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  1. Look at its mot history nothing before 7 July 2017 so probably been off road long term then 4 September 2019 fails for corrosion o/s/f floor pan To me looks like bare minimum was done to get it on the road in 2017 ?. Mot is due 9th September did the seller not feel confident enough to put another year on it before selling?. I personally think it's pretty bad underneath like mine was when I got it had passed with no advisorys but first mot with me long list of corrosion issues but looked stunning inside and out but underneath rot rot rot will be interesting to see it's next mot.
  2. N/s boot hinge must be from a coupe as saloon hinges are different.
  3. I did think of doing something like that myself but the frames were far to rotten and will put the load in one spot if not part of the frame which might make it bulge.
  4. Looking at replacing front and rear shocks need to be gas but just want standard type not performance if still available have had a look on eBay but as usual get conflicting information has anyone got the original part number or something I can cross reference with?. 88 exclusive coupe
  5. The bulges do reduce a lot in size (see pics) so had to dig more foam out going to use tape to pull these areas straight when I bond the frame back in. As these frames rust they leach into the foam and make it expand.
  6. Going for tiger seal for flexible and bonding already tried out on two bits of off cuts 24hrs later only got them apart because the foam failed
  7. Off side now out and both dropped off for copying in stainless the foam is still waterlogged after 2 months of being in the house so in bags in the sun with a moisture trap.
  8. Just a bit of info I found digging about on the forum thought may be useful thanks to hermam.
  9. not sure how many of them are in the dictionary after 4 weeks can close my hand now and grip things lightly had to wear a splint to allow the tendon and sheath to heal but looks like everything still works if not painfully.
  10. Well that came back to haunt me absolute pig to get out!. Stated on the offside fin had to stop as dum dum cut his right middle finger down to the bone last month hit a few important things in there luckily the bone stopped the glass cutting right through anything I new there was a reason why I hate DIY.
  11. Paul's seat My seat 88 exclusive Paul's
  12. What where they n when they came up with that and where can I get some ?.
  13. That's the problem don't have the part number or the original switch opg list it and think its 804 or it could be 801 but with shipping £30
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