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  1. ah that would explain it always had coupes the other thing that caught my eye was the radio after all these years i assumed as mine stuck out the dash it was aftermarket but i have still got the factory radio/tape cassette destroyer fitted
  2. What's the switch between the heater fan switch and the steering column?
  3. Hi Matt try removing the door pillar switchs the wire may have fallen off and is now finding an earth thus the lights will stay on.
  4. Car was started frequently and moved every 2 weeks to avoid wheel bearings centralising and tyres flat spotting didn't do the exhaust much good as probably encourage condensation internally on cooling shame really was in good condition when it went off the road for All those years but I was advised that if you let an engine stand for long periods without starting there is a danger of oil seals drying up/shrinking and cracking and camshaft rusting and pitting car was stored outside under quality covers and filled the inside with those moisture traps i uncovered when weather was good to air out and remove any moisture from the bodywork.
  5. Cheers Mike think I'll go for sportex can buy eBay and PayPal installments really can't afford to pay £900 In one go maybe next time.will order and fit in spring it's far too cold to lay outside on my back shivering, bleeding and swearing besides after a week working outside at night just want to sit in the warm with lots of hot tea
  6. After 16 years and 12 years standing about my exhaust system has started to disintegrate back box and center both have holes in them and to be honest everything but the manifold is very crusty so new exhaust time had a look at standard set up found back box £40 center £140 can't find the intermediate pipe or down pipe. Looked at sportex system £250 (everything from manifold back) any good? Custom made Stainless system any ideas how much ? And is it worth changing the manifold for custom made ?
  7. Cheers Jess just done the tests at battery 80% charged all connections checked/cleaned did find the new belt was a little slack done 200miles so guess it had bedded in sssssssss sound has gone. 12.8v standing charge 14.2v at idle no load showed 12.2v when first started until the throttle was blipped 12.6v at idle 13.8v with revs on full load At the moment I'm assuming this was all down to the lose belt but will get the battery and alternator output checked as could be about amps not volts
  8. Started with a fully charged good battery after a week could barely turn the engine over gauge showing its charging tho on start up red light is on and gauge shows no increase from ignition on engine off but after a blip of throttle light goes out and gauge rises to just outside the orange zone but have noticed over the week has dropped from a higher reading would rather repair than replace would this be the voltage regulator playing up ? will run charge and parasitic draw test and check all connections this afternoon when I get up. Also it's started making a quite ssssssssss since this problem started. I have spare unit (in the shed....somewhere ?) was form a 2.0s I would assume output would be the same/compatible?.
  9. Don't worry I'm sure he'll break something sooner or later .
  10. Glass can be heated but must be done slowly and evenly to avoid thermal shock.
  11. Hi Ian what can i say that looks stunning and very happy with your choice of colour this car has a special place in our hearts with many happy memories. The last time I saw my old manta being trailed away by Simon to be honest thought I would never see it again but he kept his word and made sure it went to the right person thanks Simon. This handsome chap was jaspa he used to stand on the middle of the back seats and lean into to the corners no matter how fast I drove never known a dog to read the road but he did shoot forward a few times hence the scratches on the center console. You have done an incredible job on the car never thought it would look so good look forward to seeing it in the future when things get back to normal. Many many thanks Graeme & Judy.
  12. I did think about cutting the edge off the cover but thought it would make the cover less ridged and encourage leaks besides the surface that would be left is too wide to take the gasket I suppose more cutting but then would make it even less ridged.
  13. 500 miles later and still no leaks looks like this works.
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