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  1. No the axle came as in the pics, but I was looking at making my own brackets for the axle and chassis as I don't think much to the rear diff casing, was looking to make a new bracket that I could remove if I need to service the difference like this one? I am also making my own link bars to suit the 4ha axle, making all the from t4 tubing so should withstand the stress it might be under, and was thinking of reusing the anti roll bar?
  2. After along time I finally got a little work done on the manta tonight 🥳 Went up to the unit to see if my zafira bumper and bonnet were out of the paint shop after the wife had a bump But they weren't so im still waiting 😭 I got some modifications done to the manta ready for the rear axle upgrade, bought some GAZ rear coil overs and modified and strengthened the shock turrets got some pics I didn't have much clearance using the original rear shock mounts so decided to move them out by 1 inch, I have even thought about replacing the rear shock turrets but still undecided on what to do? I am using a 4ha 56 inch axle and going to try and 4 link it without loosing the rear seats, also has anyone put watts linkage on a manta? Did it make much difference the the way the handle? Still playing around with idea's on the rear axle, hoping to keep some motivation with the build but as you all know family and life take priority
  3. You will have a hard job visiting this dealership buddy its been fattened and now a car park but would love to see a manta up hear
  4. That's the very spoiler I have just purchased on ebay last week pete payed £240 for it
  5. Any pics and correct info on which spoiler I should use would be great thanks
  6. Hi lads thanks for the info pics would be great as the 2 spoilers I have are different but bother genuine irmsher and have different profile in the top I'm puzzled 😩
  7. I'm along way off driving my manta but will let you know buddy 👍
  8. Hi lads dose anyone know the answer to this question, I have just received a new rear spoiler for my manta b 400 replica ( all blue spoiler pic ) but I already had what I thought was a exclusive spoiler ( black lipped spoiler pic ) the exclusive spoiler has manta b / manta 400 stamped on it which spoiler is the genuine 400 rear spoiler from the pics attached please lads ?
  9. Thanks lads appreciate the help, bris jas could you let me know how she handles when you get her out please buddy
  10. hi lads dose anyone know what the spring lb ratings are on a manta b, I'm fitting a 4ha rear axle and putting 2.25 coil overs on the rear, I was looking at putting 250 lb springs in but didn't know if they would be to stong?
  11. Very nice job your doing there, I am just getting back to my manta, I'm also using a 4ha rear axle and like how you have put the watts linkage in, could you tell me where the 400 kit is from please Keep up the good work
  12. That look handy I will give the a call as I have seen the do a clutch space also
  13. Hi all just received my new 4ha rear axle and a r25/28 gearbox it looks like the gear selector will need some altering has anyone done this mod before, any advice is needed, I'm still undecided on where or how I will fit the top link bars on the axle 2, the axle came from a se6 reliant I will take some pics this week Also which lower arms will I need commerdor A or B found a opel breaker on eBay with lots of old opel parts for sale?
  14. Just read through that topic and will be a massive help thanks herman
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