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  1. forgot to say, ive broken the windscreen, trying to lift it with one hand and does any one have the long rectangular washer bottle, i have an idea i want to try, cheers john
  2. then in work one day, a guy i work with said he bought an intercooler for his subaru, but was selling the car with the std cooler on it and wanted to know if i'd like to try it on mine... ....... this is what it looks like now......... i thought i better support the bumper and made this from a std manta bumper support bracket ive now stripped the inlet manifold etc off, a few oil and air leaks to be sorted, i nowneed to turn the car around (take the fuel tank out, ha ha) and start making a boot, then sill, not looking forward to that bit.
  3. now to build a baulk head, or well join the baulk heads with 3mm steel plate
  4. well i haven't been out in the garage for nearly 9 weeks. so trying to get an enthusiasm to go out into the freezing cold and start anything was a real push. ill start off slowly with something easy, seal the loaf tin
  5. i do know what you mean, i love both cars, so i decided to take the best bits of both good cars and make a great car. john
  6. looking good scott, if you still need that trim i think i have it, im not gonna put them on mine. give me a shout if you still want it. cheers john
  7. not much done lately, the front panel etc is on and welded up, ive made wing mounts, just need a bit of tidying nothing gonna be done now for at least 6 weeks, had an op on my hand and they've put a metal pin down inside my thumb and a bit of slicing and diceing of my hand...
  8. next, i thought i best try fitting the front incase this was all in vain i lined it up using metal wings instead of the fibre glass ones i was amazed how well it all fitted then i thought i'd best try the fibre glass front... it would be rude not too...... the next, round peg square hole moment a work in progress
  9. bank holiday weekend, at last a chance to get back into the garage.... the rear strut mountings where above the bottom of the rear windows, so had to be modified
  10. just a bit of an up-date, ive not been out much as my wife's 9 mths pregnant and as im writing this shes having contractions, so im off work. as i cleaned the garage last week she walked past the car and said the baulk head where i'd modified it to fit the manta wings was a mess, soooo cut it off then it looked like this so while deciding what to do with the bloody gorge (any ideas are welcome, oh and not an extra fuel tank kev, lol) i seam welded the sills time to go, contractions getting closer together..
  11. heres todays up-date, checked all the measurments with the body, all ok, the welding begins, first new 'a' pillars make a template so i can use it for the other side too then weld and cut. 1 'a' pillar
  12. finally got the dash to fit, its gonna need flocked to cover some rough edges, but its ok for now.. the next problem i had, wipers!!!!!! loads of ideas, single wiper, 2 wiper motors, but i wanted it it look like an original outside, only one thing for it, cut the baulk head out to fit the motor and linkages,,,,,, sorted but now there was a big hole to the outside, i didnt want to have to start cutting, welding, a bit more of both again... so a metal cake tin fitted with a bolt aswell for the wiper motor the problem now was fitting the wiper motor when the box was all sealed in because, on the motor the slot for the support is side ways on. modified with a kids bike spanner. (13mm if you wanted to know) sorted
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