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  1. its not one of my old ones at all is it? E395 TFD or E427 UBO? Love to know if these are still alive in some way shape or form.
  2. Hi as per title does anyone have a tailgate chrome blitz badge for a B series hatch, the central one under the boot lock, 78 to 82 model. Cheers, Chris.
  3. No mate i couldnt. Have a real soft spot for a silver B hatch as that was my first ever Manta way back in 1985, Silver with blue velour and an auto, apart from my old one having the black facelift plastic bumpers and being on a V plate its pretty much the same. Feeling nostalgic.
  4. And coming to join my Exclusive coupe soon
  5. I got into camper vans too many years ago. And still have her to this day, But a few years ago got the Manta itch again bought a really nice B then a Berlinetta hatch. But last year was able to secure my old Exclusive coupe back that i originally bought 20 years ago and like you say its like being back in an old friend. Welcome back.
  6. Dont be worried about coming its a fantastic weekend with friendly poeple who all have one thing in common. We all love the cars. Im sure you would enjoy every minute of it.
  7. Still a stunning car Paul, i miss it a bit too, still love seeing it now and again, i actually quite like the earlier black grill to be honest and i still think it needs that front spoiler on it. I believe thats on james blue ascona now.
  8. Thats shit news mate, really sorry to hear this.
  9. Just been posted on facebook manta club page, not ribbed velour but very nice red trim from a cavalier coupe. Perhaps monaco blue could copy the link and post for you on here.
  10. Ive had a good look but cant find the ad again now. Sorry Ian, will keep looking as sometimes with facebook it just pops up again.
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