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  1. Hi guys, this is my Manta SR, thanks for the good comments and if anybody is interested? Just let me know. Thanks Ray
  2. Hi there, My manta was registered in August 73 and I think it was built around feb 73, I was wondering when I tax it in April can I just show my log book and get free tax? Or do I have to get a letter to prove it too? Thanks, Ray
  3. Hi there, My mate is looking for the plastic C pillar vent cover for the near side of his 1981 X reg 4 door chevette and may consider any other bits am bobs anyone might have like a sporty steering wheel? Thanks
  4. Hi there, Just go for it, I did mine last year under a gazebo in my front garden and I used a cellulose paint kit that ibought off ebay for about £110 and a 25 L compressor, everybody comments on how good it looks and can't believe that I did it myself and it only cost about £200 for the whole set up. Good luck, Ray
  5. Hi there, Has anybody got a Manta sr Sporty 3 spoke steering wheel for sale and if so how much including postage? Thanks, Ray
  6. Thanks Jack, but he's just bought a set. Thanks anyway.
  7. Hi Jack, Thank for the link, where in the uk is he? Ill tell my mate tomorrow. Thanks again Ray
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a full set of minilite alloy wheels hopefully with good Tyres but without would be fine too, it's for a friend who has a vauxhall chevette Thanks Ray
  9. My mate has a vauxhall chevette and he wants to know if a 3 spoke sporty type sr manta steering wheel would go straight on without any messing about? Thanks Ray
  10. Hi, My mate has just bought himself a 1981 chevette 4 door saloon and is looking for some parts, he wants a passenger side c pillar vent, a rear bumper and a full set of locks all on the one key if possible? Thanks for reading
  11. Hi Dan, I would like to come to this, is it just a one day thing or can you go the day before and camp there? Ray Baugh WWE 816M
  12. Hi There, I have a set of standard front springs that have had one of the coils removed so that they lower the front by about 2". I bought them off somebody on here while back. I was going to fit them on my A Series but I changed my mind. if you want them? I want £30 and thats including postage. Ray.
  13. Toys For Boys Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August 2012 Saturday 10am - 5pm / Sunday 10am - 4pm Old Christ Church Waterloo Waterloo Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 1RF Near Crosby Marine Lake And Anthony Gormley's Iron Men North Liverpool's Top Model Event And Displays Trains Boats Planes Cars Tinplate Meccano Diecast Models Model Soldiers Scalextric Vintage Vehicles Adults £2, Children 16 and under 50p, Children Under 5 Are Free (All Children Must Be Accompanied By An Adult) Event Enquiries To: John West Tel: 0151 924 6143 http://oldchristchurch.tripod.com Email: oldchristchurch@blueyonder.co.uk
  14. Hi there Vinca, I'm interested, I have a 1973 Manta sr in black can you give me some more info please. Also are you saying you can pay £100 a day or you can't pay £100 a day because it's a bit unclear what you mean? Thanks, Ray.
  15. Ok Ian, Let me know what you want to do? Thanks, Ray.
  16. Hi there, I have an A series Manta and was thinking about making some wheel arch liners for the front wheel arches and i was wondering if anybody on here has already done this and if so what did they use? How did they make and fit them? And do they have any pics that I could have a look at? Ray.
  17. Hi Ian, I have a 1.9 delco dizy that I removed from my A series to swap for a Bosch one that I converted to electronic ignition. I was going to keep it for a spare but if I could get the Bosch one of Andy I'd sell you the delco one for the same price Andy charges me. Or if you buy the Bosch off Andy I'll do you a straight swap if you wanted to. How does that grab you? Thanks Ray.
  18. I don't know how I missed this on eBay? But how much would you take for it without going through eBay. Thanks, Ray.
  19. Hey Shug I'm taxing mine tomorrow, it's the earliest you can do it without losing a month plus if you do it then it should be cheaper than doing it next week because it's going from the 1st of April . Well done with your MOT Ray
  20. Hi, That sounds great, how much do you want for it?
  21. Hi, Does anybody have a good standard 4 speed gear box for my 73 Manta Sr 1900 when I was driving it back from the MOT station I couldn't get 4th gear and then a bit further down the road it got stuck in 3rd gear and it took me about 30 minutes to get it back into neutral. It's the first real drive that I have done in it since I've had it but I did know that there was a noise coming from it but I thought it was just the clutch bearing. If nobody has one does anybody know how much it would cost to have it rebuilt? Thanks guys.
  22. Hi, I think that I might of sorted the washer pump now, I stripped it down cleaned and lubed it and now it see to be working fine now. Thanks for your replies. Ray
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