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  1. Im up for this, if its dry I will be in the Manta.
  2. Looks like a good base to start from just wonder what it looks like underneath.
  3. Wheres the pics of the paint job!
  4. I had this pedal box converted from cable operation, it is designed for the A not sure how much the bulkhead differs between A's and the others but it is a direct fit onto where the master cylinder and vacuum unit fit. Could be persuaded to part with it?
  5. Good looking car and if done well definitely worth the money.
  6. Could be up for this, just need to check a few dates.
  7. Hi Dougs, maybe have a look at dip your car,, on you tube. Have been thinking about doing this on one of my other cars.
  8. Petrol tank has a leak, not good.

  9. Hi Steve, welcome back to the club. I live in Rusper so not to far from you. Drop me a pm if you want, happy to chat about your plans. Richard
  10. Does anyone have the figure? Couldn't find it in the haynes manual, lol
  11. Ok one job that had to be done today, fitting of wing mirrors. After all my shake down driving it became quite apparent that on dual carriageway it was tricky trying to pull out with confidence. I have had a set of Englemens for I don't know how long. These are now fitted using both a 3M double sided black foam adhesive but then I had to build up enough courage to drill into the door skin and secure them wih some self tappers. The Engelmens were not my first choice but I couldn't find anything that I liked better.
  12. Right time to write a list of things that need sorting after having done a few more shake down miles. Fit pulley cover to the front of engine, requires modding to fit around the distributor drive. Bleed the brakes. Seems to be a dead short on the oil pressure gauge, reads max as soon as the electric is switched on even before motor is cranked. Create a bulkhead between the boot and the rear of the seats. Paint the inside of the boot Make new kick plates for the front foot wells. Get custom spark leads made so that they can run properly in the cam cover. Replace cam cover with the nice black powder coated one I have. Fit a stereo and speakers and aerial. Find some new front seats and get all the seats re-trimmed. Well that should keep me busy. lol
  13. Could do grey, long term plan is to get them retrimmed to match my interior, main thing is that the foam etc is in good nick. Got some pics?
  14. As above after a pair of seats, just missed a set on ebay/facebook page, would prefer something in decent condition.
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