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  1. I did think about cutting the edge off the cover but thought it would make the cover less ridged and encourage leaks besides the surface that would be left is too wide to take the gasket I suppose more cutting but then would make it even less ridged.
  2. 500 miles later and still no leaks looks like this works.
  3. Well there has been some very good progress maybe a bit of frustration but left it in fifth at just under 70mph and floored it and held the throttle down a couple of times up to 70....ish I could feel it surging and dropping off but it got better every time I did it and now I have my open road performance back I guess the injectors were a bit gummed up either that or the exhaust was restricted and blew it out now it goes like a manta. Hopefully that's it and I thank everyone who has helped me with this problem if anything it's had a thorough check over and tune up.
  4. Ok cheers will play with them later when I get up.
  5. Tried to adjust idle and nut has sized onto the thread can I remove the threaded section out of the throttle housing so I can get some heat on it or is it attached to something inside? Also what is the purpose of this adjuster/stop screw?.
  6. After 50 miles from new 1-4 left to right. Lean ? or too early to really tell.
  7. If you disconnect this block and give both terminals an earth the oil light should come on and needle drop to zero if so then it would be the connection on the oil sender is corroded or the sender is bad If not then it's the bulb.
  8. Ignition module replaced and it has made a difference acceleration now constant,smooth and quicker still seems flat if dropped into 4th at 60 and floored it gets there but can get the same effect just squeezing the throttle on (or am I expecting too much) it's just I remember doing this with my 20s 4 speed (4th to 3rd) and it was a lot lot quicker. will check plugs when I get up and check for leaks as the car hasn't been put through its paces for about 14 years I must admit tho I did really enjoy myself tonight The getrag 240's fifth gear is it like overdrive as it's totally hopeless for acceleration.
  9. yes its only when all circuits are connected the play appears but i will double check this in case i've got it wrong some where i was very busy and rushed with life stuff when i went through this last time may have made a mistake.will let you know the result.
  10. Sorry forgot to mention Flexi hose have all been changed with the overhaul.same moving or stationary. Master cylinder 20.63mm 130mm drums and shoes.system has been bled and bled and bled..... With the handbrake on and pump pedal still the same I have even clicked the adjusters out until the drums are binding. With master all blanked up pedal is firm. Sorry but this bit sounds like something from quantum physics if I remove any one leg then the pedal goes firm so all are faulty but only when working together. Things I have noticed put a length of wood between the steering wheel and pedal keep adding blocks and fronts go on hard rears are just starting to bind thought this was supposed to be the other way round to stop diving. Left the drum on n/s removed o/s drum and pressed pedal down slowly nothing moved for a good portion of the 65mm play. Well there it is my nemesis.
  11. I still have about 65mm pedal travel with no affect on the brakes not a nice feeling every time you touch the brakes there's nothing there....brakes?...push down further and brakes are fine. Brakes needed total overhaul new pistons,seals,boots,sliders,rear drums,shoes, wheel cylinders and a master cylinder. Blanked off all outputs pedal is firm Blanked off n/s or o/s output only and brake pedal is firm Blank off rear circuit output only pedal feels firm I have even bypassed the brake valve and still have travel I have used about 6 liters of fluid chasing this problem this makes absolutely no sense to me anymore the problem is every where and no where. One difference tho original master had a stop screw which held the piston for the front brakes in a compressed state the new one does not have this rear brakes are auto adjusters. Totally peeeeeeeeed off from Braintree.
  12. Haynes page 195 Are these the correct values for a standard height/wheels exclusive.
  13. Fitted the afm I got from Danny and still the same fine on 1/4 throttle short shifting round town nice and nippy but floor it and it doesn't accelerate any better than when on 1/4 throttle. The module is the original Bosch unit the heat sink compound was like chalk and I can see the metal plate on the bottom is discoloured and corroded so probably got too hot a few times have ordered a new one and compound.
  14. took the car to work and no improvement i do have a spare afm which i will fit for the return journey and will reset idle 1200 rpm and ignition timing when i get home.
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