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  1. Love that colour Get some black stripes too!
  2. Tried a black body one before, differnet unfortunatly Thanks anyway though.
  3. After one of these if anyone has one kicking about? I tried one I got a little while ago but the spindle hole was wrong If anyone has got one let me know how much you are after Cheers Ben
  4. After one of theses again please folks, gotta be a white one though, the black ones don't fit the spindle. Cheers Ben
  5. Cheers lads, but i've wired in a start button now
  6. Anyone got one of these kicking around? It's worn where it goes onto the spindle and wont turn far enough to engage the starter motor now Don't realy want to keep using a screwdriver lol If not i'll cut a push button start in as it still switches on accesories. Ta Ben
  7. Aye it's the chrome one, couldn't seem to find the gasket bit at any factors round here.
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