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  1. After hearing stories of cars sitting in the corner of bodyshops for years waiting completion, I never say 'just do it when you can' and Im very lucky that my bodyman is my best buddy and hates 'old bangers' as he calls them cluttering up his workshop.
  2. Brilliant, just love the story! Good luck with the parts collecting and project. Dave at Mantasport is always good for parts, a chat and advice. I have a roll over jig here in Grantham, which isnt far away and doing nothing now.. Ian
  3. Looking good, enjoying following 👍
  4. Ive used both and find the spot weld drill bit far easier to use
  5. Another thread I will be following.... I cant get my head round the fact you have two or more projects on the go at once.. especially with the standard you continually turn out. I struggled with just one!
  6. Thanks David, glad you didnt tell me at the time that it was the worst you had worked on. I may well of broken it 😳
  7. Dave at Mantasport made and fitted that panel as the shell needed the strength before going on the roll over jig for the chassis work
  8. So pleased you like it Graeme and a nice piece of history regarding the car. The car will stay dry and covered up in the chicken shed all winter and will MOT and tax it next spring. So you can come and have a drive then or if you are passing, then call in for a look anytime👍 Ian
  9. Hi thank you and yes that is exactly how this is.. Thank you and something I have really enjoyed during the year Thank you👍
  10. And thats about up to date really, the car is up and running still with a 4 speed box and 20s engine, both not original. Only thing that is original is the glass, N/S wing, carpets, centre consul complete with dog claw marks Hoobby! , clocks, fuel tank and the none sun roof roof! So its going to sit in the chicken shed till next spring, but I have a few plans as they say.. A few bits Im not 100% happy with but its been great fun through this shite year we have had. Im not much of a car show goer, I get bored sat in deck chair all day TBH, Im more of a sit round the camp fire out side my VW camper drinking beer and talking crap all night kinda bloke. But if I can get both the Manta and the Camper to the VBOA next year then ill have a beer with you! I still feel slightly guilty about changing the colour but I have kept most if not all the original odd features of the GT/J. Im convinced that if I hadnt bought it, someone would of cut the roof off and the rest would be a Hotpoint washing machine now and at the end of the day as they say...its my car and all that! and Ive got what I wanted..... Ian Yes he is a member on here.....nice bloke and a nice Manta
  11. I have another good mate in Derby who is a trim man, done it for years and very good it his job, all I had to do was talk him into driving over to Grantham. I got the headlining from East Kent Trimers and the recommendation of David at Mantasport. My mate turned up at the chicken shed one Saturday evening at 7 and by 11 it was in and looking great and all it cost me was a chip butty and a can of pop. Now I could get the glass in. I took all the original glass out and even though the windscreen had a stone chip, I knew trying to find a clear screen was going to be difficult. So had a go at pulling the original screen back in, I got it in with out cracking. Fitting screens used to be a bit of my thing back in the day, even though I once broke 3 Capri screens before I got one in...I was just an apprentice back then..
  12. then the black bonnet......time to load up and back to the chicken shed Once back at the shed, it was rebuild time. I bumping into one of my old Manta mates in town one day and was telling him all about my 'new' Manta. The next day he turns up with a boot full of bits including an uncracked grey dash. Result. Wax oiling was fun...
  13. Then the new colour goes on....and he has a sense of humour!
  14. By the end of May most of the welding was complete and it was time for me to return to work, but working from home. So my laptop was loaded into the car and on to the chicken shed and I carried on as normal, but with the interruption of the works mobile every now and again. Once the welding was complete and panels lined up, my long time mate and drinking buddy Jim came to look at the shell...He laughed at me and said 'Ive got some f@?king work on then!'. We were both apprentices at the local Ford dealership, he is a bodyman and I was a mechanic many years ago. He now runs his our bodyshop. As you can seen the car was originally silver, now I like original, but Jim said to me, as you have it down to a shell why dont we change the colour? Something I had not thought of, but I have a large collection of original sales brochures and there was one picture that I was always draw to......which ill show you soon. I was worried about changing the colour and even spoke to Hoobby, the original owner about it. .... I did go to Hull to see a guy called Dave he has a lovely orange early B. In fact I went up to see him twice. The COLOUR..... This is the brochure.... From my trips to Dutch Manta shows in the 1990s, I love the German/euro look with black bonnets and wide 13 inch ATS alloys, anyone got any? Guess you can see where this is going now... So 1st August and the car was booked in the bodyshop......... He moaned like hell about the fact I had painted everything in red oxide, but he moans all the time anyway lol..
  15. With the wheel arches done it was time for the boot floor and rear panel... I had to drop the shell off the jig to repair the boot and rear panel. The rear panel was one of the panels that came over from Germany... Two areas that were bad were the bottom corners of the rear window and the rear quarter window on the O/S, I managed to get cuts for these..
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