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  1. Mine is HNS777T. It is incomplete awaiting the tender ministrations of the body shop. Now the bad news, its now a 2.4 on injection with a 5spd and is/will be MG Trophy Yellow. David
  2. Car still in a squillion bits... 2014 maybe... Cheers D
  3. There was a company at Race Retro manufacturing manta plate LSDs, I have the catalogue somewhere, but my desk is a mess..... Cheers D
  4. Or...who's cars are in a squillion bits... Cheers D
  5. Hi Chris, Good to see the car is still alive, mine is still around in a similar state awaiting bodywork repairs. Cheers D
  6. A lot depends on the type of event you are going to do. On the loose or wet it makes a hell of a difference, the tighter and twistier the stage, the better an LSD makes it. In terms of stage times its probably better value than upping engine power to improve times. Cheers D
  7. Oh how I wish we'd had the internet when I built mine. That 'wee mistake' caused hours of anguish. Cheers D
  8. When I had the twin lights plus pod on my 400R I used a 90 amp alternator from Senator. Make sure you have used the correct grade cable too. Cheers D
  9. I'd suggest gusseting the front at the very least, assuming the rest of the metal is still in good condition. Cheers D
  10. Side light is a small 5 watt bulb, can be in either the outer or inner as long as its there. If the outer hads high and low beams, you will need to wire a relay into the system to work the inner mains too. If you try and work all four off the single supplies you could overload the wiring. Cheers D
  11. The outer ones should be side and dip, possibly also main. Do you have a small bulb in a hole in the bottom, and a twin or single filament main headlamp bulb. Inners should be a single filament main bulb only, for main beam only. However, many different combinations are possible. If you'd like to post a pic of the back of the lamps, I should be able to guide you through it. Cheers David
  12. The CIH blocks are pretty solid. I would take the head off and check before spending any money. Cheers D
  13. I am really missing having my car, still in the bodyshop. Wasn't too bothered over the autumn winter period, but the thoughts of spring coming soon has me all excited about getting it back. Will need to push the bodyshop on with it, got so much still to do. In anticipation bought a handbrake cable today. Cheers D
  14. I'd agree with Spiney norman on this. The C20NE is a good engine, but to make it fit a 1.9S car is quite a lot of work, because the exhaust is on the other side of the engine so you would need to source a new exhaust manifold and system as well as the sump. Once you add that to the price of the engine and gearbox, you will be close to the price for rebuilding your 1.9, even if it needs a rebore. Do a compression test on the 1.9 before making rash decisions about cahnging engines. Cheers david
  15. Do you not have a local alternator specialist who can rewind your existing one to give more output? Cheers D
  16. I do have exactly what you are looking for. Black Exclusive rear box, Brand New still with its GM parts sticker on it. If you'd like some pics, send me an email address. Regards david
  17. The regs changed. The dreaded 'K37 issue'. If the car had a current log book still live then it would have been fine to use the V8 for a few years yet. However, as yours has expired, it will need to be to the new K37 regs. Plenty online about it, but a lot of it confusing. So hence my advise to get the scroot who will be issuing the logbook involverd before the wallet is opened. Cheers D
  18. Actually 'maybe'. I bought a couple from GM when they were running out. I'll check my store on Monday. Cheers D
  19. I think you had better grab your local scroot and get him to check the car. For starters you will not be allowed the V8.Maximun 6 cylinders.. I think the the cage will need a minimum 50mm main hoop. Better to check first than bark up the wrong tree. Cheers D
  20. Is the rally car log book still valid? Cheers D
  21. Check out this months Retro Cars. They are Compomotives. Cheers D
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