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  1. Anyone know where I can get these can only find fiber compassionate type?.
  2. This is true with gas shocks with oil shocks should have a smooth hard resistance if you push down or pull hard on them they will not extend without help.
  3. Hi execman the only advice I would give is don't do it like I did my shoulders still hurt as said above weld a nut on or drill and stud extract and soak in penetrating fluid over a couple of days.
  4. Edelschiede have them 6.95 euro's but p&p is 18 euro's might be worth putting a shopping list together of other hard to find spares.
  5. Don't worry I don't trust it at all then again I never trust any jack I always use axle stands before getting underneath or removing wheels shame I only used it a few times.
  6. Well there out old school style hacksaw blade, screwdriver,mole grips and maximum effort took a hour not too badly corroded back there but very stubborn fought me to the last turn Now for the new with copper slip No more cable ties ☺️
  7. This jack (high lift) will only lift a car halfway and hold the weight but refuses to lift any further it lifts but keeps droping back down as if you have reached the maximum lift will not hold weight on maximum lift but will drop to halfway down and hold weight
  8. Had this jack 5 years filled and bleed as instructions but if fully raised will lower to about halfway with me standing on it think there is an internal seal problem ?.
  9. Hi Ian do they want the old stuff back if not would give you the chance to do a practice run or create templates.
  10. Funny just woke up with this realization this section would be under negative pressure so it would collapse rather than burst have ordered some and will change all of the fuel hoses next weekend.
  11. Hi Ian I would fit them as it will give protection to the lower rear quarter paint work from stone chipping and I personally think it looks better.
  12. I have got enough gates barricade 8mm to change the fuel hoses but can't seem to find 12mm ID only 1/2" 12.7mm (too big ?) and don't want 25ft for £180 is there a supplier that I can get a short length from
  13. Lovely car(well beyond my shallow pockets) I would hope that the issue with the rear spring becoming unseated while suspension is dropped has been rectified would make an interesting landing if it gets airborne .
  14. Cheers guys as I don't have a welder will go for Pete's idea drill and extract will go on eBay and get a extractor set the other way I thought of was Dremel a slot and use a screwdriver bit both would be handy tools for the future only went to do this as my 2 year old braided hose started leaking on that 90deg turn from pump to pulse damper Finnished that job to find that another hose had started leaking lesson learned and I have ordered some gates barricade to replace the lot.
  15. Ok thanks any technic on how to remove what's left?.
  16. I have been trying to remove what's left of the fuel pump mount bobbings can someone confirm that the body work side is a fixed nut so it just screws in ? as I don't have anything to get hold of just a round flat base
  17. as above for a manta coupe
  18. Cheers Herman had a look still can't see the switch and the bulb holder has only got live feed there is nothing on the earth terminal i presume (small hole with paint missing) this is were it should be?
  19. After 15 years just noticed the boot light (coupe)which doesn't work probably just the bulb but I can't see a switch for it in there I see In Haynes hatch models have one does it get power from the door switches when opened or pulling the headlight switch out or should I go to Specsavers 👓
  20. My bleed plug was solid took it to a machine shop and told them to drill and tap and fit a grub screw so they decided to undo the plug and broke the casing tho they did weld it back together nice job too at no cost...still really pi**ed with them tho what happened to "the customer is always right"
  21. no I didn't just assumed it would be where it was before but will check The oil that came out was much thicker by the look and smell would say something like ep90 so will drain and refill if adjustment doesn't sort it Yes I have caught the gears a couple of times going down the gears has to be done slowly and I'm pretty sure it went into gear ok when I moved it in the garden a couple of times I would have noticed and rectified. A clutch issue was my gut feeling gear selection is easy with engine off finger and thumb also getting noticeable vibration at idle dash is humming and buzzing can also feel it on the steering wheel so I would guess probably one of the torsion springs on the friction disc has broken and come away this would make the flywheel to become unbalanced hence vibration besides three road springs managed to snap during the 13 years it stood. Yet again thanks everyone will still check the adjustment and change oil to eliminate the easy stuff and as I was going to drop the box to sort it's other issues will check Clutch/plate and spigot bearing while I'm in there but won't be until spring/ summer too wet too cold and too old to roll around outside but will get back with my findings. Oh as a closing note Herman that's far too much information
  22. Gear selection was absolutely fine before it went off road for 13 years (engine and box removed for welding) could put in first and change gears using finger and thumb i changed the oil before it went back on the road Clutch bites at a good height but very hard to get into any gear when stationary but ok ish when moving just got to be done slowly getrag sports box is term I've heard...what sport is that lawn bowling ? first thought wrong grade oil this is what I put in Second thought problem with the clutch not fully disengaging maybe something has broken in there? Third some how gearbox gave up waiting 13 years and died of boredom Was going to drop the box when my fingers won't get frozen off to replace the input (worn) and output bearings and refit that oil catch pipe but I fear their is far more wrong with it just don't understand why it now feels so bad unless oil is wrong?. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.
  23. ah that would explain it always had coupes the other thing that caught my eye was the radio after all these years i assumed as mine stuck out the dash it was aftermarket but i have still got the factory radio/tape cassette destroyer fitted
  24. What's the switch between the heater fan switch and the steering column?
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