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  1. If you haven't already go back in and check all the connections.
  2. Bought the car in Rayleigh Essex probably mid 90's was registered as hoo88y and had a omoc sticker in the window I believe there's something in the log book about imported/use abroad ?.was in fair condition but showing signs of future issues (rust) and clutch was slipping due to gearbox seal failure payed £400.had a 2.0s engine standard set up and a four speed box (worn).was used daily for work, holidays and dog transporter.never had the money to sort it's future issues properly and over time she rotted away can't remember if I put in for the last mot or not.reg number was transferred onto our exclusive and so it just sat in the back garden started and moved regularly for many years didn't want to scrap it.ended up giving it to Simon on the understanding it was not going to be cut up and scrapped I would rather have it back. again very best of luck getting her back on the road and if you could please do a project thread would make me and the wife Very happy.photo from 1996 god she looked good then....and the wife.while digging around in old photos found this our first manta
  3. Very best of luck I know you have a big job on your hands what are your plans other than a shed load of welding and sorry about the MK3 golf steel pressed wheels and various missing bits. I take it the mice have gone now🐭. should have seen the smile on my wife's face when I told her something like that but much bigger..
  4. Was it a silver gtj by any chance if so I'm will make me and the wife very happy had this for many years and holds many happy memories.
  5. Are you sure it's the correct chain?.count the pins in each chain it will give you the lenght.also check that the chain seats properly down snug on the cam sprocket.
  6. It may be the chain has dropped down under the crank cog so you have too many links down there giving you the short chain.make sure all valves are closed then lift the vernia wheel tight by hand and turn the crank pulley gently 1/2 a turn if you feel firm resistance stop the chain has snagged.also count the links on old chain and new see if they are the same.
  7. hi Ian have to agree with Herman don't try to be a perfectionist I know this all too well myself.to me from what you started with to what you have now looks stunning.
  8. Hi Ian sorry the aluminium tape didn't turn out as hoped our stuff is mirror finish and £80 a roll.have you tried polishing a scrap bit with metal polish to see what happens?.
  9. I thought it was,if I'm not mistaken that would be my wife's car behind yours trying to hide behind the red brick building (green 2.0s Capri latter swapped for a red manta gte) yes it's a small world.as for your car being hit my motorbike ( z1000st which I still have) was also hit in the back while there smashed the rear lens and bent the mounting bracket was not happy.my wife's name was Judy brooks she probably knew your wife?.
  10. Hi Ian was looking at your photos of days gone by and the second photo really caught my eye is that round the back of st Michaels hospital the nurses home?.
  11. Ian I'm sure it will look fantastic when done and yes I hate this type of work it's the same as decorating and painting 90% prep but worth it if done well.you should look back at the beginning of this epic topic to see how far you have come really looking forward to see this driving around town.
  12. Got mine from work but that was aviation standard will stick to the outside of a plane and stay put and made a great exhaust bandage
  13. Done a pair of square headlight reflectors with aluminium tape very tough stuff and was still good five years latter.
  14. Even if you could get the original material to do this I would have thought the others will be bleached by sunlight so depending what you're aiming for (full or partial restoration) it's either car seat cover set or recover all the seats.
  15. Hi Ian manta is fine.master cylinder was defective and have a replacement but not fitted yet as work long night hours & o/t trying to make ends meet and save up for a set of lowering shocks will get back on the manta when the weather and daylight hours improve as no garage.i may be able to get hold of two plastic bags we fit over aircraft cargo containers will be big enough to line a garage and make a temporary spray booth
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