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  1. Yes, it's a lovely looking car. I put a lot of time into getting that back on the road. It was a bit like driving the British Museum though, with the 1.6 and the auto box. The 2.0ltr is much better at keeping up with modern traffic. Still up for sale - I do hope it goes to a good home and is kept as nature intended....
  2. Damn. Missed this and I could have made it! Sorry chaps.
  3. Yes, lets make an effort in March. Might have something more interesting on the road by then!
  4. Hi All, Before I splash the cash on a new set of HT leads for my 2 litre CIH, can anyone recommend any good ones? The last set I bought were from Accuspark and have not been great - I had to send one back when they were originally delivered and then one fell apart on me at Boston show the other week. Also found Bosch to be not very long lasting. Hot Leads worked well but look a bit iffy! What do you suggest? Thanks, Scribe
  5. Must confess that I'm mildly aroused by this, plus it's on my doorstep. Might take a look.......
  6. I had the same problem last year and then found a very reasonably priced one at a motor parts shop in Lincoln. I'm away in Blackburn tonight but will dig out the details for you when I get home tomorrow.
  7. Apologies for the slow response but I will not be able to make it due to work commitments (silly season for us at the moment...) Shame, because the "Bejewelled Tart" sounded interesting! Have a good one.
  8. I think the colour was called Linden Green.
  9. I'll do my best to make it to this one too.
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