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  1. It sold for £22.600 inc premiums but that was a pretty mint car. I dont think this one is the same standard.
  2. No its a different car from last year, That was fully up and running, road leagal and had covered 40k from new, was owned by a guy called Richard. I dont know this car, could be a nice car but needs looking at in the flesh after being dormant for so long, 15 years off the road is a long time.
  3. I personally think that both the Exclusive coupes that have sold this week have been pretty cheap to be honest.
  4. this just looks amazing !!
  5. Foglights are mk1 Fiesta, i had them on my courtney Turbo and fitted them to my 2.4 Exclusive coupe when i had that, mk2 items are the wrong angle for the valence
  6. STJ 574 Is also Steve Titmus,s number plate so along with A1 OMOC I think this was Steves car, as far as im aware he bought it brand new.
  7. All three Mantas are listed for sale in the next Auction in just over 4 weeks time. See what happens then, not sure if they will achieve any more money.
  8. Funny how many are surfacing out of the woodwork now that a couple have achieved good prices recently. But still think excellent cars will still command a premium and achieve a premium. Think prices might stabilise for cars such as these that need some work. But who knows anything can happen if someone wants a particular car and colour
  9. not taxed sice April 1989 and colour changed to Black sometime in its life
  10. Pretty sure A1 OMOC was on Steve Titmus blue Exclusive coupe way back in the early 90s. Im sure i have a pic of it somewhere
  11. My mate is just in the process of buying his old Z4M BMW Roadster back from Ireland and is using a company called Shiply they handle everything and door to door from Ireland to Northants fully insured is £400.
  12. Keep at it Danny, Its looking really good, will be stunning when finished.
  13. Quick update, Dan from Adrian Flux here on the forum stepped in to help with my agreed valuation on E100 OMM, And he has managed to get the agreed value increased closer to what i was asking for. Appreciate your help Dan. Thank you.
  14. Hi Dan. You have a new message, up until now i have had no issues with Adrian Flux and been very happy with the service. I also have another Opel Manta with you thats coming up for renewal in a months time.
  15. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for replying.

    My full name is Christopher Peter Burt my postcode is NN11 0GR.

    My reg number is E100 OMM.

    My car is in excellent condition throughout and i strive to keep it that way.

    I appreciate your help in looking into this for me.

    the value thats been put on the car will just not cover a replacement now

    Many thanks,


    1. Trooker


       Chris, I’m not sure why I’m seeing what I assume should be a pm as having your postcode & car reg isn’t a good thing on an open forum these days. 



    2. chrisb


      Ah cheers Alex i thought it was private.

  16. Well good old Adrian Flux have done it again, took out the Policy on my Exclusive coupe. Paid the premium and now they refuse to agree the Value, they will agree it at £15000. As everyone on here is aware of the cost of a very nice Exclusive coupe in the event of trying to replace mine if anything happens i feel completely let down and feel i have been miss sold the policy as that sum will not replace my car with one of the same standard. Where do i go from here? and why as a club are we promoting Adrian Flux to our memebers if are constantly getting let down ?
  17. Hi Dan, Thank you for getting back to me with the reply, i have sent everything off and also sent copies of the auction results for the last 2 GTE coupes that have sold. 1 a GTE and the other an Exclusive coupe the same as mine. That sold for £19.500 and £22.600 respectively. I just want to ensure that i am covered properly in the event god forbid that anything happens. Many thanks, Chris.
  18. I am just in the process of renewing with Flux, not personally had any problems with them over the years. But read a lot of negative stories on here and on the facebook forums regarding not agreeing agreed values, so armed now with 7 pics as requested and the agreed value request form i am just going to email them off. Its very well documented on here and on the facebook forums just how much very nice GTE and Exclusive coupes are fetching these days, i have the printed evidence of the auction cars of late and what they sold for. Many of you know my Exclusive E100 OMM. I would rate this as an extremely nice example of the model in excellent condition and so i have upped the value to 20k. Lets see what happens. Dan@AdrianFlux can you shed any light on what i have mentioned regarding the agreed values.
  19. Yep, sign of the times with 80s cars, everything has gone up, great if you own one and want to sell it, not so great if you want to buy.
  20. Trouble is things have moved on price wise in a couple of years,
  21. Owned a few Cavalier SRi 130 s back in the day, brilliant cars to drive, Had a red one, a black one but my favourite was a monaco blue one, loved every minute of it. Had about 10+ 1.8 SRi mk2 cavs as well thru the years.
  22. Both cars look stunning, Not biased at all, but i have a Golf R as a daily driver alongside my Exclusive coupe, Awesome cars. Love every minute of driving it.
  23. I would stick with black if it was mine but thats only my personal preference.
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