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  1. Edelschiede have them 6.95 euro's but p&p is 18 euro's might be worth putting a shopping list together of other hard to find spares.
  2. Don't worry I don't trust it at all then again I never trust any jack I always use axle stands before getting underneath or removing wheels shame I only used it a few times.
  3. Well there out old school style hacksaw blade, screwdriver,mole grips and maximum effort took a hour not too badly corroded back there but very stubborn fought me to the last turn Now for the new with copper slip No more cable ties ☺️
  4. This jack (high lift) will only lift a car halfway and hold the weight but refuses to lift any further it lifts but keeps droping back down as if you have reached the maximum lift will not hold weight on maximum lift but will drop to halfway down and hold weight
  5. Had this jack 5 years filled and bleed as instructions but if fully raised will lower to about halfway with me standing on it think there is an internal seal problem ?.
  6. Hi Ian do they want the old stuff back if not would give you the chance to do a practice run or create templates.
  7. Funny just woke up with this realization this section would be under negative pressure so it would collapse rather than burst have ordered some and will change all of the fuel hoses next weekend.
  8. Hi Ian I would fit them as it will give protection to the lower rear quarter paint work from stone chipping and I personally think it looks better.
  9. I have got enough gates barricade 8mm to change the fuel hoses but can't seem to find 12mm ID only 1/2" 12.7mm (too big ?) and don't want 25ft for £180 is there a supplier that I can get a short length from
  10. Lovely car(well beyond my shallow pockets) I would hope that the issue with the rear spring becoming unseated while suspension is dropped has been rectified would make an interesting landing if it gets airborne .
  11. Cheers guys as I don't have a welder will go for Pete's idea drill and extract will go on eBay and get a extractor set the other way I thought of was Dremel a slot and use a screwdriver bit both would be handy tools for the future only went to do this as my 2 year old braided hose started leaking on that 90deg turn from pump to pulse damper Finnished that job to find that another hose had started leaking lesson learned and I have ordered some gates barricade to replace the lot.
  12. Ok thanks any technic on how to remove what's left?.
  13. I have been trying to remove what's left of the fuel pump mount bobbings can someone confirm that the body work side is a fixed nut so it just screws in ? as I don't have anything to get hold of just a round flat base
  14. as above for a manta coupe
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