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  1. Been very busy with o/t and DIY but have this weekend off to Finnish the work and go for a run will let you know how it went.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Haltegummi-Und-Gasket-Kit-Injectors-Manta-B-1-9-2-0E/133169314847?fits=Car+Make%3AOpel%7CModel%3AManta+B&hash=item1f01827c1f:g:ElUAAOSwkbdbTf3M Full set and gaskets £30 shipped from Germany.
  3. Hi Ian I would lose the holes under the liner just going to mean a lot more work and more change of errors (k.i.s.s.) besides think it will look neater only prob I could see with this is change of puncturing or tearing
  4. Same principle compress with normal compressor then fit cut down set take the slack then remove long set Whatever way you do it just be safe and sure there's a massive amount of stored energy once compressed.
  5. the pivot for in out had no grease at all had to lever it off with a screwdriver to remove it i guess missed during assemble a little water had got in there and corroded the pivot.
  6. All done mirror now moves smoothly in all directions not over complicated in there two small gears to drop and lose but all went well again thanks for the help now gives me the chance to grease up the rusty door release mechanism creak creak creak .
  7. Cheers guys it's off stubborn little bugger really thought it was going to break took a lot of force to remove but it's still in one piece.
  8. I've got stuck getting the door card out Haynes says it's integral (coupe) but door card is holding at this point sorry it's been over 20 years since I've removed one on a manta I cannot work out how to get it out.
  9. Can this be done in situ ? Or do I have to take the door card off and remove?
  10. Ok cheers for that will take it apart at the weekend can only rock the handle a little any more than that it feels solid if any real pressure is put on it not going to force it.
  11. I can rotate the handle mirror tilts up and down is it also supposed to push forward and back to angle the mirror in and out ?
  12. Hi Ian I'm sure it will look stunning if it were my car I would go for red carpet in the back to match the interior give it that royal look the offer is still open if you want to borrow mine as a template tho think your boot is probably a different shape to mine.
  13. If your old unit doesn't work or plays up read the thread in basic help "rev counter not going above 1200rpm" it's on the first page I have fixed two this way good luck.
  14. Fuel rail is all out both injector mounting plates were only nipped down (finger fight) took very little effort to remove the bolts both center bolts were rusted in I suppose that what happens when you create a pool for water to collect in.i didn't feel any resistance when lifting the plates off but both gaskets were torn probably reused hopefully this is the issue. Also found were the strong smell of petrol was coming from I always use fuel line clips not Jubilees on fuel hoses and the right size. Sorry that's just bad a disaster waiting to happen 🚒.
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