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  1. Yes ive dealt with Karl on a couple of occasions, really nice and very trustworthy guy to deal with, i wouldnt hesistate in the slightest to deal with him in the future.
  2. Hi Ian. So sorry to read the news regarding your son although by the sounds of todays post he is getting on with his recovery, First grandchild is an amazing thing, i now have 7 but the first one always tuggs at the heart strings in a special kind of way. I really hope things get better with your mother in law, believe me i know, we have had my wifes mother in a specialist care home for 8.5 years now with severe dementia. Im really glad you found a little time to tinker on the cav in the garage, going through tough times you really need a bit of space now and again to resume a little normality in life and keep the mind occupied in a different way. My wife and i sincerely offer our best wishes and hope things normalise for you in the not too distant future. Very best regards, Chris and Debbie Burt.
  3. Yes the original wheels and steering wheel were sold to Fraser with the car, the car is pretty mint to be fair, prob one of the best you will find, i would also buy it back but unfortunately due to my wife and i both having new job commitments and a lot less spare time, my silver B hatch will prob also be coming up for sale, So to buy UUW back is the last thing i should do
  4. Both really nice cars Sid, I had a 996 GT3 gen 2 for a few years, amazing car but cashed in when the market was hot, do miss it sometimes tho. Good luck with the sale of all of the cars.
  5. Just looked at the pic again and judging by the carpet wear by the drivers mat plastic heel pad that is indeed my old 77 sr coupe that i spoke about.
  6. Yes early 76 and 77 model SR Manta did have this steering wheel, my 77 coupe was fitted with that from new.
  7. Hi Ian, Very pleased to hear your son is making good signs of progress, our thoughts are with you and i hope he continues with positive results through his recovery. All the very best for you and your wife and going forward i hope 2020 will be a great year for you guys. Chris.
  8. Andrew, i have just spoken to my mate, Chris Sinclair and he did buy the car from your dad.
  9. Wow, Thank you Andrew, Thats great you posted these up, My good friend bought F910 DGO many years ago possibly from your dad, he lived in Sutton in Surrey and i bought it from him probably 20 years ago, the gut i sold it to got rear ended and the car was written off unfortunately not long after he purchased it from me.
  10. I had one in the same colour Carnelian red BGH 902X but that died in 1987 in a head on crash. Yes all the paperwork came with the car, i bought it from the original poster of the thread he owned it until this year.
  11. Thread resurection after many years, I now own this car and is still pretty much in the same condition having still only covered 70k
  12. Looks pretty much perfect to me. You guys have done a lovely job on this one. Love the fact you kept the original interior looks right at home. Good luck with the sale. Hope it finds a good home.
  13. I have used Steve at Northampton Motorsport for many years as im pretty local to them, He is a great guy and extremely clued up. They built the engine in my Escort Harrier many years ago with twin 40s and full webber alpha set up with tps, That used to fly. They set and balance the webbers on my old camper and have recently set my Exclusive up. They do all the mapping for Retropower too. Great guys.
  14. Yes thats very close, i remember seing this on ebay a couple of years back with the V8 in it.
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