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  1. Can anybody advise where/who supplies the above please? And also the rear quarter lower repair panels.. thanks in advance Ian
  2. HI Danny, Thanks for that... i mean the cover that goes over the top of the speedo/gauges, if that makes sense? ian
  3. Hi all, I have a shopping list of no doubt difficult bits to find, all for a 1982 b series coupe... I'm based in Grantham, East Midlands and don't mind travelling with in reason. 2 litre CIH complete bottom end or complete engine, either S or E. locks set, or locks with key for both doors and boot. fuel cap with key. dash top, either grey or black. speedo cover same again either black or grey. alternator top adjuster bracket 4 speed gearbox 4 speed gearbox rear mount rubber pair of original square headlamps I'm sure the list with get longer but this will do for starter. Thanks in advance Ian
  4. Mine is the same as in the floor is rotten round and through the VIN stamped in the floor between the O/S/F seat and inner sill. Im going to take pictures of whats left of the VIN in the floor now, cut it out and replace. Then stamp the VIN back in the new metal.
  5. Hi Graeme and thanks for some history on the car. Parts have started to arrive now, including floor pans, sills, chassis legs and two second hand doors...still need a bonnet and boot lid though, although there is no rush. There is that much rot in the floor pans the car is in danger of falling in on its self.
  6. I will try to come and say hello as Im just down the road Grantham👍
  7. Hi, plan to keep it fairly standard/original...not really touched it yet, spending time making a list of parts required and collecting bits. I would be interested in any history of the car...I noticed it has another reg number on the glass, but your user name answers that question. Ian
  8. I will pop a long to the next one....Although you may have to remind me. They do a very good breakfast in the Gap. Yes thats the one! Lots of work ahead...
  9. ....well that was the last time I was a member of the OMOC. So thought I best say hello, anybody still around from those days (1990's)?. I used be area rep for the East Midlands with my good mate Sean Richards, who now lives in New Zealand. We used to have a ball back in those days, Mantas available and cheap, shows at Billing, Santa Pod and road trips to the Dutch Manta Club meetings at Baarlo and another place in Holland I can't even remember. Sold all my cars, 2.2 A series, Exclusive Coupe and an GSI exclusive coupe in the mid 00 along with all the bits. Then I was car/toy less till the late 00 and I got Myself a 1976 Vw camper, rebuilt it and still enjoy getting away in it to this day. Then I got that Manta itch back and had to scratch it! So I'm back having bought that silver B series basket case off Simon down in Suffolk. I just sat in the car today and it was like sitting in an old friend. Loads of work to do and bits to find but I'm looking forward to the day I drive it for the first time... Ian Holmes membership no 6991 original no 441
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