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  1. Think you've answered your own question there! Regards the new thermostat you've fitted, GTE 'stat is a two stage type, carb'd CIH ones are single....... maybe wrong one supplied ?? I'd get one of the regulators S'cab has mentioned and take it form there. John.
  2. Nice looking car, has lasted 25 years without being flucked with..........would be a rarer car if left as is. John.
  3. Paul, if you can PM me your phone no. and I'll pass it on to the man in question? Cheers, John.
  4. Will a B-series servo fit on an A-series. A friend has a suspected failed servo on his A and wonders if the later one will fit. Thanks, John.
  5. Got one, give me a bell........have you still got my number ?? John.
  6. I'd hazard a guess at 7 degrees, but don't have info to hand. Retarded 3 degrees from standard rings a bell. John.
  7. http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/31265-rebuilt-cih-head-p2e/
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