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  1. No room mate with 2 VW campervans, 2 Mantas, 2 VW Golfs and 1 fiesta, my drive is full.
  2. wouldnt like to guess in todays market, been surprised a couple of times recently with the auction prices achieved by a Manta. Never had that black coupe down as a 20k car that was recently sold there. Carls red coupe looked an absolute bargain in comparison. Something about a nice tidy B coupe tho, still hold a big soft spot for these. Will wait with interest and see what it fetches.
  3. Hi Adam, I did have the pleasure of knowing your grandfather, I joined the Manta club 30 years ago and often chatted to him at Billing each year he attended, He made an appearance on the club video that was made many years ago talking about his A series, It was a stunning car and an absolute credit to him. I am very sorry to hear the news of his passing, My thoughts are with you at this time. R I P, Dennis.
  4. Good to see you back Paul, will look forward to seeing you again at a show sometime, I had a break from the club and the cars for 7 years and did my enthusiasm the world of good. I too enjoy being back in the fold again.
  5. Shaun (Jorn Broadbent) On facebook advertised a couple for sale cheap a few weeks ago and hes in Chippenham i think.
  6. And the Irmscher Exclusive models had the Exclusive badge on the left hand side of the bootlid. The GM Exclusives made after the Irmscher run had finished had the Exclusive badge fitted to the right hand side of the bootlid.
  7. I feel the gap has pretty much closed now between a nice GTE or Exclusive coupe and a Capri (other than a mint 280) or at an all time small margin now. I sat and watched the Exclusive coupe go through Anglia car auctions live and it outsold 2 nice 3.0s capris by a good margin.
  8. No cost, i ran it for a while back in the late 90s, like you say just to keep track of the remaining Exclusive models, owner used to get a nice certificate to go in the service history, Cant be many cars still around now that are on the register. Even my own Exclusive coupe is not on there.
  9. Mick Harbridge still runs it, i spoke to him last year about it.
  10. i do love a saphire blue B series, to me it just looks the perfect colour for the shape. I so wish i had kept this one a couple of years ago, but if i had i wouldnt have my Exclusive back. Oh to have lots of money and a big garage. Lol.
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