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  1. I thought it was,if I'm not mistaken that would be my wife's car behind yours trying to hide behind the red brick building (green 2.0s Capri latter swapped for a red manta gte) yes it's a small world.as for your car being hit my motorbike ( z1000st which I still have) was also hit in the back while there smashed the rear lens and bent the mounting bracket was not happy.my wife's name was Judy brooks she probably knew your wife?.
  2. Hi Ian was looking at your photos of days gone by and the second photo really caught my eye is that round the back of st Michaels hospital the nurses home?.
  3. Ian I'm sure it will look fantastic when done and yes I hate this type of work it's the same as decorating and painting 90% prep but worth it if done well.you should look back at the beginning of this epic topic to see how far you have come really looking forward to see this driving around town.
  4. Got mine from work but that was aviation standard will stick to the outside of a plane and stay put and made a great exhaust bandage
  5. Done a pair of square headlight reflectors with aluminium tape very tough stuff and was still good five years latter.
  6. Even if you could get the original material to do this I would have thought the others will be bleached by sunlight so depending what you're aiming for (full or partial restoration) it's either car seat cover set or recover all the seats.
  7. Hi Ian manta is fine.master cylinder was defective and have a replacement but not fitted yet as work long night hours & o/t trying to make ends meet and save up for a set of lowering shocks will get back on the manta when the weather and daylight hours improve as no garage.i may be able to get hold of two plastic bags we fit over aircraft cargo containers will be big enough to line a garage and make a temporary spray booth
  8. Even in grey primmer it's starting to look really good..like a 🏎️ not a 🐕 .I hope you're going to give that garage a dam good clean out before spraying dust can really make a bad job of the best spray job.
  9. Whenever a fuse keeps blowing normally you say dead short but I've never found one what I do find is bad connections normally on bulb fittings this causes the current to spike or surge does it blow immediately or when you turn the lights on if so I would start with the outside lights first.
  10. I have sheets of various sized gasket paper thanks Ian but not the easiest of gaskets to make and I have the artistic talent of a Neanderthal if you ever need a cave painting then I'm your man.just got the pump out of the shed and joy it does have a gasket. thanks mantasrme I think the part number is 90190983 if you can confirm as still would like a spare.
  11. Got new water pump from many many moons ago just need a gasket can't find them sold separately 1988 2.0e viscous.
  12. Yes still the rear brakes got to take the master cylinder off and send back to Germany for testing then a replacement will be returned will take a couple of weeks also water pump is leaking should have replaced that at the start but was trying to keep cost down to min as times are hard at mo.the car is a LHD 1986 mercury (ford of Mexico) cougar 3.8 V6 wide long two tons 120bhp and does 25 mpg and is known as a "slow turd" in the states paint work has done the the usual ford 80s thing but every thing else is solid good us steel.
  13. Hi Ian nice to see the hands not slowing you down looks like you be on the road before me at this rate.me and the car have had a falling out and has been put to the back of the garden until it learns to behave itself so I thought I would try getting this back on the road needs a new steering rack and front to rear brake line which I'll be doing this weekend sounds easy but you wouldn't believe how much crap they managed to jam into the engine bay.best of luck with yours just watch that hand will take alot longer to heal if you over do it.
  14. Ok thanks for that will swap them back as have them the wrong way round..oh and thank you Haynes.
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