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  1. Mantas and sexytime? Good combination!!
  2. Looks really good! Will end up much better than a floppy fiberglass one. Scott.
  3. Oh this is looking good! Turbo looks way better on that manifold, gives better clearance for the mount to. I wonder how close it will be to the shock tower when its fitted? This car is going to be a belter!
  4. Stuck offshore.....Insert sad face smiley...
  5. Id love to get hold of a good fiberglass one, Ill keep buying lotto tickets though, more luck with that I think!! I thought I had done well finding the original unused 400 one, didnt see that issue coming!!! Never mind, even if it has to stay the car will go just as well with the wonky spoiler....
  6. Bit of a long shot this but Im looking for an Opel Rekord C Estate. Im not fussed about colour, condition, running or wether its on the road, as long as its complete. Anybody know of anything? Thanks, Scott.
  7. Delrin! thats what that stuffs called, its not nylon but couldnt remember the name, been calling it posh nylon all week....
  8. Ive not been wasting my time offshore, made this gearknob for he car from a piece of nylon stock, perfect! Ive got a gopro camera to play with now, heres a pic of the garage, fisheye lens gives an idea of the space, its tight in there! (not exactly tidy either, oops!) Scott.
  9. I stopped using my heater as it creates condensation, all my tools were going rusty! I bought a dehumidifier from aldi (£100), I leave it on auto with the drain pipe to outside and it makes a huge difference. I had to pipe it to outside as it filled the tray in no time, scary how much moisture is in even a dry garage... Scott.
  10. Thanks Kev! Well after waiting nearly 6 months to get my engine crane back Ive given in and bought another! Never lend out tools.... Managed to get the engine in on my own though, only chipped a wee bit off paint but it easily touched up. Glad to finally have it in! When I get back to it Ill be finishing the wiring, then onto fuel lines then exhaust so I can fire it up! Looking forward to that day!
  11. Discovered a wee issue last night. The passenger wing fouls the door when its half open, would eventually srape the paint off. not clever. So last night was, wing off, attack the offending area with a dremel, (ouch!) and repaint the edge of the wing.... i havent been into the garage yet today to check the mess!!
  12. Hi Mike, I think your talking about the trim that goes under the headlights and goes along the top of the bumper? Thats aluminium, not sure Ive ever seen a rubber one? Theyre pretty hard to get hold off, I dont have a spare or Id help you out. Scott.
  13. Which chrome trim? Oh, unless this is for an A? got no idea in that case...
  14. Thanks people! Ally your comments do wonders for the motivation. Derek, Ive got no idea how many hours are in this, if I was charging £20 an hour theres no way I could afford it thats for sure...
  15. That was whats annoyed me about that spoiler, it was a brand new old stock one! I think its been stored on its end and got distorted at somepoint, reall shame really. Ive had a bit of time on the car today and got a fair bit done. Both doors now fitted, wings aligned and sills fitted. Ive also fitted the Capri indicators to the front bumper and got that lined up and fitted. Ive fitted the rear quarter glass and the interior quarter panels as the fabric gets tucked under the glass seal. Im still waiting for my mate to drop off my engine crane so I can get the motor fitted, cant wait for that bit!
  16. Hi Steve, the bumper is now fitted to the car, thanks!! Im not sure Id be able to glue the spoiler in place that way, I might try it though if it gets to that stage, seems a shame to cut the brand new studs off! Scott.
  17. Thanks for that Kev, Ive sent you a PM. Ive been thinking about selling this as an ongoing project, new job and selling the house means its nearing the bottom of the priority list just now. Anybody know what I should realistically ask for it as it stands?
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