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  1. hoobby

    AFM testing

    Well all cleaned and back together has made no difference to its behaviour
  2. hoobby

    AFM testing

    Cheers jess think I'll carefully remove the cover and give it a clean up had it on a digital meter and its all over the place.
  3. Analogue Resistance meter between pin 5 & 7 slowly & steadily open flap thought I would see the needle drop steadily down but keep get little increases through the whole sweep range VID_20200606_132216.mp4 car is starts first time every time and idles well fine to drive round town but on open road doesn't accelerate any where near as well as the 2.0s I had before.dirty sweeper plate?. Mot co2 check came out at 0.2 running lean?
  4. OK cheers everyone have ordered the one on ebay That fell out through the drain ho!e during the oil change The rear seal can be fitted without striping the box further than splitting ? I spent hours cross checking part numbers on this and a few BMW forums looks like this bearing is discontinued/no longer manufactured so supplies will run out so unless I'm wrong or someone starts producing them does not look good for the getrag box's future. This box had a bit of input bearing noise had ep90 in it not my doing have changed oil now sounds like a ww2 jeep 1st gear very loud 2nd gear not so loud third just about hear it and unless I push the clutch down when turning off get a death rattle. Its been fun driving it about a bit a head turner...my god is that a willys mb Coming up behind me? But with the oil feed pipe issue as well going to get this sorted before I drive it anymore .it could at least rain wouldn't feel so frustrated.
  5. can someone confirm the part number fag 548395 which i got from edelschmiede (194 euros) but dont know if this is correct or there using a generic image as i have found same bearing on another site for 100 euros. also anything else i should change/check while im i there.
  6. just trying to have a bit of fun with words sorry if you took it the wrong way i have a dry cheeky wit and yes i have offended a few people in my life but always felt bad about it after like now . "i'll get me coat"
  7. I hope that was just a figure of speech but seriously have no probs with doing this done it before myself.
  8. OK thanks yes I got it wrong way round. Yes! I like this idea has an element of danger to it plus probably OK always had trouble connecting the cable behind dash think I've got it In properly now will find out tomorrow
  9. If I raise the rear wheels off the ground in neutral and rotate one wheel the speedo cable should turn? Because it doesn't tried rotating the cable at speedo end and just winds up like a spring like its seized or connected to the gearbox drive.
  10. Cheers snowy will check this out but only as a last opinion as I really got a thing about originality The pins are same all round not going to swap things about as there work great at the mo.oh I'm on standard fit 5 spoke alloys.... there's that originality thing again I ran a file over the hubs and slider pin base's and all pad to calliper contact areas now working great pedal feels nice and firm again hopefully good for a few years tho looks like the resistance I'm feeling is the slider boot it stretches and compresses differently to the other sort of buckles flat instead of folding if that makes sense think the rubber has hardened or deformed will replaced. Will try the clamp idea if it plays up again "Bush" the part of calliper body the sliders sit in I'm now done with brakes onto other things now thanks for the help everyone 🍻.
  11. Yes they are straight and true Brake pedal feels good now but can you point me in the direction of these callipers just in case it starts to play up again don't want to keep striping it down every couple of months.
  12. OK thanks everyone as usual good input and useful info I pulled it all apart again and went through the lists everything looks good but top slider pin (both new) has a lot less play than the bottom and is making the calliper twist and jam when moving by hand the other callipers movement is smooth and equal.will put it all back and see how it goes but may have to have to get them re- bushed if it plays up again I really can't see what else it could be.
  13. Just taken the pads out and noticed a lower section on the piston does it matter which way the cutout faces?.
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