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  1. Any push on fuel pipe will have a rubber based inner and will allow fuel smell to get through. If you want to eliminate this you can use a PTFE lined hose like those used in braided brake lines but you would need specific fittings for them and its not cheap.
  2. Momo make a boss to fit that wheel to a Manta.
  3. I have a BGR one on mine as its one of the slimmest ones and really good quality. Still brings the wheel quite close. I would only use a flat wheel with one. Tried a dished wheel and I felt like a NASCAR driver. Far too close. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/steering-wheel-bosses-accessories/brown-geeson-quick-release-steering-wheel-adaptor I have this wheel on now. Not cheap but really nice and retro looking. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/steering-wheels/momo-prototipo-steering-wheel
  4. Ashley make a 4-2-1 manifold for the CIH. UK made so will be for RHD cars http://www.jjcraceandrally.com/race/exhaust-parts/ashley-competition-exhausts-competition-exhaust-manifolds
  5. OMP manufacture a 6 point bolt in cage for a Manta B coupe. Demon Tweeks sell them.
  6. I'm sure I have read that the FWD 2.5 models have a lower intake as this is what gets used when using the 3.0 in fwd cars to give clearance... or just ditch it all and fit 6 ITB's with stand alone management ;oP
  7. Yeah. I figured I would have to have some made up to suit rather than get off the shelf ones.
  8. Have any of you guys used WRC type sill stands in the standard Manta jacking points. Looking to have some made for my Ascona and seems it will work in principle but wanted to know if anyone has experience of it.?
  9. I was going to come along in my Ascona 400 rep. Im not a paid up member of the club, would that exclude me from joining you guys on the club stand.?
  10. Definately need an adaptor plate. Not sure on the jetting. An XR2 is similar power to a 1.8 OHC engine so may be somewhere near.
  11. Ford 1600 CVH engines.. Mk2 Fiesta XR2, Mk4 Escorts. Some Sierra 1.6 pinto engines.
  12. The discs are 246 x 20mm and are from a Mk1 Carlton up to 1986. I'm not sure if any manufacturers make a drilled or grooved disc in that fitment
  13. Can you post the link please rutts. I can only find 26/64/15 wets on there which are a bit too tall. I
  14. I'm after a pair of tyres as per the title. Preferably 295 or 285 40 15. They don't need to be road legal just as long as they aren't down to the canvas and they hold air. Competition tyres would do. Just to be used for display.
  15. Yep, made by OMP. 6 point bolt in type. I can do you a discount if you wanted one
  16. I have a CIH starter with bracket in the garage, will check which type it is and let you know.
  17. If ever you feel the need to sell the silver 4 door, please let me know. Its the same as my 1st Ascona i had when I was 18.. happy days.
  18. I think Retropower used a Mk1 Escort pedal box in Curts Ascona 400R. Not sure if any mods were required.
  19. Universal coilovers can be bought in pretty much any length with the correct loop bottom and stem top fitting you would need. Once the axle is fitted just measure the open and closed lengths (between mounting points. I'm not sure if the damper turret on the car needs to be modified.. retro power would be the guys to answer that one.
  20. I wouldn't pay more than £150 unless it has an LSD fitted. Look for anyone breaking a Scimitar SE6.
  21. Make sure the seats come with the subframes or you wont get them to fit.
  22. Plastics for performance still do these. Only got prices for a full kit but I know they will supply individual parts.
  23. jasonj

    Rear Axle

    Its a 5 linked Salisbury axle used on Jaguars and Scimitars and some other cars. Very strong and a wide range of final drive ratios are available, some had factory LSD's fitted.
  24. You can have a practice run on mine
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