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  1. Bumpty bump, still looking.
  2. I'll do my best to bring some sun this time!
  3. Bring it to Billing, could win new category fastest Manta.
  4. Thanks Dave for organising this, good run out and meeting up with some Manta nuts.
  5. Hoping for a dry day, but coming whatever happens just need to change the oil first.
  6. You can use one from an early Polo including the master cylinder with a minor mod to the push rod.
  7. I think all of us have left tools of one sort or another attached to our cars, I remember seeing a spanner in my rear view mirror going down the road at speed when I had my B series. Also went for a drive in it with only the wheel nuts just nipped on went about 200yds before a wheel came off, luckily no damage.
  8. Looks good from the pics, shame there aren't any of the engine bay and no price.
  9. Great to see this progress, lucky escape with the brakes glad no damage done. I totally agree about the noise levels it was 9 years ago since I last drove mine, had forgotten about the difference 40 years of development makes. lol
  10. Coming along really well, the vjew from your house is stunning.
  11. Going out in the car to play in the sun.

  12. Great find Dave, love the colour.
  13. First trip out to an OMOC meeting under her own power, really good to meet up with Dave, Brian and Carl. Next time don't mention rain OK Dave.
  14. Might have to come in the wifes car if its wet, as the rear window on the Manta leaks.
  15. Great Chris, just need the fronts the rears are fine, let me know when you have sight of them, cheers.
  16. Hi Dave et al Just looking at start points tonight whilst I was out. Not sure how many are coming to the start point. Anyway we could meet at the car park in Godstone at the green over looking the village pond or if coffee and snack is required the shell petrol station in Godstone has a Costa machine. Both these sites are only minutes from the Caterham M25 tturn off albeit on the south side of the motorway. Anyway just a couple of ideas.
  17. Neec the twin wired for gauge in centre console, will take one of your spares if I may, pm me payment details. cheers Richard
  18. Does the oil pressure sender from the cih engine fit? Or do I need one from an 1800, oh and where does it fit onto the block. cheers
  19. Looking for a good set of door cards with good chrome strips. What have you got.
  20. More time spent on her this weekend but the list seems to be getting longer rather than things being crossed off. So cleaned out the boot only to discover that I have a small rust issue in 2 spots but decided to tackle these over the winter rather than take the car off the road now and loose out on the fun over the summer. Also there is a leak from the rear diff not sure if its the diff cover or from the torque tube end, currently monitoring it to see which. Started on stripping down the timing cover ready for paint and trimming to fit around the distributor drive. When the car was resprayed in 2000 there were a lot of little specks of paint on the door cards and dash board, spent a long time cleaning them down with acetone and then re detailing them with cleaner, so at long last a clean inside. Aerial fitted just to fill the hole in the rear quarter.
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