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  1. We all normally have dinner there and we all can chat a bit so will be a few hours at least.
  2. Stuart we are there most months try and make it in the future It will be nice to catch up as it's been a little while. karl
  3. Brian I think I can make all of them but cant make the national show this year as got a wedding that I can get out off. Any overnights planned so we can have a good drink as well,as I will be missing the camping (and your drunken dancing) this year? Mmmm I might have a idea!!! On a overnight will update the gang when done some research on costs ect. See you at the monthly meet
  4. John your got my number let me know when your in the area next and then we can catch up karl
  5. You can count on me! Anywhere where there is food and beer I will be there.
  6. I will be there that early start for me! God knows how dean and Wendy are going to do it. Are you taking orders for breakfast ? If you are mines bacon and duck egg rolls. And tea two sugars! see you then😄
  7. Sorry to hear that Dom. Like Brian said that the second of the south east crew that been hit by a van in the last month I think I will keep mine in the garage untill the day as they say things happens in three. If it's not ready and you still fancy going let me know and I will pick you up in the morning mate.
  8. Sorry I missed this Brian as I really enjoyed last years show looks like we were well short on numbers. I am sure we will make it up on the next outing.
  9. Just been look all the pictures and I spot my car the white coupe this is how it looks now
  10. Just checking Sunday is the 7th Saturday is the 6th so is it the Sunday? I can do both but maybe alittle tired if it's Saturday as working Friday night.
  11. Another great meet everyone! also nice to see three new cars and a hand full of new people next stop billing see you all then. I sure some will post some pictures up (hopefully without my fat belly in it).
  12. So who's going Sunday?? I will be there in the manta. Looking forward to getting out after the crap few weeks I've had work wise. If your reading this and have never been to a south east meet you don't know what your missing a good mix good pubs, good food and members of all ages and of course the cars! If your manta on the road great even if it's not come down and say hello. see you there
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