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  1. hi, still after a coupe to chop up? i have decided to bin my project, a 79 cav coupe, none sunroof, in white . slight surface rust at front of roof from where a tarpaulin has been. this is only surface and not rot. wil probably rub of with fine sand paper. the boot floor is pretty good as well. its a bit scabby around the rubber bung at the bottom of the spare wheel well, but other wise solid. i know a prvious owner has carried out a repair on the bottom edge of the rear valance but i dont think it effects the bot floor. i have already pm' d another guy today who also wants a coupe roof. i have no idea what coupe roofs are fetching, that said i know when someone is taking the mick. lol if you still need one and are intrested let me know. i am in derby de5 9rf email at sean.davis@talktalk.net 01773 748682 07527 035043 sean999
  2. hi, i will at some point be converting my cav coupe to run 16v. my question........i have a perfectly good coupe tank, but it was used on a carbed car. can i still use this by fitting a return on it? or have i GOT NO OPTION other than to buy an injection tank. I have been told that it will have to be an injection tank as it has a swirl pot in it haven't really got clue and money's getting a but tight at the moment so i cant afford to buy something i dont really need thanks..sean999
  3. just forward planning a bit for my project. currently have a mk1 cav coupe. this is currently stripped and on a roll over jig. question is, having taken the thing apart, i have considered upgrading the front discs, and most possibly the hubs while i am at it. i am not doing this because i want to run 5 stud hubs, just that something may be out there that does a better job that what came from the factory. i currently have manta gte alloys to go on the car, but may go upto 15 inch wheels at a later date. the car is going to be dropped 60mm on shortened shocks and springs. my current discs are 245 mm diameter and i am not really certain as to how big, or what discs will fit behind the wheels. i have heard stories/threads where people have spoke about vectra discs being fitted. my car comes with 2 pot calipers, but solid discs....i'm thinking vented may be better but haven't seen any for sale anywhere. with regards hubs......and i aint a mechanic.. but i think i am correct in saying what ever i do fit has got to be for a rear wheel drive car as front wheel drive are different?? thoughts and advice please.....just dont take the pi#~ out of my mechanical none know how sean999
  4. hi, just taken delivery of a pair of sill skins and rear wheel arch repair sections, the sills are hadrian panels, dont know about the arches but all seem good quality and a pretty decent fit with only minimal tweeking to suit. sean999
  5. as nice as they are, and given the opportunity, cash permitting most of us would like one, "rice rockets" just dont allow you to tinker about and get your hands dirty. everything is computer controlled, sensors on absolutely everything. cant really pop down to your local motorist discount on a sunday morning for a service kit. sean999
  6. i have previously contacted them, as i am doing my cav coupe/manta rep as a stripped out "rag it about" weekend machine, they quoted me to do front and rear door cards, £160 this figure included return postage, which i didn't think was bad. until speaking with them i was unsure what could be "flocked", ?apparently absolutely any surface! sean999
  7. whats bilt hamber???? never heard of it, where sells it??? sean999
  8. hi, yes i willl have them if you can hang on a bit, just got paid this month, but i've ended up paying out 300 quid towards a car for my son so skint now for the month, have some ot due in next months pay. sean999
  9. thanks, will try that, i've got a big vice, but still need to aquire the blow torch sean999
  10. can anyone tell me if it is possible to get replacement "guards" not really sure what they're called, similar to a tin plate, mounts behind the disc on the brakes, engine side. mine are rusted to hell, beyond repair. are they really needed, if so and they are no longer available? has anyone found an alternative that either fits straight on, or will do once modified. my car is a 79 cav coupe. sean999
  11. yes, thats the bit, we're on the same page! talking of the ball joints, i have previously mentioned 2, on each of the hub carriers, one top (which unbolts from the top,) the bottom one which from memory has a 19mm nut on it seems to be pressed in, cant see any bolts etc. any ideas at to how this comes apart as i have to replace it. i can do the brute force and big hammer bit, but as yet haven't aquired a blow torch to heat things up. sean999
  12. ok guys thats brilliant thanks. anyone know what the bush is called that mount the front cross member/ wishbones etc to the chassis rails. the bush i am referring to is the one where it all bolts upto the chassis rail, where the rails "swan neck" it was a right pig to get out! sean999
  13. sorry, its a 79 cav coupe. the ones on the ends of the steering rack want doing as well (are they called track rod ends?)
