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  1. Going out in the car to play in the sun.

  2. Petrol tank has a leak, not good.

  3. Been out in the A for a good run, bloomin fantastic

  4. Just got back from watching the last 2 remaining Lancaster bombers flying together. Awesome

    1. Scribe of Lincoln

      Scribe of Lincoln

      They flew over Stamford show yesterday afternoon too. Fantastic sight.

    2. 611


      They will be in Bournemouth this weekend for the air show :-)

  5. Simon started stripping the A for prep and found a wallet with £37 in it with the last receipt dated 2003

    1. DiMarco
    2. Rick-Manta


      You found my wallet thanks, I'll PM my address to send it back to me! :-D

  6. Front diff has just gone on the Subaru, Happy New Year, didn't last to long

    1. opelscott22


      Which flavour of subaru? If its an EJ20 engined WRX I might be able to help...

    2. Manta again

      Manta again

      It is ej20, but in a legacy, with hi/lo option on gearbox.

    3. opelscott22


      Ah, totally different beast!

  7. sitting in the van waiting for the rain to stop

  8. The engine has been sorted, now on its way back to Simon. I knew I should of brought a parts cleaner could have saved me the heart ache and expense of another rebuild. Live and learn!!

  9. Not only has the engine i supplied to Simon need rebuilding, the car in which were going to Billing now needs a new cv joint and all front lower wishbone bushes replacing. Looks like there will be no money for spares!

  10. Engine I supplied for conversion not 100% fit. Boooo

  11. Very excited, just heard the engine conversion work is about to start. Yeah

  12. Hottest day of the year? Thats why I'm outside getting wet

  13. Just clearing out the garage and a set of brand new Engelmen mirors. Nice

  14. Hatch failed mot on split dust cover on top swivel joint Ooops. £5 later and 1 hour we have a legal car again. Hooorraahh

    1. mantadog


      fair play, its nice when its simple

  15. Not a great start to the new year some little **** broke into my garages and stole my push bike. At least they left all my tools and the Mantas. Had to seriously upgrade the security now they know whats in their!!

    1. E416 PBO

      E416 PBO

      you should invest in a double barrel too... its what they deserve

    2. MB15


      I`ll 2nd that

  16. Happy New Year to All

  17. Just replaced my gas bottle for the welder. Last changed it in 2000!! Time for some festive welding?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HutchRoslin


      you ever tried one of these gas/no gas welders without using gas?

    3. Manta again

      Manta again

      No never tried it, always felt like it is a bit of a con

    4. HutchRoslin


      I have one and welded 2 random bits of metal together with no gas and it looked ok. Think I'll still buy a bottle for the car tho

  18. Hatch broke again leaving the Mrs stranded. The earth strap broke from the battery!!!! Go figure

    1. dog321fish


      Earth straps were mentioned as a possible problem in your earlier post regarding starting the car!

    2. Manta again

      Manta again

      Whilst the earth strap was obviously rubbish it wasn't causing any of the problems before. the car has been running fine for the last few weeks. Touch wood!!

  19. Thinking of going to the Beaulie Auto jumble, for a final scavenge of parts.Then I gotta sort out the garage so that I can actually get in it and start on the cars.

  20. Great time at Billing, thank you to all of you who made it happen. Good to catch up with members after my absence. Look forward to next year already. Just hope my car dosen't break down in the field again when I go to leave.Thanks to those who got her started again.

    1. mantasrme


      Happy to help.

    2. Dan W

      Dan W

      Hope to see you next year with the TE2800!

  21. The sun is out, really enjoying driving a Manta again. I had forgotten how well they handle compared to fwd stuff.

  22. Going to pick up a hatch on sunday. Looking forward to the drive home. Will be my first drive of a manta for 6 years

    1. mantadog


      hope all goes well good fun in the sun !!!

    2. opelmantagsi


      did it make it back ok?

    3. Manta again

      Manta again

      The hatch and I made it back. S**t these cars are low.4x4 looked like lorries.lol

  23. Very lucky man, just brought another A series to become my TE2800 replica. Very excited can't wait to pick her up.

  24. The PT cruiser is finally back where £600 pound lighter!!!!! all for sorting out the alternator. sourced a replacement car for PT just got to get her sold now.

  25. Might be interested, where are you.

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