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  1. Great work James this is going to be a stunning car when its finished
  2. Coming on nicely, what colour are you going to spray it.
  3. Been out in the A for a good run, bloomin fantastic

  4. Just seen this thread, thanks for the heads up Dave. I am so up for this it will be the cars first long trip. Caterham is not far from me. The burger vans don't open on a sunday in the two nearest laybys to the M25. I will try and find somewhere that fits the bill for a start point.
  5. Be ready for Billing in no time.
  6. Typical Manta underside.
  7. As the roads are dry, I decided to take her out on her maiden voyage since returning home from the NEC. I was going to try and change the idle control valve but she seemed to be running fine so off I went. Conclusions: Although she didn't stall once will still change valve, do I really have to remove the inlet manifold or is just best to reomve the alternator and water pipes? Don't want to start one route only to find I should of gone the other way. The engine bobbins are much harder than the original mounts so there is a bit more NVH than I remember. Got figure out the clutch pedal so much travel, but probably something to do with not being able to use an A series clutch cable. But overall a really great drive, just need to keep building up my confidence in her.
  8. Very nice looking car, personally I like the square lights on your car, but its your motor will be stunning either way.
  9. Welcome, that A is in need of saving! Top man for taking on such a project. Look forward to your progress.
  10. What do you have in the way of door cards? Also looking for the chrome plastic finisher that goes around internal door lock switch.
  11. So i have her home again after being away at Simons for a while and 10 years since she was last on the road. The car is by no means finished there is the seats to sort out so if anyone has a pair of Recaro's that i can re trim that would be great. Also the idle control valve is playing up so I mhave one on order to try and sort out the poor idle and stalling every time you pull up. Simon would have sorted it but ran out of time and I just wanted to bring the car home after the show. Also need to decide about wing mirrors, will probably go for the Engelman's I have in the garage but i just can't bring myself to drill holes in the doors. Here are some pics taken at the NEC.
  12. Now has MOT. See you there Tony.
  13. If everything goes to plan, fingers crossed it will be on the OMOC stand look forward to seeing you there.
  14. For the first time in 10 years the car is now insured again and awaiting her MOT tomorrow before heading up to the NEC. I have yet to see the completed car only the pictures that are on this thread. I'm very excited to see her I have a mental picture in my mind after having spent time picking things like wheels etc and discussing with Simon what parts should stay chrome or be changed, we have gone over budget but I just know on Thursday it will all be worth it.
  15. Good find, both the car and the old thread.
  16. Looking for a decent rad, could also fit one from later car. What have you got.
  17. Come on Paul, you have 5 months before your litlle one appears, at the speed your going, should be enough time to finish the build. lol
  18. No much more fun if its reversed. lol
  19. Bit more of an update, its really starting to come together now, thanks to all Simons effort. Its amazing how many parts you suddenly need to get hold of to finish things off. Especially when you buy a complete unassembled engine, only to find out its not very complete.!!!!!
  20. Been a bit busy....dont make me laugh you've been bloomin flat out. lol . Great stuff as usual.
  21. Looks fantastic, I do like an orange car. Needs to sit a bit lower IMO but that maybe becasue the car is just a shell? Can't wait to see it finished.
  22. Hi Jai Welcome, sorry I can't help you with your wanted list directly however sills might be available via Retro power or MM Dronten. Or you can definitely get them from Dr Manta in germany. Nice to hear of another A series not to far from me. Rick
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