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  1. Yes Dr Manta does supply them, had a pair off him last month..
  2. Could anyone post a picture of an original 4 speed gearbox rear rubber mount please. As I need one but not sure if the one fitted is original...if that makes sense.. Thanks in advance and sorry for another question Ian
  3. Thank you very useful
  4. Hi, has anyone taken apart a B series door lock and rebuilt to match keys? Managed to strip the boot lock but the door locks seam difficult to get apart without breaking/damaging them...
  5. ......I could do with a few body cuts, mainly both bottom corners of rear window aperture. thanks Ian
  6. Great to see this car is going to get the love it deserved. I remember it from the 90's and wasn't owned by Sean Hunt? Ian
  7. No Im cracking on with it David, 8 hours a day during the lock down. The roll over jig has made so much difference and turned welding into fun, not a pain in the a@?e upside down on my back! N/S floor is going in tomorrow, then the sill, then the......you get the picture. Still dont know what to do with those rear wheel arches though.. Oh and we lost most of the headlining on the drive home in that storm.. Ian
  8. Thanks for posting Graeme, but I cant take the full credit as Dave at Mantasport did the chassis work. As Im currently off work like a lots of others so I can crack on until I run out of supplies Ian
  9. Can anybody advise where/who supplies the above please? And also the rear quarter lower repair panels.. thanks in advance Ian
  10. HI Danny, Thanks for that... i mean the cover that goes over the top of the speedo/gauges, if that makes sense? ian
  11. Hi all, I have a shopping list of no doubt difficult bits to find, all for a 1982 b series coupe... I'm based in Grantham, East Midlands and don't mind travelling with in reason. 2 litre CIH complete bottom end or complete engine, either S or E. locks set, or locks with key for both doors and boot. fuel cap with key. dash top, either grey or black. speedo cover same again either black or grey. alternator top adjuster bracket 4 speed gearbox 4 speed gearbox rear mount rubber pair of original square headlamps I'm sure the list with get longer but this will do for starter. Thanks in advance Ian
  12. Mine is the same as in the floor is rotten round and through the VIN stamped in the floor between the O/S/F seat and inner sill. Im going to take pictures of whats left of the VIN in the floor now, cut it out and replace. Then stamp the VIN back in the new metal.
  13. Hi Graeme and thanks for some history on the car. Parts have started to arrive now, including floor pans, sills, chassis legs and two second hand doors...still need a bonnet and boot lid though, although there is no rush. There is that much rot in the floor pans the car is in danger of falling in on its self.
  14. I will try to come and say hello as Im just down the road Grantham👍
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