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  1. Seen this morning in Newark, nice looking standard Mk 1 Cavalier V reg Sportshatch. Looked very nice.
  2. With regards the upside down pictures, if you are using an iphone make sure the volume controls are at the bottom. that should fix the problem👍 Great tread by the way and nice to see one come back from over the water. Ian
  3. Two Mantas spotted in two days, thats good going👍
  4. With HC reading that high, I would guess it is something fairly obvious. Check for air leaks in the induction system especially if you have not long had the engine out. Left a vac pipe of somewhere possibly?
  5. I have to say that I have fitted one of these on the GT/J with a 3 inch tail pipe and TBH its a little loud for me...little boy racerish, would of loved it 25 years ago.
  6. Credit to you Andy and look forward to seeing it again soon after all these years when I first clapped eyes on it.
  7. Coming along nicely mate
  8. Anyone fancy a get together at Newark Auto Jumble on Sunday 6th June? Bacon bap and a brew Good to meet a few East Midlanders👍 Ian
  9. Just the cost of postage and a few beer tokens mates
  10. Ive got a pair of steel mounts if you need them mate👍
  11. Well I have taxed it this morning, first time in god knows how many years. Guess what I will be doing this evening?...as long as its not raining. Ian
  12. Great job and looks like it well be ready for the summer👍
  13. Looks just like my chicken shed (god knows why the picture has turned sideways)
  14. If you have the ignition lock with key, then you can build up the rest to match, apart from the fuel cap. You need a small collection of old lock barrels so you have a supply of tumblers, then match the tumblers up. Good fun when you get started (how sad am I ). What I did anyway on the GT/J, like I said, I just started with an ignition lock.
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