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  1. Thanks for the reply Gary, the car is a coupe. Do we know if we can get access to the lock from inside the car? ie from the back seats??
  2. HI I'm just wondering if anyone can help me find a key number from chassis number?
  3. Does anyone have any second hand headlamp wiper arms for sale?. Seen some on ebay, but cant bring myself to shell out 30 quid for arms and 20 for the wipers.
  4. I'm lovin' EFD600Y! I'd be pleased if I could get mine to look half as nice!
  5. Just a tie rod after all that?!! I think you did very well and should still get a congratulations!!
  6. No worries Plumster, let you know when I'm sorted!!
  7. Hi, I'm contemplating replacing the lower rear valance on my hatch rather than bodging with fibreglass. Does anyone have anything available?? I'll be attending Billing on Sunday.
  8. This hasn't worked for me!! lol. I brought Rob's (spiney_norman) hatch off him last year as a daily for just this reason. Admittedly it has sparked the enthusiasm again, however I've now taken it off the road for some body repairs and now its another project!
  9. Saw this, and it's soooo close!!! But I can nae take anymore!!
  10. The 1.8 cast alloy jobbie?? Think I've got a few if you're stuck.
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