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  1. Looking for standard (used but uncut) rear springs for a 1986 GTE Coupe. Also need two front seatbelt sockets (receivers) for the same car - don't think they're handed. Thanks, John
  2. Into the sun .... My Steel Grey 1986 GTE coupe (almost) ready for another summer's motoring. Valve seals to do next week then it's Road Tax in May.
  3. A377 SAS

    My 400R

    That's impressive, Dave. Another quality car in Scotland!
  4. Up here in the Western Isles with a steel grey GTE coupe. Would love to get to some Scottish meets but the ferry, distance and time away from home are killers. The local Classic Car Club, including two or three Mantas, is planning a run over Bealach na Ba (Applecross) on 29 June - Scottish members welcome to join us for a day trip in stunning scenery.
  5. Welcome from the Western Isles, Dave. Be good to see an Ascona on the Scottish Rally circuit.
  6. Outstanding, Kev! Looking forward to seeing this one in topcoat.
  7. Welcome to the forum, John. Always good to see another Manta nut from THE island on here. I've got the steel grey GTE coupe, similar colour to your own coupe project. And yes, it was me who supplied that photo of your Manta sideways at our Autotest to fjz400 for inclusion in the 2011 OMOC calendar. Cheers, John
  8. Looking for a seat belt retainer for a 1986 GTE, driver's side - the thing with the red button which accepts the seat belt and bolts to the transmission tunnel.
  9. Welcome to the forum, ascona206T. Good to see another islander on here. I've got the steel grey Manta GTE coupe. Love the Ascona's - my cousin had a white 2.0SR with black vinyl roof and it's the smoothest car I've ever driven. Enjoy the craic on here and look forward to seeing you about with the Ascona.
  10. Yeah, thanks once again, Mantadoc. Would never have thought of looking at the cold start sensor.
  11. Now thinking it's the cold start thermo-switch. Car would start cold and run perfectly for 1 minute then start backfiring, smoking and cut out. No way it will then start for about 30 minutes when it will run for another 1 minute before cutting out. Tried a replacement Airflow Meter - still the same. Tried a replacement Brain - still the same. But when I disconnected the cold start thermo-switch (the big upright sensor on the injection manifold), the car started and ran, and ran perfectly. It even starts in the morning with this switch disconnected. I reckon the thermo-switch is stuck open and over-fuels the engine once it warms up, hence the backfiring and black smoke. It then takes 30 minutes for the engine to cool down sufficiently to start again with an enriched mixture. After 1 minute of warming up, the engine is again being overfuelled and cuts out. Funny that the car will start from cold without this switch connected tho' .......
  12. Thanks, Mantadoc. PM sent.
  13. 1986 2.0 GTE won't start or, if it does, the engine dies once you give it revs. With the large air pipe disconnected from the injection unit, the engine will start and run perfectly for about 1 minute. It will then start backfiring, belching black smoke from the exhaust and won't take any revs. Could this be the ECU slowly realising that it's getting too much air then adding extra fuel to compensate, causing the rich mixture? Do I need a new Air Flow Meter? Thanks. John.
  14. Welcome, Mapblue. Good to see another islander on OMOC and looking forward to seeing pics of the GTE.
  15. Welcome aboard, Richard. If it's a coupe tank (behind the back seat), the breather layout is pretty simple. Breather pipe runs between the two small outlets, top left corner and top right corner. A T-piece then comes off this run at the midpoint, just where the steel return pipe enters the top centre of the tank. The tubing from this T-piece runs to the left, along the top of the tank, is clipped down the left hand side, clipped along the bottom of the tank and exits through the floor and into a chassis section at bottom right of tank. All as viewed from inside the boot. As well as replacing the rubber breather tubing, make sure you clean out the steel return pipe from the filler neck as I've known these to be blocked. I've just done these tubes but didn't take photos. Cheers. John.
  16. Stonking looking car, John. A real credit to yourself and andyc!
  17. I had the same problem - no jet on one side. The steel clips which hold the water pipe to the bonnet had crimped the pipe over time. Opened the clips up and problem solved.
  18. Looking for a Casette Storage Unit in good, working condition for a 1987 GTE to suit a grey centre console. Anybody?
  19. Just discovered this thread and very impressed. You're a welding God, Kev! Loving the detail on the roofskin as this is something I'll have to tackle in a couple of years. Keep the pics and narrative coming. Can't wait to see this one complete. Respect!
  20. Welcome, Dave. Loving these pics. Same story for me - owned a GTE coupe 20 years ago and now reliving the dream with another one. Call me sad but tonight I'm polishing a set of Ronals while listening to Fleetwood Mac and it could just as easily be 1989!
  21. First (easy) thing I would check would be the heater cables. The cables are bad for kinking behind the dash and you might think they're getting leverage when they're not. Work them while looking at the mechanism on top of the bulkhead heater matrix. Beyond that, mantadoc has covered just about any eventuality.
  22. Good to see another member north of the border. Keep us posted on your search.
  23. Larry. You won't get better than Magnecor HT leads. Quite pricey but you get what you pay for. Take care with the fitting tho' - I ordered a set for my 2.0E but, when they came, they didn't fit the Lucas distributor cap (cap towers far too long for the leads). I phoned Magnecor and they asked me to send my distributor cap to them so that they could custom make leads for me, at no extra cost and they even paid the postage! There may be two seperate listings available for the Lucas 2.0E, long tower and short tower. Give Phil de Witt at Magnecor a bell on 01530 274975 and he'll keep you right. John.
  24. Thanks for the comments, guys. Wrong island group, Colin. This Show was in Stornoway, Western Isles. It's a big, transport heritage show but there's always a good turnout of Classics and Emerging Classics. Three Mantas there yesterday, alongside an Avenger Tiger, MK1 and Mk2 Escorts, Mk 1, Mk2 and Mk3 Cortinas, Capris, BMW's etc etc. It's Steel Grey, Jim.
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