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  1. Cheers guys Rab its david with the a series from bo ness i am now tryin 2 build a 400 replica with a 2.2 CIH hopin 2 hav it finished for april wish me luck as i need it or any sparetime ure more then welcome 2 give me hand as its mre then needed thanx david
  2. yip the best two cars ther!!! and well done jock.
  3. hi craig call me on 07729469508 cheers david
  4. looking good but the bonnet looks like its not worth the filling, its got more ripples than a galaxy. The way filler will shrink on that i cant think it will ever be straight but i might be wrong. i have just got my A series on the road for the boness hill climb and theres nothing cooler.
  5. hi al have look for you cheers david
  6. hi looking for a clutch cable for a manta a cheers david
  7. hi am looking for a 4 branch manifold for a A new or used cheers david
  8. hi will a 4-branch manifold of a fit a [a]?
  9. hi ian can you call me on 07729469508 cheers david hi ian can you call me on 07729469509 cheers david
  10. hiya iam in desparate need of a 32/36 weber carb as iam meant to be racing at a hill climb this coming weekend. Also need but less urgent a drivers window regulator for an A series manta. thanx david
  11. hi iam looking for an window regulator for the drivers side, boot carpet,front indicators with besels. thanx david
  12. 1 drivers side window wind mechani
  13. al dig them out tomoro and have a look. is 10 pound ok
  14. i have trims for you. am near edinburgh.
  15. does any1 no of a floor pan of any model of a car thats readily available that can be modified to fit an A series front rear side. thanx david
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