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  1. This was my very rusty but much loved GTJ now owned and being rebuilt by fullsunian The good times when she looked her best..the car that is . 20 odd years latter.the only good body work was the roof and bonnet sat in my back garden for many years didn't want to scrap it. Some strengthening work needed before one car became two Chassis legs repaird/replaced To be honest I really didn't think anyone would take this on and would end up with the roof cut off and scraped.my hat is off to you fullsunian.
  2. My wife couldn't find any bud but got this instead.....really not sure about its name .
  3. These caught my eye would look very nice but £130.
  4. Ok Ian sorry keep forgetting as still working same Long night hours nothing has really changed for me.On eBay you can still get carpets for manta a and b both different shapes for about £50.may give you a rough idea
  5. Hi Ian you can borrow my boot carpet for a template.its from an exclusive tho not sure if the boots the same shape?
  6. Hi Ian did read about your son to be honest didn't know what to say as the wife and myself have been through this with my father-in-law forgot the amount of times the police where called in full body armour and visits to the secure wing a truly lovely person turning so suddenly into something so dark at the same time his wife was diabetic and suffering from Alzheimer's a truly lethal mix she would wonder off and again would have to call the police and go look for her we endured six years of stress and anxiety every time the phone or doorbell rang.how it all ended if I tell you I get the picture in my head from airplane with Ted striker tell passengers about his sad story so to preserve the amount of members we have I will not tell. I know what you have all been going through all I can say is in time things WILL get better you just have to all stay strong and ride life's storms.nice to see you working on the cav again and hope you can all find calm waters.
  7. £39000...would rather have a used DB9 for that money... blasphemy maybe but at least I'll look like James bond.🔫
  8. Hi Ian I have lots of socks that need fixing I'll drop them round later.love what your doing to be honest I wouldn't even consider recovering seats if you run into any problems or it doesn't turn out well let me know as I have a friend who's a professional seamstress she offered to make leather seat covers front and rear for my manta must admit was really tempted but I do have a thing about keeping it as standard as possible very best of luck.....with my socks that is.
  9. There's a white gte on eBay advert looks the same seller is based in Germany Tho car is in UK ? and has many many (100+) other cars,bikes,caravans and campers for sale all at £1 start bid so grab yourself a bargain .
  10. At 20c That's more like it.haven't fitted it yet but plugged it in engine started on first turn and purred like she used to will try to fit during the week but very busy with the D1 mot . thanks for the help Jess .drained and removed and put in the freezer -16c 0.7k ohms....fubar.
  11. Hi Ian this is like a door autopsy how about practicing on something similar if you have it then hopefully won't screw it up.
  12. Ian take it easy for a while you have been non stop at this car for about 2 years early mornings and late evenings as my mum used to say " your burning the candle at both ends".your dedication to your car is stunning but not at the cost of your health.rest relax chill enjoy.
  13. The bulb lit for 4 seconds and the fifth injector is spraying a steady good pattern so the thermo switch is ok for cold start. Have ordered a new temp II as test shows its telling the ECU it's at running temperature.many thanks for the help will update when I have fitted it.
  14. Thanks but I have the same issue Haynes test for thermo timer. above 35c 50-70 ohms below 35c 3-5 ohms this is taken across the two pins on the unit my switch (34 ohms below 30c) passes all the tests I supplied but fails the Haynes test.
  15. After much digging around on the net found test for the thermo timer sensor (brown vertical sensor) all tests are with cold engine below 30c w to ground 0 ohms G to w 25-40 ohms G to ground 25-40 ohms I'm glad to report this survived it's welding experience. Oh Jess can you edit your test for sensor II 1760f is 960c hot enough to melt aluminium .
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