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  1. Manta b bonnet must be in good condition . Cheers Rob
  2. Anybody now where I can get a downpipe gasket 141 x 76mm.. Cheers
  3. Still looking for a good condition bonnet for my 1988 .
  4. Looking for a rot free bonnet for my 1988 manta , Cheers
  5. Long shot anyone got one for sale cheers Rob
  6. When you fitted the glass sunroof did you use the cars original roof lining cheers
  7. Hi the roof on my manta has rot around the sunroof..i want to keep the car as standard as possible and dont want to change the sunroof to a glass one. What are my options have the whole roof replaced or some guy told me the rot could be cut out and be lead welded???.anyone know of any good classic car restorers in Northamptonshire/ Midlands area. cheers Rob
  8. Its my first time to Billing this year in my late father in laws manta (cars been of the road for about 10 years just got it moted failed on wiper blade and horn not working lol all sorted )looking forward to it Rob
  9. just a service for the manta then ready for Billing

  10. Hi im after a stereo adaptor for my coupe as i dont want to hack my heater pipes up cheers Rob
  11. Hi after the underside fuel pipe holders the metal flat bit that goes over the rubber holders will get a pic up asap cheer Rob
  12. Hi after a black lower ignition cowl for my 88 exclusive cheers Rob
  13. Hi does anyone know where i can get fuel lines from ?? Cheers Rob
  14. Hi im after the Front Subframe mount, rear bush think thats what its called , the one that bolts to the swan neck of the chassis cheers Rob
  15. has not set their status

  16. mine is a 100 about £200-£300 ish not bothered if its used
  17. Hi guys just getting round to do some more resto to my manta ( welding ) , i have a cosmo gasless welder which is crap , any ideas on a good welder ??? Cheers guys Rob
  18. Hi after stealing the manta of the bro in law ,not been able to start attacking the manta for about 7 month due to moving house and been in hospital with a knee opp , pic of the manta and the daily drive dtm calibra ,replaced the lights due to rust and fuel relay now im doing the underside , drivers side chassis rail is mint but the pas side got a rotted part.... time to attack been bodged before ,time to do a better job with new parts had to cut the bolt off with the grinder will keep you guys posted got to go order lots of parts
  19. cheers guys just got the grinder to it , Rob
  20. Going to welding a new part of the chassis rail on ,just wondered if you can sill get hold the bolt that goes through the chassis rail at the front , i have got the nut off but it still wont budge, didnt want to go cutting the bolt , will try heating it at the weekend.. cheers Rob
  21. Hello all im Rob from northampton, just got myself a Manta coupe gte exclusive ..my story .after being into Ford RSs (the dark side) for about 15 years owning Rs turbos , a 415bhp sapphire cosworth and selling that for a escort cosworth ( boring car ) doing concours and mag feature , i had enough with the ford lot.. Got the Manta of the other halfs brother which he bought it of the mrs dad in 2002 and its been sitting in his garage for most of that time ..its been in the family for about 17 years..the condition of the car is good but i cannt get it start ( think its the fuel pump)..i have a lot of plans for the car engine wise..should have it done for mid next year ( i hope)...hope to meet you guys soon ....Rob
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