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  1. hi mate I don't have a boot floor, but I might be wiiling to remove my 24v engine currently in my manta to sell separately. There are pics of it in the cars for sale section cheers, steve
  2. that would be paul (paulsv8) works in b+q steve
  3. I thought the longer ones were the front and the shorter ones at the back. This was how they were when i changed mine . Steve
  4. HI mate i bought a manta 400 Helix clutch kit from demon tweeks, it was a bit pricey but hopefully it wont need changing for a while. Steve
  5. When i bought mine from the motor factors they didnt have the retaining rings and they said they couldnt get them
  6. Hi mate Try bearingkits.co.uk, i got mine from there, quite expensive though. Steve
  7. Try bearingkits.co.uk, 01279 793631 You should be able to get them from him
  8. I think its only bolted on with 2 little bolts from underneath the cross piece, and its pressed on to the aluminium tube. It was a long time ago when i changed mine, take the torque tube off, undo the 2 bolts then carefully cut the rubber mount off without damaging the ali tube then put a new one on. Dont know where you can get a new rubber mount from, try finding a second hand one maybe hope this helps
  9. Not sure about the 2.8 clutch, i use the manta flywheel which has been redrilled for the six bolts to hold it on the engine. I fitted a manta 400 clutch kit from demon tweeks but was expensive.
  10. Hi James me and my girlfriend want to come along to this, do you want my coupe on the stand? Let me know how much thanks
  11. hi mate, im sending mine to a company called competition transmission services (www.gearboxman.co.uk) ive been told they are good
  12. Hi Gerry welcome to the forum sounds like a nice car you have there
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