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  1. I have gone down the twin 40's route with a pair of Dells. I used a GTE exhaust manifold and a pair of short Opel GT inlet manifolds, so I didnt have to move the servo or master cylinder. The inlets came from OpelGTsourse in the states. I struggled with the throttle linkage on the dells as it was touching the exhaust manifold at full throttle. Although Ive fixed that, Im still not happy with the set up. Even though the short manifolds saves moving the servo I still cant fit filters, so it gets noisy on acceleration lol As you can tell, its still a work in progress.... Sorry they are upside down.....its an iphone thing!๐Ÿ˜ก
  2. Really enjoyed it last night and good to catch up with John again, who I've not seen for 15+ years! We need to make these regular again. Ian
  3. Are we meeting at 'The Gap' on Monday night, 8th August, East Midlands lads and lasses?
  4. Great find Mike and interesting story.....would love to have a look round that workshop.
  5. Do you know the story behind it? A local said the guy didn't live on site anymore, but all the cars are still there.
  6. Spotted in a village in the Peak District. Im sure this must be well known, but what a waste of a rare car...Nova Sport, only 500 built and a Chevette rally car. Both rotting away with another Nova and Chevette. The Nova Sport has a note on the back seat saying not for sale!!
  7. That was me in the yellow GT/J, I did come over and look for you.. Ian
  8. Very nice and a good price ๐Ÿ‘
  9. I dont see any reason why you would have to replace the rad.
  10. Bet that's Shaun's white coupe, make a nice car that. Welcome.
  11. I hope you are very pleased with it...you should be ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Anyone got the heater hose that runs from the back of the thermostat housing to the heater rad on a B series with CIH running a carb please? Thanks in advance. Ian
  13. TBH I want to run mine old school with a pair of side draft dellortos and they should compliment the old school PMC (Peter Maiden Components) engine I have found hidden under a friends bench for twenty years. I want them to be mods I would of done in 1980's, in keeping with the car. Although I will have it set up, Im not worried about the odd pop, bang and flame when cold. Its not like I will be rattling through a forest sideways anytime soon, just a bit of fun on a sunny weekend while we still can. Andy, the modded thermostat housing is for standard engines
  14. If you go for short inlet manifolds from Opel GTSource in the states you wont need to move the servo or master cylinder to fit side draft carbs, though air filters may be still difficult. The manifolds come complete with modified thermostat housing too..
  15. You are correct Jess.....collapsible required in the UK
  16. I would love to do next Monday as well, but I cant make that evening unfortunately.
  17. Seen this morning in Newark, nice looking standard Mk 1 Cavalier V reg Sportshatch. Looked very nice.
  18. With regards the upside down pictures, if you are using an iphone make sure the volume controls are at the bottom. that should fix the problem๐Ÿ‘ Great tread by the way and nice to see one come back from over the water. Ian
  19. Two Mantas spotted in two days, thats good going๐Ÿ‘
  20. With HC reading that high, I would guess it is something fairly obvious. Check for air leaks in the induction system especially if you have not long had the engine out. Left a vac pipe of somewhere possibly?
  21. I have to say that I have fitted one of these on the GT/J with a 3 inch tail pipe and TBH its a little loud for me...little boy racerish, would of loved it 25 years ago.
  22. Credit to you Andy and look forward to seeing it again soon after all these years when I first clapped eyes on it.
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