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  1. The pressure will ping to max if the sender is disconnected I have had this myself clean all the connectors sounds like the connection is good enough until the engine start and shakes it about.
  2. Ok thanks Wayne to be honest think I'm flogging a dead horse with this one just removed the soggy now 3 piece rad surround it's crumbling away not even sure what shape the bottom bit should be may have something made up but can't really see the point as not seen.this truly is a poor choice of material for this job.
  3. cheers Wayne no hurry.well it's a big improvement tho the surface finish is terrible once it's dried out completely contact adhesive on the bottom of the bends can see where it has torn away then going to try sanding got to be careful as this material is very fiberrous and finnished in Matt black in an attempt to obscure any imperfections.
  4. Couldn't sleep that's night work for you so checked the rad tray and has flattened out well now to get the sides unpright again should have done it this way the first time.oh well off to bed I go...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Fantastic is it for sale by any chance? If not could you give accurate measurements and angles I'm guessing all 90 degree bends? Will help making a new one.
  6. It's really has two purposes to deaden sound and keep the heat off the bonnet especially from the exhaust manifold I have a land rover D1 and a MK3 golf both have missing liners and both have damaged paint work in this area on the outside surface.
  7. radiator tray now this one is really bad what genius thought this type of material would be perfect for the job. kitchen now clean so it had a hot bath and outside drying using the same technique but with wood cut to size underneath so it doesn't get crushed.all things considered I feel it's a waste on time refitting this so just getting it good enough as a template and have one made in stainless and again graphics.may I just state don't let it soak for too long as I feel the black layer will start to separate on edges and damaged areas .
  8. Should have started this last year but didn't think there would be so much to do on a car that sat around for 11 years and maybe this will help some of you out there.so today's make and mend is the fuel tank cover panel first soaked in water and layed on a flat surface and piled paving slabs on it and left to dry to remove all the distortion very pleased with the result.top fixing edge was torn and very weakat work there are always cardboard box edge protectors kicking about a bit of cleaning and contact adhesive next torn fixing hole repair used an old store card cut to shape and sanded you may have noticed the bottom fixing edge has disappeared if anyone can send a pic I'm sure I can fabricate something up.once I'm happy will resray black and have a friend who is a draughtsman and fantastic at free hand drawing do some design graphics on it .....and now got to clean up the kitchen (inside garage) as " it's NOT a bloody garage !" bless her.
  9. Well it's sorted now.the reason it wouldn't obey the laws of physics was I have a twin horn set-up 1 air horn the other a standard round one this was defective and causing a dead short just gave out a dink noise and sometimes works.still shows no earth on steering wheel on the avo but still it works all I can think is the voltage load overcomes this.
  10. Ok thanks have ordered one will let you know the result for future reference.
  11. Ok thanks mine is the latter type could you point me in the right direction to which is correct (new) as none state manta.what exact model cross reference gives me the right one. can't find a part number on old unit.as
  12. My viscous fan just free wheels cold or hot did consider going electric but got this thing about keeping the whole car as standard as possible.tried looking but only found no stock is there any out there? If not recommended electric fan kits.
  13. "That's One small drive for car....one giant leap for cavalier kind"well done you should be very proud of what you have achieved.
  14. Soon..ish just got to sort all the electrical probs I'm now aiming for July 19th if the car will allow it and doesn't have a tantrum.yours looks very nearly ready? And very nice too.good luck with the fix.
  15. How about araldite or something similar (epoxy resin) stuck my land rover end cap lugs back on worked a treat I believe there are epoxys specifically for plastics on eBay.if they have snapped off flush bend a couple of small cut down nails at 90 degrees and build a wider footing this is what I done.
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