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  1. Other than that same shock length extended compressed ?
  2. Front shocks are worn out (bouncy bouncy) need to replace want something standard looking found some listsd 75-88 gas is this correct same front shocks over the years including exclusives
  3. So long as you bleed all the air out of the master first as it can trap air inside. if the seals are bad you should see the level on the reservoir rise slightly as the fluid goes passed the seals.
  4. Just to check did you bench bleed the master cylinder before fitting? If you have a brake flare kit make some of these and blank off the master outputs if the master is good pedal will hardly move and stay firm.
  5. DIY or best left to the professional ?
  6. I like the plant feature does it come with the car?
  7. Not a spring expert but I believe that is upside down definitely if progressive I have also been told to fit tighter coiled end at top this will help prevent debris getting in-between the windings
  8. no longer required switch has fixed itself but have wd40 it to make sure cheers cam.in.head
  9. After as above will not lock back into place/off
  10. Thanks everyone will have to go for strip treat and repair I know it's not the best option and yes I understand it will come back but finances are not good at mo maybe in a few years can sort this out. So to get the headliner out windscreen and rear window out DIY or leave it to the pros cost?.
  11. Took the handle surround off so I could push on the panel not the handle and it's open just a really tight spot at the spot(photo above) opening or closing then I closed it and wished I hadn't opened it
  12. Progress but that's as far as I can get it slides back easily to this point then stops abruptly with a metal hitting metal sound did push it a little further back becomes extremely stiff and very hard to move forward again to the point may not get it closed front edge still sitting high is it supposed to be like that at this point ? Can you tell me what's involved
  13. that is the plan clean the seal up and seal shut never use it anyway and no more water inside the car when I can get it to open just really don't want to break anything in there.
  14. tried to open my sunroof for the first time in 18 years to find handle does go over to open but only the back edge drops slightly feels pretty solid is this suppose to drop under gravity or linkage also back n/s rear corner is sitting too low and there is a gap where water can easily get in adjustment ?
  15. cheers jess think did see part of this thread but only to replace input bearing. the main problem with this box 1st gear is noisy but reverse and all other gears are quite ,worn 1st gear cog or something else.
  16. I want to strip down the 240 box to replace input/output bearings found (YouTube) only people speaking Russian and beating it with club hammers did find a nice video but a 260 box same process to break down?
  17. cheers just cross referenced and is indeed the correct filter.
  18. Need to do an oil change but as usual eBay giving conflicting part numbers pretty sure it's 0451102056 can someone confirm?.
  19. Couldn't get air out of the abs pump took it to a garage to activate the pump to be told car was made in the wrong millennium "too old" I think the actual words were not so sure if he meant me or the car.
  20. Cheers Pete found out can create a syphoning effect with pressure on the bleed nipple thread just assumed it would leak fluid out now sorted
  21. Sorry not a manta replaced rear brake lines from abs unit all the way to calipers on a MK3 golf but getting what seems an unrealistic amount of air coming out so far used nearly 2 liters of fluid air comes in big bursts then clear of bubbles for a while and repeats seems never ending can someone confirm there is no way air can be drawn in using a pressure bleeder? and the bubbles are definitely air in the system not air drawn in.
  22. Also maybe M12 or M14 thread
  23. Cheers Jess bought this hose as was a lot cheaper than other gates hose now I know why injection hose is rated around 20bar 300psi so will replace them with something more suitable especially in the engine bay.
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