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  1. Hahahaha Sky hooks! Got the same here regards the dissy i'm looking for Won't rush to send him money...... Thanks for the warning G
  2. Anyone? My car has just passed its mot and I'm desperate for a shot!
  3. As title please if anyone can help! Cheers Grant
  4. Haha that gave me a laugh. My girl took the last picture on ebay of it flying through the air. Must have liked it and stole it off the net Crackin car, seen it a few times
  5. Tryed a new hose today and went for a blast. No change Mantadoc - Cheers that sounds about right. I will have a play with the mixture screw
  6. Cheers John I'll get a new bit hose and give that a bash. Its not in the greatest nick right enough. I just screwed all the settings back to as they were before I striped it and it seems not bad. Could probably do with a decent setup.
  7. Hi lads, I finally got round to servicing the carb on my ascona and its running much better. I still have a problem with it cutting out when I brake hard to a stop tho. Could it be something to do with the vacuum to the servo? everything seems to be plumbed in right including the oneway valve but I have to keep it alive when braking for junctions. Its a 1.9 with zenith Any idea? Cheers G
  8. big g13

    Cih Carb

    Thanks lads, I've got hold of a rebuild kit for my zenith carb so am going to try refreshing the one i've got. Just waiting for the snow to disappear as it's to dam cold. Was also thinking about the weber route but think i'll try sorting this one first Need to get the finger out so I can go for a play in the snow
  9. big g13

    Cih Carb

    Sorry for the slow reply Paul, busy weekend. Thanks very much for the offer but I was really looking for something working to just bolt on. If I have to rebuild one I would be as well doing my own. Not being a mechanic I am slightly reluctant to start pulling it apart as I have not done this before! Maybe I will have to have a go.
  10. big g13

    Cih Carb

    Hi guys, my ascona's carb is gubbed so am looking for a suitable replacement to just bolt straight on with the appropriate manifold. Its a 1.9sr cih engine. Any help appreciated to get me up and running again. Cheers Grant
  11. Yeah, it goes straight up with the ignition I put a test light on the wiring and it went brighter and dimmer with revs
  12. Cheers mate I kind of thought it might be the rev counter but thought i'd ask anyway. How would I check for arcing open the bonnet at night? Revs don't fluctuate though so probably gubbed
  13. Hi guys, my ascona rev counter sits at 6k revs all the time, I have checked the wiring and all seems to be ok. Any ideas? Cheers G
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