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  1. Thanks Brian, I know Detling hill. See you there.
  2. MOT passed, only 1233 miles covered last year. Must try harder to get a few more covered this year. Paul I thought I had answered this but maybe not. The manifolds are all the standard ones from the fwd setup other than the fact the pipes on the exhaust have been cut and adjusted to fit the new orientation.
  3. Right MOT passed. Where and at what time are we meeting on Sunday. (address please as I haven't been to diner before)
  4. MOT booked for 4.45pm on Thursday, all pre flight checks completed.
  5. Hi Brian got the car insured just need an mot and I will be with you.
  6. Well done Brian looks fantastic, now you just need to come and collect those parts from me.
  7. Wow,Haven't updated this for awhile. Haven't done a single thing to her since she was put to sleep for the winter. She started first time of asking today as I need to get her out for an MOT.
  8. Top work as usual James.
  9. Thats a lot of bubbling on the paint work as the OP mentioned it just a poor patch up job, the rust will be bursting through in the next few years/ months. I was considering putting my A up for sale at that sort of price and mine had a bare metal respray,!
  10. Good job Brian, another A saved.
  11. Looks like you stole my car! How weird its very similar to mine. Good luck with getting her on the road.
  12. Aaahh just the usual places the tin worm gets hold of.
  13. Manta again

    Manta A

    Nice one Brian, how solid is it?
  14. Maybe not to everyones taste, but it is an awesome looking machine hope to see it at Billing. Workmanship looks to be of a high standard.
  15. 'Extreme' describes everything not just the body kit . Well done for persevering .
  16. Tidy work Kev, quite a transformation so soon.
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