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  1. Time to buy shares in BOC and whoever produces wire for mig welders! Its going to be another cracker when finished. Keep at it.
  2. Not to worry Dave, we will miss you but life is an unavoidable consequence of living.
  3. Going to wash the car tomorrow it not been out since Billing
  4. Interesting my c20xe also leaks and its only done a few hundred miles after the rebuild. Don't think its the sump as the oil is on top of the sump flange, had considered it to be front oil seal never thought of the oil pump!
  5. Happy to meet at Thurrock, what time we going to meet.
  6. Great work, its going to be another cracker. The turbo for the GT looks like a perfect size for a bit of extra hooning about.
  7. Nice one Dave, hope the weather holds out for you. It will be a good day out.
  8. Good job with gearbox, will send mine over as you seem to enjoy your work.
  9. The door cards look good, I think you need more practice on doing interiors so I will take yours while you have another go on mine. Look forward to seeing this car at Billing next year.
  10. Well done Kev and all those involved definitely deserved the trophy.
  11. Sorry to hear about your accident. Looking forward to seeing your car at Billing next year. Your mum has done a good job on the interior be nice to see howmit all works together.
  12. Thanks Gary, I forgot to mention that I have fitted a pipe that puts the air filter behind the lights which is now supported on a bracket, so not sure why it came off.
  13. It appears that every time I go out for a drive she likes to remind me that im driving a 40 year old car. Todays little episode was the rubber fitting going onto the powercap came off twice and always at a roundabout. A simple fix each time just really awkward stopping on a roundabout.
  14. Hi Andy, nice looking A, would be great to see it at Billing.
  15. James you have the patience of a saint and the attention to detail is outstanding, it will be a real credit to you.
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