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  1. Got my 16v coupe fully comp with Adrian flux,no probs I thought.how wrong I was,hit up the arse by white van at the dartford crossing,the Manta I've owned for 20 years is written off.i phoned Adrian flux to them I'm claiming off the other guys insurance,get put in touch with the people who apparently handle the claims for them,they then put me in touch with somebody else who passes me over to somebody else😣5 months down still no bloody money after I agreed a settlement figure with guys assessors,phone Adrian flux get told speak to their claim people?why should I when I pay them for fully comp cover it should be Adrian flux sorting this mess out not me.so be careful guys with your hard-earned money when you come to insure your pride and joy because they take your quick enough but trying to back is a nightmare.
  2. as per the title i need a rear panel for a coupe as soon as possible as white van man drove into the back of me on sunday? thanks guys martin webber
  3. Just tried to fill form In,got to year of manufacture,put in1987 and all over is two red light lines?tried different ways of writing it but keeps doing it so I have given up on it
  4. Count me in Brian,hopefully with all the the mods done to the car
  5. Oil pressure gauge working OK,changed voltage regulator on the back of the dash to new solid state one,now it's reading max pressure when I turn the ignition on?put old regulator back in and the same thing happens,any ideas guys?????
  6. Got one here mate,you can have for just the p&p
  7. Try autovaux on 01924376003,they do them £30
  8. The idle problem might be the idle control valve,they gum up over time and then fail to idle properly.you can try to clean them with brake cleaner but it's not that good,been there and done it on my 16v.better off getting a new one.
  9. fingers crossed for better weather,but i will be there.
  10. put --- honda S2000 into a kadett ---into your search engine,some irish rally guys have grafted an opel kadett body shell onto a S2000 floor pan so a manta should be possible to do.
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