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  1. Hi, chassis legs / rails you can buy from me. Look attached file. Regards Eckhard from germany chassis-leg_info_B_20.pdf
  2. I can send parts earlist next week, because i'm not at home for the rest of the week. Also i have no chassis-legs on stock, i must make them (3-4 weeks). Danny, thanks for " really really good quality ... . You pay for what you get". Regards Eckhard from germany
  3. Hi Gareth, i see you are looking for parts for Manta-B. In germany you can buy chassis-legs made from me. This parts you can buy at www.dr.manta.de or at Leidunger (ebay). I have also some other parts for Manta-B, see at the attached files. The picture is from the great meeting last year at Market Harborough. Regards Eckhard from germany Chassis_leg_info_B_181002_GB.pdf Price-list_parts_Manta-B_181002.pdf
  4. Hi Luke, it would be the best you give me the part-numbers from the Dr-Manta online-shop. Best regards Eckhard from germany
  5. The first one the silver one is not a manta. Its an Opel Record coupe. !!!! I think it is a Commodore A Coupe, because of the wheel-covers (?). Eckhard
  6. This is the Manta of Jörg from Brühl. Jörg is a friend of me. Engine is 2.4 with to Weber carburators 45.
  7. PayPal-fees will be 2% of the total amount of the order. This is what buyers must pay additional. Also i have not much of Dr-Mantas parts in stock and must order them conditioned in the special case. So the costs of postage is more then only send to UK, postage from Dr-Manta to me is also to pay. If someone will order parts from me i will do an explicit offer. Regards Eckhard
  8. Hi Mark and the others, all panels from the Dr-Manta shop you can also buy from me. The price is the same, by me is PayPal possible. This is an additional service to my chassis legs. The chassis legs at the Dr-Manta shop are my production. Regards Eckhard
  9. Hy, the new jacking points from arta parts are better. They are more expensive but the quality is near like the original. Eckhard
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