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  1. 22 hours ago, Kevin Abbott said:

    Those idle control valves can be a pig and easy to get the wire mixed up as I think the knock sensor is next to it and has the same connector.

    Timing is set by the cam belt so I don't think you will of changed that.

    My Brother is having fun with similar issues in his Mancona

    If you type c20xe rough idle into Google there is a life time of reading. 

    Tonight I adjusted some of the throttle stops which has improved the idle it's now got just a very slight hunt.

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  2. Ok can't believe that I am going to do this but after 17 years of ownership its time for a change.

    The car was originally Ochre Yellow and in early 2000 the following panels were changed, front valence, panels below headlights, strengthening panels in inner wing, passenger side chassis rail cut and replaced, lower rear valence, lower rear quarters, rear arches and the whole car was resprayed. Then in 2014 the car went to Simon at Suffolk County Manta's were the car under went a full body bare metal respray in Porsche Riviera Blue at which point the lower front wings were sorted along with a few other minor spots treated. Before the car went upto Simon's the drivers side chassis rail was also cut and replaced.

    Simon also carried out the conversion to C20xe with 5 speed gearbox. The engine was completely rebuilt to standard spec but has the benefit of a Coscast head. The quality of Simons work is second to none and as much of the wiring and plumbing under the bonnet has been hidden along with a unique box to store the ecu in.The interior has new carpets.The brakes are also uprated using Volvo 4 pot calipers clamping vented and cross drilled discs which are a mounted using a special adaptor to bolt on to the hub. The suspension on the car is a Jamex kit comprising springs and shocks and the car sits a bit lower than standard but still gives plenty of ground clearance without a harsh ride.

    The car is Tax exempt and passed its MOT in April with no advisories. Solid A series are a rare thing these days, I will never get back the money that has been spent on the car recently I'm looking for offers in the region of £8000 and unless sold before hand will be at Billing The car is located in West Sussex. If you require any further information then please pm on here or call me on 07917 403075. 

    Thanks Richard






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  3. Hi there

    When you arrive at Billing and have paid/collected your entrance tickets come on over to the OMOC field which I'm pretty sure will still be Puddleduck. You will find some members taking details and booking cars in. Please bring your membership cards with you if you can. Its all very straight forward. Look forward to seeing you both.


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  4. So after drive it day today it became apparent to those who were following me that my car is running very rich. Its running a front mounted dizzy, the car start fine hot or cold has a very slight rough idle.

    So should I start by replacing the cts, if so  any suppliers that haave them in stock as eurocarpart are out of stock.

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