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  1. My idle now fluctuates between 1000 and 1200, does the oxygen sensor come into play at these levels.
  2. If you type c20xe rough idle into Google there is a life time of reading. Tonight I adjusted some of the throttle stops which has improved the idle it's now got just a very slight hunt.
  3. Have cleaned the old valve and reinstated it car now idles again, there are no air leaks but the engine still has a slight hunt. Could this be timing related? If so what is the correct timing?
  4. Spent the day sorting out a few details for the new owner of my A. Fitted a new idle control valve to overcome the slightly erratic idle but what I have now is a car that idled at 2000rpm. What have I missed anyone?
  5. So after drive it day today it became apparent to those who were following me that my car is running very rich. Its running a front mounted dizzy, the car start fine hot or cold has a very slight rough idle. So should I start by replacing the cts, if so any suppliers that haave them in stock as eurocarpart are out of stock.
  6. Great to see everyone today, really enjoyed myself. Cheers Brian for keeping the momentum going. Bummer about your return trip ending as it did.
  7. Really gutted for you. The great part of being with the club is the offers of assistance and parts and even moral support. Look forward to seeing her back on the road, youve come so far. Good luck with it all.
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