear in respect to the flap position. I may grab mine from the garage tomorrow and have a play.
  9. LOL! It's not that bad but the guy did say he filled the sills with expanding foam to keep moisture out. Be good to know if it worked or not after twenty years of wondering These were taken at Holsworthy Vintage Vehicle and Engine Rally Sunday June 25th 2000.
  10. Thought the reg rang a bell, I saw this car 20 years ago at a show and it was mint! it was an old gent who had it. It does hide a little surprise though....... I'll dig out the photos I have of it.
  11. Can't remember, I done it a couple of years ago Probably just used a suitable sized socket to carefully drift it in. I was fitting it to a new assembly so that might have made it a bit tighter for me. I did knock the bearing out of the old assembly for comparison and it came out whole so probably not to tight. It was surprising just how loose and worn the old one was.
  12. You need this one: Fits various other Vauxhalls. Think mine was listed for Astra mk3. Paid a tenner (wasn't from ebay).
  13. Brand new one here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-OPEL-MANTA-B-Speedometer-76-88-9289062/272972742712?epid=23009612444&hash=item3f8e718038:g:7VoAAOSwBjdaKTSF
  14. May sound an obvious one but are the bolts definitely tightening down properly rather than just won't do up any more if that make sense? I'm sure I've had this with rust on the threads or something.
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