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  1. Yesterday I was sweating my tits off balancing an H-vac system in the delightful Industrial wasteland of Seal Sands at an Omega-3 fish oil plant (Yes it smelt exactly as you’d imagine it would) and my boss’ son sent me these pics from his Track day at Croft… Anyone recognise this car? Or know if they’d willing to T-bone a Quantum Extreme at the end of the home straight for a sum of money lol.
  2. Cheers Andy You truly are a fountain of knowlege
  3. Right, now that i've offically started to turn the corner of the grieving process after letting D488 POE go to a new home, (Still chokes me up when i go out for a tab and see the rust outline on my drive), i've duked it out with wor lass and i think we've come up with a compromise. Her demands: Has to have been built this millenium Has to be comfortable has to be able to get the shopping in the back... My requirements: Has to be rear wheel drive Parts readily available Not a rice rocket Not a Merc No post 1990s beemers Needs to be quicker than my mate's bastardised 1973 mk3 cortina 3.3 v6 I like the look of the 02-03 Omega elite 3.2 V6 and she has given me the go ahead to look for one. So has anyone got a 01-03 V6 Omega for sale? Preferbly one with a 5 figure milage? I'm scouring gumtree, autotrader, pistonheads and motors.co.uk too.
  4. My mate is pestering me to by this 74 A series that he found on ebay to "re-shell" my 87 Exclusive hatch... After giving him a slap for even thinking about trying to get me to part with POE and explaining to him that it's not going to be "A much easier job" than getting POE on the road again, I though you guys would like to know that it's there. Here's the link, not long left on it though... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-A-tax-exempt-/321376073335?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item4ad381b677
  5. Just saw this in my Facebook news feed on "crash of the day". Anyone recognize this poor guy?
  6. Cheers guys, looks like it's comming off then...
  7. Hey Guys it's been a while since I've been on the forums for two reasons. One, I'm finally out the rents and have my own gaff now, which has presented it's own crushing commitments and two, the Manta has been extremely well behaved since getting her "Death sentence" last October at MOT time, where I was told the next one would be at least four zeros to get her through. so i haven't really needed your expert guidance for a while, until now... What is this... thing... that is located between my fuel pump and fuel filter? and why when i leave the car for a week or so does it decide to spew £5 worth of unleaded all over the drive on start up? To my plumbers eyes it looks like some form of pressure regulator or something. It only leaks if the car has stood for a while and stops after about 5 mins and then it's fine for weeks unless i leave the car standing again. I assuming that it might be an air separator or something but i haven't a scooby, over to you guys
  8. New replacement lamps for all budgets can be found here, i bought the cheaper autopal ones for my summer project and they are great. remember to save the plastic surrounds and mounts off your old ones and have some black sparky's tape handy for when they inevitably crack. http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproducts.asp?sg=1&pgCode=010&sgName=Electrical&pgName=Lighting&agCode=0006&agName=Light+Units+-+5+3%2F4%22
  9. May have had a crisis last night when that Charger stared up next to me... I wonder if you could fit a 440 6-pack in a Manta?

  10. People start turning up around 1830 at the MacDonalds car park next to toys r us and staples and that. There are cars of all conditions as you can see from the Manta/Cav lineup.
  11. Every dry second Wednesday of the month form about March/April until September hundreds of old classics from around the north east descend on the Metrocenter in Gateshead and i usually pop up for a look around and to get that tingly feeling in my dangly bits when the Chargers roll up. But this time... THERE WAS ANOTHER MANTA Here are the highlights: I wonder if you could shoehorn one of those into a manta?
  12. No idea how old my spare is, but this last week has been very "sideways"....

  13. She's gorgeous! very very jealous...
  14. Ha ha i wouldn't get your hopes upStradacab, i used Holts Mini Mix from Halfrauds in the middle of a hurricane and the nose cone is quickly becoming more fiberglass/filler than metal . Once i get a garage big enough though she'll be getting a Mickappy level resto.
  15. Operation: Bodywork For Billing Yes it was raining this morning and yes my mother dearest didn't want me ripping the car apart while she had guests round, but i said I'd do it this weekend and i did! Firstly everything had to come off to be painted out of the rain inside the garage. I also assessed all the bits i would need to sort out. Car Cancer... Car Cancer in a dent... Yet more Car Cancer New Lamps from Holden Lifting rotten old lamps with tinfoil repair job Spraying the Light Bezel Lights done. Objective: Airdam The plan was to paint over the Decals and then peel them off to reveal them in red against the new blue, but it didn't work I love the colour and finish of primer, I might do the whole car mat battleship grey... Airdam done FILLER PARTY!!! TA DA! Not a bad days work if i do say so myself Rear arch tomorrow, if not some time.
  16. Ah man! i've just started a topic about this car...
  17. A lot has happened these past few months and I got my old job back, so with the money rolling in again operation “Bodywork for Billing” is now a go. I was asked to go down to Leicester a month ago to work on a new student accommodation building at De Montfort Uni and having just been taken back on I could hardly say no. Since I was working away all week with a company car, I decided to “de-front end” the Manta and make sure all the bits I’d amassed fitted nicely. But as the path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil’s own satanic heard, I got called back up north to pull another job out of the shiz and had to have a frantic Sunday night re-assembly sesh, hence the wonky bumper and one red light. So now everything is riding on the Jubilee weekend being nice or I’ll have to find some form of road legal car Burka for Billing…
  18. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-1973-series-classic-car-coupe-/110875799314?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item19d0b66f12 I would buy this right now if it wouldn't wipe out half my house savings...
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