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  1. Think you've answered your own question there! Regards the new thermostat you've fitted, GTE 'stat is a two stage type, carb'd CIH ones are single....... maybe wrong one supplied ?? I'd get one of the regulators S'cab has mentioned and take it form there. John.
  2. Nice looking car, has lasted 25 years without being flucked with..........would be a rarer car if left as is. John.
  3. Paul, if you can PM me your phone no. and I'll pass it on to the man in question? Cheers, John.
  4. Will a B-series servo fit on an A-series. A friend has a suspected failed servo on his A and wonders if the later one will fit. Thanks, John.
  5. Got one, give me a bell........have you still got my number ?? John.
  6. I'd hazard a guess at 7 degrees, but don't have info to hand. Retarded 3 degrees from standard rings a bell. John.
  7. http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/31265-rebuilt-cih-head-p2e/
  8. Some nice cars there. You can't beet a bit of variety John.
  9. Looks ok from the picture. Is the flap smooth in operation. Think the issue may lie elsewhere?
  10. I got top and bottom hoses off the shelf 2 years ago, Gates. Probably still available??
  11. If you prise the top off carefully it should be clear to see if it's worn. Disconnecting it won't work .
  12. Maybe the track inside the air flow meter is worn where the arm moves across it ?
  13. It's not the battery you need to worry about, it's the alternator
  14. Nice looking hatch that Is the trim around the wheel-arch like what a V40/70 Volvo has to protect the metalwork or..........? Like it John.
  15. Ian, spot on. It will appeal to someone looking for this exact model, mileage is a bonus and the interior is superb. When smartened up this would be a nice car.......seeing as almost every manta getting any talk time these days seems to be a coupe with/getting/needing an XE and/or 400 kit this car could be a breath of fresh air! John.
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