  14. hi, just in the process of stripping the front end of my car to bits to repaint it. having taken the front suspension completely off i need to replace a few items, but not sure where to get them from or what they are called to be honest. firstly, on the hubcarrier there are what appear to be 2 ball joints, one upper and one lower. the bootom one seems to be fixed, while the upper unbolt from the wish bone. both have a rubber grease filled gaiter fiited to them. both of mine are knackered. are they still available, or will something else fit of another vehicle. where can i get hold of them and whats the propper name for them. secondly, having removed the suspension i have great difficulty in removing the 2 large bolts that attach the suspension to the chassis rails where the rails "swan neck" there is a turret nut and split pin in them. the steel sleeves had rusted in and i have had to burn the bushes out to remove them. daft question, but again what are these bushes known as. dont want to sound a t#at when i contact the local car spares place. cheers sean999
  15. greg, have you aquired some land? rented next doors driveway? or maybe just found room on your front to squeeze one more in? lol sean999
  16. hi i am considering a carlton 2 ltr gearbox for my cav coupe which is having a 16v lump fitted. This consideration is due to manta boxes being hard to come by and when the do, personally i think they are fetching silly prices, but hey what do i know? i wanted to know if there are any problems in fitting the carlton box. i think i have heard that the box is slightly bigger, so there will have to be mods done to the propshaft. i also think that i have to drop the shifter hole in the tunnel back a bit to compensate. other than this are there any other problems that i should be aware of. i have been told that a late model carlton 2 ltr box will bolt straight upto my xev engine. apparently the box is an AF25??............according to the gearbox specialist i phoned Any comments?.......structural ones prefered!! sean999
  17. right, i have recently removed the front nearside road wheel from my cav coupe. having taken all 4 nuts off, and the wheel i have found that one of the 4 studs has a tiny bit of play in it while the remaining 3 are rock solid. is this a cause for concern? if so whats the remedy? more importantly how do i do it and what is involved? not checked the others yet! sean999
  18. hi can anyone advise on how to wire up the fuel injection of the x20xev ecotec engine, or know where i can get hold of an idiot proof wiring diagram. i have removed pretty much all of the wiring loom, ecu's etc from my donor car, and to be honest there are that many sensors, plugs, mulit plugs etc i am a bit stumped. i have spoken to a couple of local car guys that recon there are only 6 wires needed to run from the ecu. the engine is going into my cav coupe, so there is already a loom in that, but i know i will have to put some addition wiring in to get it all to work. the other thing is, once thats sorted, will the engine still run properly with out all of the plugs and sensors reconnected? sean999
  19. Hi, thanks to everyone who has offered help and advice regarding my last post regarding running twin 40's on my cih cav. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, i have been very fortunate in being offered an "M" cav sri, (not red top but still 16v) for free! i have not established what mileage it has covered, but it is a running and driving car. So i shall be shelving the twin 40's idea and hopefully using the 2ltr ecotec thats in the new cav. obviously i will need to run a 5 speed box, but can anyone suggest what sort to look for? As far as i know, carltons and omega's were rear wheel drive. Will a gearbox off one of them bolt straight on? If not what mods are required, or is there an alertnative box i could use. I believe that i will need to modify the hole in the tunnel, moving it further back to cater for a 5 speed. Any help or advice on the subject of fitting the 2ltr ecotec and suitable doner gear box will be greatly accepted, cos at our house its like the blind leading the blind, loads of projects and ideas but not a clue how to go about it. sean999
  20. guys, thanks for all of that help and advice, i haven't been in the club 5 minutes, never met any of you... i am overwhelmed by the response.......where's the kleenex!! seriously though, there is a lot of food for thought. i guess its still very much early days yet....and i am pretty much wanting to run before i can walk. when all said and done there is never a time limit set upon me to get it done. chances are i will be havin the engine out to tidy the engine bay. so this may well provide the opportunity to make some well thought decisions. sean999
  21. not sure what to do, i have limited knowledge and budget. ideally i would like to be getting 130-140 bhp, just how achievable is that? i would like to keep the retro /old school look, and avoid the obvious red top route (for now anyway, money and dont know how to go about fitting it are the main factors) i dont want to be throwing good money away on something that is the wrong part or wont work properly. the other thing engine wise is that i am now somewhat confused?? i thought i had a 2 ltr cam in head engine, its stamped 20s on the block, but then looking at the haynes manual its suggesting its ohc. somebody show me the light....... sean999
  22. ok thanks, worth me having a look at this manifold then, where would i go to to have the chokes taken out/ widened, pressumably a machine shop? sean 999
  23. hi i am after running twin 40s on my cav coupe which is the 2 ltr cam in head engine. i have looked at the haynes manual which shows the inlet and exhaust manifolds bolting together. i have seen an inlet manifold on ebay of all places which claims to be for a manta, so should fit?? the item number is 360123509505.....this ends in 5 days time and isn't too far from where i live. i haven't got a clue if it will fit and do the job. can someone help and have a look at it and see what you think? thanks......sean999
  24. i had contemplated that, but just thought it wouldn't look right. i know you can get alloy door panels like you get in race cars, and also the carbon fibre ones, trouble is as far as i am aware these are just flat panels that fir the door, they dont include the arched bit at the top of the panel that incorporates the rubber strip. sean999
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